Park Place Dealerships Releases 2019 Luxury & Supercar Showcase App

IRVING, Texas (Aug. 21, 2019) – Park Place Dealerships released the 2019 Luxury & Supercar Showcase app with current information about the 3rd annual premier lifestyle event on September 28 at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas. The app will provide up-to-date information about what to wear, when to arrive, where to park, live music schedules, meet and greets, maps of the event and more. The Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase app is free and available for download from the App Store.

“We introduced the app in the second year of the event and guests really embraced it,” said Kaylie Hitch, marketing coordinator for Park Place Dealerships. “We spent the past year enhancing the offerings such as the schedule tab where users can now create a personal agenda of events to attend such as music performances on the outdoor Lexus Live Stage as well as the fashion show, hat contest, and awards presentation.”

Within the activity feed, guests can post and share photos in real time leading up to and during the event. App users also will find information about retailers and sponsors participating in the Luxury & Supercar Showcase.

The vehicle directory on the 2019 Luxury & Supercar Showcase app also delivers information about the vehicles to be showcased in three distinctive areas including the Park Place New Car Concours, the Collectors’ Concours, and the Car Club Expo. With hundreds of vehicles committed to participate, the app allows users to search through the different categories of vehicles.

Park Place New Car Concours will feature the latest models from every brand the dealership group represents including Rolls-Royce, Maserati, McLaren, Bentley, Karma, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Volvo, Jaguar, and Land Rover.

Collectors’ Concours is a juried showcase of rare classic, luxury, and supercars cars from private collectors on the 1st Fairway of the TPC.  A sampling of the 100+ cars includes:

  • 1916 Stutz Bearcat
  • 1936 Pierce Arrow
  • 1956 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL
  • 1965 Corvette Stingray
  • 1966 Shelby GT350H Hertz Rent-a-Racer
  • 1983 Ferrari 308 GTS

Club Car Expo will be displayed on the 18th fairway and represents some of the best car clubs in North Texas, including:

  • Mercedes-Benz Club of America
  • Lamborghini Club of Dallas
  • Porsche Club of America – Maverick Region
  • Corvette Legends of TX
  • McLaren Club
  • Jaguar Owners Association
  • Texas Shelby North Texas
  • Ferrari Club Dallas

The 3rd annual Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase will be held rain or shine Saturday, September 28 at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas.

Online tickets range from $25 – $50 for show field and general admission and $100 for VIP All Access Pass, which includes food and beverage tastings and access to the Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Lounge. VIP tickets have sold out the previous two years. For more information, visit

The luxury lifestyle event benefits the Baylor Scott & White Irving Foundation.

Park Place Dealerships has donated a 2020 Lexus UX to be raffled at the Park Place Luxury Supercar Showcase. Tickets for the raffle may be purchased online at or by visiting Baylor Scott & White Irving Foundation at 1901 N. MacArthur Blvd. Irving. Tickets are $100 each and participants need not be present to win. Proceeds will benefit Baylor Scott & White Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center – Irving.

Ken Schnitzer founded Park Place Dealerships in 1987 with a single Mercedes-Benz dealership on Oak Lawn. Today, Park Place Dealerships employs more than 2,100 people and operates 17 full-service dealerships representing luxury brands including Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, McLaren, Karma, and Maserati. For more info, visit

The Path to Porsche Perfection: Service Tips from the Pros

“This 911 GT3 R isn’t that different from the street version,” insists Andrew McNamara, gesturing at a race car that, with its roll cage, massive hood scoop, enigmatic dash switches and bare-bones interior, looks nothing like a showroom model at all.

“It’s got air conditioning,” he adds with a helpful laugh.

As Car Chief for Park Place Motorsports, Andrew oversees a 15-member team responsible for several high-performance cars that compete in numerous racing series, including the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship organized by IMSA (International Motor Sports Association).

His team keeps these vehicles at the ready, starting with pre-race shop preparation, track support, maintenance and, when it’s show time, lightning-fast pit stops. Afterwards, they tear down each car and start all over again.

As a result, he’s well acquainted with every screw, nut, bolt, fastener, headlight, pedal and tank on all the cars under his care. Believe him when he says there are more service similarities between a race car and a daily driver than one might think.

In particular, he’s referring to “consumables,” or things that are subject to wear and tear and need replacing, as well as general maintenance.

