Q&A With Your Vice President of Strategic Growth

Hesham Elgaghil has been with Park Place for a little over 18 years and is the picture of what dedication, hard work, and relentless pursuit can bring you in a company like Park Place Dealerships. Born in Cairo, Egypt, Hesham and his family moved to the USA when he was three years old- a gesture he will always admire his parents for.

“[My parents] sacrificed family, language, traditions, careers, successes etc. and so much from their life in Egypt so that both I and my sister would have a fair opportunity to succeed in life here in the US.” 

Although he didn’t start at the top, his 18-year journey through Park Place has made him that much more of an asset to the future of the Park Place luxury group.   In November of 2000, Hesham first joined Park Place Motorcars Mid-Cities, now known as Motorcars Grapevine, until 2005. From 2005 to November 2015, he spearheaded the sales efforts at Park Place Motorcars Dallas performing the role of General Sales Manager, helping the team achieve a top 5 national ranking.  Hesham went on to lead efforts to create Park Place’s seamless future retail environment now known as the “One Touch” experience while also being responsible for the staffing and opening of Park Place Motorcars in Arlington.  He held the position of General Manager for Park Place’s Arlington location from November 2015 to September 2017.

Hesham has most recently cemented himself as one of our newest members of the leadership team as the Vice President of Strategic Growth & Business Development.  One of the first items on his list is assisting in the launch of our newest automotive offering, Park Place Select, Texas’ first-ever multi-manufacturer, automotive subscription service. 

With 18 years of memories, his most prevalent one is when his Park Place family reached out to assist him during one of the most difficult times of his life- when his mother was ill.

“As she passed on, Robert Morris (General Manager of Motorcars Dallas) and Zach Gilbert (New Car Sales Director at Motorcars Dallas) attended her funeral. I will always be grateful for the kindness that was extended to me during the most difficult moment of my life.

His successes are the product of hard work and passions that have driven his performance year over year. One of those passions, his love of sports and primarily basketball.  Basketball taught Hesham “commitment, focus, discipline, sacrifice, strategy, anticipation, and most of all, to appreciate and embrace the struggle that comes with the pursuit of success.” 

“I have a passion to reach my potential as a person, father, husband and member. Because of my parents’ sacrifice I have no excuse not to succeed. I’ve been fortunate to have the perfect example of hard work, sacrifice, and determination. My parents taught me that anything less than 100% of my best effort is unacceptable.”

So as we move into 2018, what does your Vice President of Strategic Growth think about Park Place’s competitive advantage in the luxury automotive market? Well, he sees nothing but success as we continue to connect the present to the future: “While our core will remain the same, we will continue to challenge ourselves by developing innovative strategies and coupling them with brilliant technologies…working to uncover the next future retail environment, just as we did with our One Touch Sales Process.” 

In closing, Hesham touches on the various new programs introduced to the public in 2018:

“Several new Park Place strategies are paired with dynamic technologies and powered by artificial intelligence.  One example is our Park Place Select vehicle subscription app. The app uses artificial intelligence to learn and store client preferences. The end result is a machine leanring that will understand subscriber preferences to assist us in our evolution of providing meaningful experiences to our clients.”