A Seat at the Table with Park Place’s Women In Automotive

“Women in Automotive Council” sets its sights on expanding career opportunities   

Just two years ago, a group of nine Park Place members convened casually over lunch to talk about how to encourage more women to join the automotive industry in general, and Park Place in particular.

And just that simply, the Women in Automotive Council came into being.

Their mission statement is succinct and clear: “To cultivate a community that empowers growth for women in automotive to realize their full potential while supporting and encouraging others along the way.”

“Since that first meeting, we’ve held numerous internal and external events to help grow the organization across Park Place as well as the external community,” says founding member Kennedy Gibson, Park Place Digital Marketing Director.

The latest (and largest) meeting thus far took place at Park Place headquarters on September 18, 2019. More than 60 members gathered to share professional experiences around a central theme: “A Seat at the Table.”

“The meeting focused on empowering women to take ownership of their seat at the table,” says Gibson. “And if they aren’t where they want to be, to encourage them to pursue the seat they want, no matter the industry. The idea is to provide a network and opportunities for skill-set development.”

Shiva Olumi, Finance Director at Park Place Lexus Plano and another founding member, told the assembled gathering, “I still have a lot to learn, but as long as I can learn, I know I will grow. I encourage all of you to know that your seat, often at different tables throughout your career, is yours and waiting for you. Be resilient and be the phenomenal woman you are destined to be.”

By way of example, she noted that her own journey to Finance Director wound its way through loan car specialist, AR/AP, inventory specialist, new car admin, biller, staff accountant, accounting manager, assistant finance manager and sales manager.

“Women are missing out on industry opportunities,” says another founder, Porsche Dallas Service Director Jenny Drummond (get to know her here). “But there’s no reason for that. This industry presents wonderful opportunities across the board to build a rewarding career doing something you like.”

Stay tuned – the next meeting date will be announced soon!

Please contact Kennedy Gibson for info about joining the council.