“We go through things in 60 minutes that you might not go through in 60 months, but the care principles are quite similar,” he says. “It’s a matter of degree. Tires on your 911 daily driver will go 10, 20 thousand miles, maybe more, and last several years, whereas we go through three or four sets in a weekend. You might flush your brake fluid every two or three years. We do it almost daily. Same with brake pads. And you’ll probably never need, or want, to look into your gas tank. For us, it’s a must.”

“Race car tolerances are much higher than for a daily driver,” says Jenny Drummond, Service Director for Park Place Porsche Dallas. “But the essentials are the same. It’s common sense to keep up with regular maintenance, because it’ll extend a vehicle’s life and keep performance levels where they need to be.”

In her 18-year career at Park Place, Jenny recognizes Porsche’s absolute commitment to precision, build quality and excellence. But she also acknowledges that things break now and then.

“They’re machines and machines break,” she explains. “Perhaps an owner lowered the convertible top in higher-than-recommended wind one too many times. The important thing is that when something goes wrong, we’ve got the correct tools and technical expertise to make it right again.”

“Jenny and her team are experts,” Andrew adds. “I see the same cars over and over, but they see thousands of different Porsches a year. Very little surprises them. They know, better than anyone, the ins-and-outs of how to keep their client’s cars in tip-top shape.”

Jenny and Andrew’s Top Ten List for Daily Driving Porsche Perfection

  1. Porsche gave you an operating manual, so read it. Not as entertaining as a Harry Potter novel but when it comes to caring for your car, the info is magical.
  2. Oil is your vehicle’s lifeblood. Change it every 3,500 miles (for conventional), and 7,500 – 10,000 miles (for synthetic). Don’t drive that much? Change it every year.
  3. Bringing a 911 to a whoa is super-important – check brake pads and rotors at every oil change. And change your brake fluid every two years (or sooner if you’re assertive with the pedal).
  4. Check your coolant and use Porsche-brand, as it’s synthetic and only needs replacement every ten years.
  5. Check tire pressure and tread depth monthly. Even if your tires are low mileage, check the date code – if they’re six years old (or more), replace them. Old tires lose their grip and detract from the exceptional driving experience you deserve.
  6. Your 911 is fuel-injected but it still needs new air filters every 40,000 miles or so, depending on how clean they are. Be wary of aftermarket filters that claim to increase horsepower.
  7. Speaking of filters, don’t forget to change your cabin air filter annually to keep that sweaty sock smell at bay.
  8. Batteries are just like people – they don’t do well when idle. Give them some exercise every week, if not daily, with a nice drive. And a Porsche battery maintainer is a savior if you don’t drive daily.
  9. Keep your spark plugs sparkling with regular changes every 30,000 miles (for turbos) and 40,000 miles (for non-turbos) or every four years. And check that owner’s manual for the best type of plugs for your vehicle.
  10. Keep your interior neat and tidy. Won’t help your mechanicals but a clean Porsche is a happy Porsche and makes for happy drivers and passengers, too.

Interested in following Park Place Motorsports? Check their upcoming schedule of events.

Click to schedule an appointment for your Porsche at Park Place Porsche Dallas or Park Place Porsche Grapevine.

Ghost Zenith Collection: The Pinnacle of a Timeless Master Piece

Limited to 50 examples, the Zenith Collection represents the pinnacle of a timeless masterpiece as the Ghost approaches the end of its remarkable ten-year tenure.  In true keeping with its name, the Ghost Zenith Collection will feature the highest levels of Bespoke ever seen on a Ghost Collection car. 

The only previous occasion on which discerning collectors around the world have been afforded this privilege was when an equally limited number of Phantom VII Zeniths were created in 2016 to celebrate the end of its extraordinarily long and successful reign. These motor cars immediately became highly collectible and sought after, re-setting the bar of luxury and, in doing so, creating a modern legend.

Ghost is a luxury icon that carries with it a rich and extraordinary past. From the Silver Ghost, the motor car that established the moniker of ‘The Best Car in the World’ over 100 years ago, to 200EX, the experimental car that introduced the concept of a contemporary expression of this nameplate at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009, Ghost has offered patrons of the marque a modern, lithe and driver-focused Rolls-Royce. When production of Ghost began in 2009, patrons across the world were drawn to its elegant lines and dynamic offering and it quickly became, and remains to this day, the most successful Rolls-Royce motor car ever to be built, attracting a new group of young entrepreneurs to the marque. Indeed, the reduction in the average age of a Rolls-Royce customer to around 43 is in part testament to Ghost’s global success.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, commented, “The Ghost Zenith Collection presents an entirely forward-looking study of the unique characteristics that have seen Ghost ascend to the status of the most progressive super-luxury saloon ever conceived. This unique Collection provides patrons of the marque with a rare opportunity to own a motor car truly evocative of our time. Ghost is the most successful Rolls-Royce ever created and the Zenith Collection marks an important milestone in our modern history.”

