Community Updates: Driven to Serve at Park Place Motorcars Arlington

This past month, Park Place Motorcars Arlington collected 24 Gift Cards to donate to the NICU at Medical City Arlington. They’ll be signing a Park Place card and putting the gift cards inside so that the NICU staff can hand them out as needed.  Thank you to the Motorcars Arlington team for being #DrivenToServe our communities! Does your dealership have a Circle of Excellence initiative coming up or did they just complete one? Share it on social with the tags #yourparkplace and #driventoserve!

Each location at Park Place does their part to personify Park Place’s culture of philanthropy, whether by coordinated by store or with our Events and Sponsorships super team (Anam Ali and Liz Shafton). Whether it’s an event or monetary and item donations, it’s evident that we strive to do our duty and give back to those communities that have supported since 1987. While these efforts may seem small in comparison to the need, it is integral to our mission that we invest ourselves in our community and help wherever and whenever we can. Wonder what your store is doing specifically to give back? We recommend just reaching out asking!