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Leading the Way to Porsche Grapevine- Meet Jordan Mizrach

“Since reading car magazines as a teenager, customizing my own cars through my high school years and working at various auto-related jobs through college, I was destined to stay in the car industry. I just had to find my true calling.”

Originally hailing from New York, Jordan Mizrach actually calls Texas (specifically Plano) home since he moved here at the age of four.  If you’ve had a conversation with Jordan you may wonder where the accent stems from and interestingly enough, Jordan still meets people that think he sounds like he’s from the North. His response? A simple, “I don’t know how that could be.”

His career at Park Place began July of 1999, and come July 2018 with the opening of Park Place Porsche Grapevine, his time here will really have come full circle. After 10 successful years in sales, he moved to Pre-Owned Director at Porsche Dallas, until this year when he was awarded the GM position for Porsche Grapevine. 

“My team and I elevated Porsche Dallas to being the number one Pre-Owned dealership in the country for 7 years.  It is Ironic that I am starting the next journey in my career in July as well, 19 years later.”

His dream car is, not surprisingly, the Porsche 911 (1995-1998) and any model year of the 993 coupe. Jordan’s why behind these dream cars is representative of Park Place’s focus on exceptional experiences, explaining that these vehicles remind him of where it all began, driving them on the weekends without a care in the world: “l love the sound, small size, round headlights and most of all the classic styling.”

Whether you already know Jordan or have yet to meet him, I think you will find his answers below pretty illustrative of the culture and passion cultivated at Park Place. There’s a lot to learn about our new General Manager, and it seems he’s ready to set the bar nice and high for Porsche in Grapevine:


  1. For you, what sets the Park Place Experience apart? 

Just like Porsche, I believe in continuous improvement.  I am always looking for ways to improve the client experience, and the processes we use at work daily.  Some of my ideas will be unveiled at Porsche Grapevine.  Wait until you meet the staff, we will be setting new standards for the Park Place Experience.

  1. Why Porsche? What about the brand makes you want to come into work every day? 

Passion from childhood.  I had a boss once, 22 years ago, really great guy.  He used to buy new Porsches every month. He let me drive his Porsches on the weekends while he used his Range Rover, no questions asked.  We would often take trips to Park Place Porsche, walk the inventory and he let me help decide which Porsche should be his next purchase.  Gradually, I got to know the staff at the dealership through his transactions, and I found my way in to the organization.  Yes, he was happy for me to have the new opportunity.

  1. What makes you get up and come into work every day?

I never stop thinking about how I can do my best every day.  I love the challenge, being number one, recognition.  It’s just exciting, all of it.  I am also grateful for the team we have built.  What an amazing group of individuals to work with.  They will be an unstoppable team.

  1. Do you have any tips for providing a consistently exceptional experience?

I certainly do, however, saving those for when we open Porsche Grapevine.  I can’t give away all my secrets.

 And finally, when asked what he most looks forward to these next few months, an answer that is the personification of anticipation ensued:

“I think that is a pretty simple question.  I have been waiting for this opportunity for 19 years, to run a Porsche dealership, plenty to look forward to.”