Occupants of the Ghost Zenith Standard Wheelbase will experience an extraordinary phenomenon. The famed starlight headliner is presented in a unique Shooting Star configuration. Shooting stars fire at random across the cabin roof, adding an extraordinary sense of theatre. This surprise and delight feature consists of over 1,340 individually mapped and hand-woven fiber optic lights.

Reminiscent of its Phantom counterpart, The Ghost Zenith Collection’s exterior styling takes on a new interpretation of its own ­­– a special two-tone application with a gloss-contrast paint finish. Patrons may select three different color-ways, Iguazu Blue with Andalusian White, Premiere Silver with Arctic White or a daring Bohemian Red with Black Diamond, with multiple variants available highlighting the flexibility of the model. The Silver Satin bonnet was first seen on 200EX.

These extraordinary motor cars, which represent the final opportunity to acquire this landmark, transformative luxury product, are currently being hand-crafted at The Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex, an establishment recognized as the world’s premier Global Centre of Luxury Manufacturing Excellence. The order books for this seminal Collection will close imminently.

Read the full Press-Release online here

A New Look on Why the McLaren 600LT is Fast, Furious, and Oh-So-Fun

For the past decade, British-based supercar builder McLaren has been busily pumping their race-bred technical heritage into exclusive, adrenaline-rushing two-seaters that compete with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Porsche. And they’re doing just fine, thank you.

The 600LT, or “Longtail.” The LT designation harkens back to the company’s legendary 1997 F1 GTR, known as much for its long silhouette as its blistering performance. Over time, the nickname blossomed into a badge of distinction:

Today’s new 600LT (and its convertible Spider sibling) are only the fourth (and fifth) McLarens to receive the LT label.

McLaren reps say the car is the “most extreme incarnation” of their Sports Series lineup ever. Those words are praise as well as cautionary advice. The 600LT is purpose-built to excel on race circuits, delivering raw thrills and exhilaration to skilled drivers who like dancing on the razor’s edge.

McLaren is legendary for their innovative use of lightweight carbon fiber in chassis and bodywork – including the 600LT’s front splitter, side sills, extended diffuser and fixed rear wing – which contribute to a weight of just 2,750 pounds and a massive 220 pounds of downforce. There’s also their Formula One-derived handling and suspension systems (including McLaren Variable Drift Control for stability).

Let’s not forget McLaren’s equally legendary powertrain technology. The 600LT’s 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 delivers 592 hp (600PS) and 457 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels via a superb seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Light, agile and dynamic, the 600LT puts all that tech to good use, sprinting 0-62 mph in an eye-watering 2.9 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 204 mph.

Interested buyers should be aware that the window on the 600LT’s 12-month production schedule in Woking, Surrey, has closed. The door to the Spider is still open but not for long. Can you say “exclusivity”? Pricing starts at around $240,000, so contact McLaren Houston or McLaren Dallas to learn more on your available options. 

Unveiled: McLaren’s Ultimate Roadster Is Next Ultimate Series

Last week, CEO Mike Flewitt announced a new member of the McLaren Ultimate Series family: an open cockpit roadster that yes, we are already ready to test drive.

We don’t know too much about this reveal, but from what’s been shared McLaren is clearly continuing their mission to create the ultimate driving machine- and this new roadster offers the purest driving experience to date.

Their last few releases included the McLaren Senna, the 600LT and 600LT Coupe, and the New Grand Tourer, all of which have caused waves in the supercar community. Earlier this year Park Place told the story of McLaren enthusiast and owner, Josh Snowhorn, as he took delivery of his barely-street legal McLaren Senna- a sibling in the Ultimate Series. As we sit eagerly awaiting his track-ready creation, this ultimate roadster is now top of mind as McLaren hasn’t released full details yet.

What We Know:

  • McLaren’s Ultimate Roadster is set to debut in 2020
  • the new ultimate series model is still unnamed
  • the design will be distinct from its siblings, the Senna and Speedtail
  • production is limited to 399 
  • two-seater with low-profile dihedral doors
  • this roadster will sport the lowest kerb weight of any McLaren road car
  • performance guaranteed by the same twin-turbo V* engine in the Senna

 One things for sure and Mike Flewitt said it best “At McLaren Automotive we are consistently pushing the boundaries to deliver the purest and most engaging driving experience whether for the road or track.”

So the next thing to do is sit back, relax, and begin to configure your dream superseries roadster until it’s official reveal in 2020. Until then, stay tuned to McLaren Dallas and McLaren Houston for more information.


A Breath of Fresh Italian Air: A New Take on Maserati’s SUV

Like the powerful western Mediterranean winds that inspired its name, Maserati’s Levante lineup has been redefining the SUV landscape since its 2016 debut. It’s a stupendously fun hauler that’s not just a head-turner but an aural masterpiece that roars like its Ferrari cousin, handles like its sexy Ghibli sibling and seats five in splendor.

The latest family member, the Levante GTS, boasts a 550 hp 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine assembled by Ferrari in Maranello that sprints from 0-60 mph in four seconds to a top speed of 181 mph.

The GTS is sibling to the top-of-the-line 590-horsepower Levante Trofeo V8, which scoots from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds to a top speed of 187.

They join the base Levante and Levante S, both equipped with V6 engines that, while not as cracklingly snarly as the V8s, still provide plenty of pep (345 and 424 hp, respectively). And like all Levante SUVs, the powerplants are mated to the superlative, creamy-smooth eight-speed ZF gearbox.

On the road, a Levante feels firmly connected thanks to a double-wishbone, five-link suspension system with air springs and electronically controlled shock absorbers — what Maserati has dubbed “Skyhook.” In concert with Maserati’s Q4 Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive System, a Levante is remarkably nimble and balanced when roaring through tight curves, accelerating onto a freeway and, yes, even off-roading.

Whatever the model, Levante cabins are sublimely tailored, rich with hand-stitched leather and wood surroundings that make for an indulgent yet playful experience.

The base Levante and Levante S are available in two option packages: the GranLusso is focused on luxury, while the GranSport is more about engaging driving dynamics.

Luxurious Interiors

Pieno Fiore natural leather is standard in the Levante Trofeo, available as an option on all Levantes and comes in three colors (red, black and tan) with specific stitching on the seats and double-stitching on door panels. There’s also optional Ermenegildo Zegna silk inserts made in Trivero with a patented process that sounds fancy and expensive.

Available interior trims include open-pore regimental wood veneer, 3D matte carbon fiber or high gloss metal net weave

Exteriors come in a rainbow of delicious-sounding colors: Grigio Metallo, Verde Ossido, Nero Ribelle, Blu Passione, Rosso Rubino and Bianco Alpi. The optional Blu Nobile sparkles with glass flakes when exposed to sunlight.

Maserati also offers three brand-new high-gloss interior veneers, and the MTC+ infotainment system has been enhanced with updated display graphics and improved climate control system ergonomics.

“Best Full-Size luxury SUV” – Texas Auto Writers

That the Levante lineup is impressive shouldn’t really come as a surprise: essentially, it’s as close as we’re going to get to a Ferrari SUV.

What is surprising is that their latest, the GTS, was chosen last year as “SUV of Texas” and best “Full-Size Luxury SUV,” by the Texas Auto Writers Association.

Yes, you read that right – Texas, where Ford sells more F-150s than anywhere else in … the … world.

Boy howdy, it must really be good. Peruse our current Levante Inventory online on


* Pricing starts at $76,980 and rises to $169,980

Mercedes-AMG Track Fans Anticipating Exclusive GT Model

Sports car aficionados and automotive media types alike have been falling all over themselves with praise for the Mercedes-AMG GT family. And for good reason.  

First, there’s the lineup’s superb, no-nonsense precision performance. Then there’s the sleek, muscular architecture that makes the cars seem to quiver just while standing still. Put those va-va-voom looks and vroom-vroom delivery together and voila! A one-two punch of epic proportions. 

And now, for 2020, comes the latest iteration of their fire-breathing, mind-blowing flagship: the AMG GT R PRO.

The PRO’s snarling AMG V-8 (585 hp, 516 lb-ft of torque) and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission are unchanged (and shared with the less-fierce but still formidable GT R). The PRO, however, features tuning revisions translated from AMG’s GT3 and GT4 race cars, an adjustable coil-over suspension and tweaks to both the gearbox and limited-slip differential. Aerodynamic carbon fiber enhancements like front fender vents (or “gills”), an adjustable front axle sway bar and a fixed rear spoiler, all contribute to improved downforce and a 0-60 mph sprint in 3.5 seconds.

These enhancements helped AMG GT3 racing driver Maro Engel swoop the 2020 PRO around Germany’s famed Nürburgring North Loop in exactly 7.04.632 minutes – six seconds better than the previous PRO. In track time, that’s an eternity.

And even if you’re not a track rat, who can resist that race-inspired paint job of Gloss Light Green and Selenite Grey Magno?

The PRO is a purpose-built vehicle in that it’s designed primarily for track performance. As such, production is limited to just 750 units globally, with about 150 aimed at the U.S. market. For those lucky enough to snag a PRO, the rewards will be exclusivity, staggering performance and impressive leaderboard track stats.

Pricing starts at $199,650 with delivery expected in late 2019. Did you know that Park Place Motorcars is certified AMG Performance Center? Visit our showroom to experience AMG customization and performance for yourself.

Safety Update: Volvo Cars and POC Develop Car-Bike Helmet Crash Test

If there’s one thing Volvo Cars is known for, it’s safety first. It’s in their DNA. Many manufacturers make it a priority to have their brand meet the minimum safety requirements to be on the road, but Volvo takes it one step further. They not only want to keep the people in their cars safe but the people around them as well.

With technology like Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection coming standard with all Volvo models, the brand has yet to be satisfied and has continued to develop new ways to evolve in the world of safety.

Recently, Volvo has partnered with POC, a Swedish sports apparel company, to conduct a ground breaking new research project that aims to further protect cyclists through a series of crash test with bike helmets against cars.

During these tests, POC bike helmets are worn by crash dummy heads mounted on a testing rig, from where they are launched towards different areas of the hood of a static Volvo car, at different speeds and angles for various measurements.

Nothing has ever been done like this before. The learnings from the research project will help POC make its helmets safer and more protective in the event of a car-bike accident, while the tests will also provide valuable insights and learnings for Volvo Cars into these types of accidents for future development.

With pedestrian/cyclist deaths continuing to rise each year, it’s important for manufacturers to never limit their willingness to look beyond the parameters of what is “required” when conducting their safety tests.  Volvo is a great example of a brand that has continued to challenge themselves and innovate new technologies to improve road safety. Because with better road safety, more people can be around to watch Volvo thrive


Experiences. They are what we surround ourselves with each and every day and they are the foundation of some of the most memorable times in our lives. It’s what Lexus has preached about most since day one and now they are taking it to a whole new level.

Off-Road Adventure

Lexus is excited to announce their new partnership with Blackberry Mountain Proprietor, Mary Celeste Beall, and are proud to unveil the Lexus Off-Road Adventure at the Relais & Châteaux-designated resort, as it becomes the newest addition to the Lexus Hotel Partner Program.

Imagine channeling your inner adrenaline junkie side as you set sail on an off-roading adventure in the beautiful natural surroundings of the 5,200 acre property in the driver’s seat of the latest Lexus GX.

If you’re a thrill-seeking adventurer, then Lexus has set this up to be the trip of a lifetime. There are six off-road challenges—Rock Crawl, Side Tilt, Hill Climb and Descent, Balance Beams, Log Crawl and Axle Twist. Throughout the Lexus Off-Road Adventure, guests experience the many innovative technology systems of the Lexus GX as they’re shown landmarks and majestic waypoints to take in the stunning views of the Smoky Mountains and Tennessee Valley.

When choosing a partnership, Lexus was adamant that it must be someone who shares the same core values for their clients- a passion for delivering experiences.

“Our GX 460 has off-road capabilities that few luxury SUVs can match, and there’s no better way to experience them than a drive on this rugged and scenic trail,” said Lisa Materazzo, Vice President of Lexus Marketing.

So next time you look at a Lexus and think it’s just a “daily driver”- think again!

Search our Lexus Inventory online at

What to Wear to a Car Show: Tips from Highland Park Village for Supercar Showcase

The Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase is back for its 3rd year featuring a full Collectors’ and New Car Concours, a Car Club Expo, Beer Garden, and food trucks, live music, fine foods, Haute Hat Contest, a kids zone, and yes last but most certainly not least…a professionally produced Fashion Show serving looks from our returning Sponsor, Highland Park Village.

Two years down and the fashion scene at the Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase is only gaining momentum. Year one, we invited ladies and gents to flaunt fabulous hats. Year two, we created a runway experience for our Haute Hat contestants. Speaking of ‘runway’, last year we debuted a fully-produced fashion show with looks from Dallas’ own landmark, Highland Park Village. And yes, they are back for another year of fabulous fashions- including updated styling tips on “Concours Casual” pieces that are the perfect blend of timeless and trendy.

Highland Park Village Returns as Runway Sponsor with Bold Prints and Fashion Sneakers in Tow

In case you missed it, last year we introduced bold prints and colors and sensible (but 100% on-trend footwear) as key staples to a Concours Casual look. This year, we’ve asked Highland Park Village to come back with their expert opinions to update our Concours Casual tips with advice straight from this year’s runway. (Major Spoiler Alert: one of the most fabulous takeaways from our interview is that a Fashion Sneaker (yes, sneaker) is pretty much the most universal accessory for both our ladies’ and gents’ outdoor event wardrobe this fall.

So let’s begin our Q & A with Liz Thrash, Personal Shopping Director at Highland Park Village, and you can start coordinating your WOW moment for the 2019 Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase on September 28th at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas

Q: After working with the Luxury Supercar Showcase last year, how would Highland Park Village define “Concours Casual”?

“Being fashionable and keeping in mind the setting is key – guests have the unique opportunity to see hundreds of the world’s most impressive vehicles along the Four Seasons fairway, so finding a look that’s sensible given the turf and elements, but also striking, is what the day is all about.

Focusing on statement accessories is always a simple way to have a high impact. Think bold handbags that are easy to carry, earrings that provide the wow factor, and a flowy dress or low block heels that will make the day that much more enjoyable!”

Q: What fabrics and styles would compliment the Concours Casual dress code, while also keeping our guests comfortable?

“For ladies, a flare of bold color and pattern is always a good idea, and think breathable fabrics and tailored casual for the men – from a chic dress with a striking pattern to a sharp blazer and versatile pants”

FASHION SNEAKER ALERT: Q: Any tips for footwear? Both men and women?

“Comfort will be key so that you can enjoy every aspect of the event, but take 

the opportunity to elevate key elements – a stylish sneaker for the men (Theory’s collection is perfect for the man who appreciates incredible craftsmanship but with a sporty edge), and block heels or a fun fashion sneaker that is easy for all-day wear is also perfect for the ladies!”

Q: What are some major DON’Ts for the Concours, or rather, recommendations on what to avoid so that you can enjoy a full day at the showcase?

“Save your stilettos for dinner out and opt for something that will be easy to walk and peruse the entire event! Also, go with a bold handbag that is easy to wear and carry – a crossbody or a shoulder strap are ideal. Sunglasses are a must!”

Q: One of the major attractions is the return of the full Runway Show. What retailers and trends should our attendees look out for?

“Highland Park Village’s Fashion Show will be featuring an incredible mix of looks for every style — from the colorful and youthful pieces from Alice + Olivia, the polished and eclectic mix from MARKET, the tailored and timeless looks from Theory and St. John, and the bold patterns and colors of Trina Turk.”

“An array of looks will be captured on the runway and we can’t wait to unveil this season’s fabulous collections! Our hope is that guests can experience a small part of the true and charming essence of our historic shopping center through the incredible brands that bring it to life, and then join us in Dallas for dining, shopping and more! ”

Well, you heard it from Dallas’ own ‘First  Place in Fashion’ so you know they can’t be wrong. Ultimately, we want you to enjoy the day from start to end. From Concours to Runway. So what makes you feel confident and comfortable? Is it a staple linen piece with a fashion sneaker? Is it a bold shoe with a more understated dress? Is it a classic suit or a knit sweater?  Whatever the piece, just make sure to pair it with an Haute Hat (Link to Haute Hat Release) and come ready for a day on the Concours like none other in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Learn more on Fall trends and what to wear by following @hp_village and @shophpvillage on Instagram.  To purchase tickets for the 2019 Luxury Superar Showcase click here.