Porsche Takes Pole Position in Customer Service Index Study

Porsche has made its mark in the luxury automotive space for decades with thrilling motorsports offerings. As the German automotive brand builds towards the future, their client focus has been recognized by a leader in customer satisfaction behavior.

The J.D. Power 2019 Customer Service Index (CSI) Study ranked Porsche in the top spot among American luxury brands. This is the first time Porsche has been finished number 1 in these rankings following their second place finish just a year ago. Porsche also finished first place among luxury brands in the J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI).

“This great result is yet another well-deserved recognition of our 191 U.S. dealer partners, who continue to raise the bar for Porsche customer experience,” said Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA). “We are committed to making the ownership experience as exciting and enjoyable as the driving experience. Together with our dealers, we are working hand in hand to accomplish that every day.”

J.D. Power’s CSI Study measures customer satisfaction for vehicles 1-to 3-year-old vehicles. The satisfaction metrics are based upon service for maintenance or repair work among owners and lessees from September to December 2018. In all, 57,000 respondents provided feedback throughout the industry.

Porsche saw an increase in all areas in comparison to 2018: Service Facility, Service Advisor, Service Initiation, Service Quality, and Vehicle Pick-Up. The increase in these six areas added a 19 point improvement for a grand total of 893 out of a possible 1000 points.

If you would like to enjoy a great Porsche service experience, visit Park Place Porsche and Porsche Grapevine, or contact 855-371-6345 to schedule an appointment.


Inspiring Bespoke: Bentley Debuts Continental GT Number 9 Edition

Bentley Debuts Racing Model to Inspire Bespoke Creations. Book your bespoke experience at Bentley Dallas.

As Bentley produces their illustrious 2019 models to honor its 100th anniversary, the British automaker debuted a rare Continental GT to celebrate the milestone.

A jaw-dropping Bentley Continental GT Number 9 Edition appeared at the Geneva Motor Show early March. The Number 9 Edition pays homage to Sir Henry Ralph Stanley ‘Tim’ Birkin – one of the original ‘Bentley Boys’ of the 1920s and 1930s. Mulliner – Bentley’s in-house commissioning facility – manufactured the Continental GT that takes inspiration from the historic motorsport legacy. Only 100 Number 9 Edition models will be available this year following its hand built production in Crewe, England.

The Original No.9

The original No.9 was commissioned by Birkin, who was also a Bentley customer, investor, and racing driver. Following their use during World War I in aero engines, superchargers became more commonly tested on cars. A British designer and engineer, Amehurst Villiers, teamed up with Birkin to develop a supercharger that would increase performance. The supercharger would increase power and speed due to its positioning in front of the engine.

Nicknamed the ‘Blower,’ the 4.5L machine was raced at the 1930 Le Mans 24 Hours event by Birkin, who set a lap record at the track. The first No.9, which was also driven by D.J. Benefield and Eddie Hall, finished 2nd at the BRDC 500 mile event in 1930. Amazingly, each model produced today will include a wood insert from the seat of the original 1930 No.9 race car. The centenary vehicle was an imposing green car that eventually became regarded as the legendary racing Bentley of the pre-war period.

Each Number 9 Edition will have exterior components that feature an eye-popping ‘9’ graphic in the grille as well as special badge work, paint, and wheels. Interior stylings are highlighted by an exclusively crafted dashboard and special ‘Blower’ subtleties for the door panels and seating. All 100 models will also include 18K gold plated organ stops inspired by the original No.9 ‘Blower,’ and ‘1 of 100’ treadplates.

Today’s Bentley Continental models continue to deliver a stunning appearance with every glance and turn. Park Place clients are encouraged to bespoke their own Bentley models or view inventory to find special commissioned models available for sale. Visit parkplace.com or contact a Bentley Sales Experience Manager for more details.

UNT Kuehne Speaker Series Welcomes Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

Left to right: Park Place Dealerships president Jordan Case; Morgan-Stanley financial advisor Drew Case; and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, keynote speaker at the UNT Kuehne Speaker Series.

During the Spring 2019 UNT Kuehne Speaker Series event, Jerry Jones shared his innovative business strategy for the Dallas Cowboys, and discussed his key to success: his willingness to take risks and challenge the status quo. He spoke about the vibrant partnership between UNT and the Dallas Cowboys, and inspired attendees with his bold goals for the future of the North Texas region.

The UNT Kuehne Speaker Series, sponsored by Park Place Lexus, was established in 2013 to provide a forum to engage conversation about topics of national and global relevance.

Jordan Case, president of Park Place Dealerships, is a 1980 UNT graduate and former quarterback (1978 – 1979). He established himself as one of the most accurate passers in school history with a 61.6 completion percentage and a 111.6 passing efficiency mark. He finished his North Texas career with 2,608 passing yards, and was inducted into the UNT Athletics Hall of Fame in 2001.

“We’re incredibly grateful to have a five-year Kuehne Speaker Series sponsorship pledge from Park Place Lexus, which helps ensure the sustainability and success of this cornerstone event,” said Dr. David Wolf, vice president of university advancement. “Jordan Case was a star quarterback during his time at UNT, and now he’s a star alumnus!”  


Park Place Lexus and BodyWerks Grapevine Earn Certified Collision Center of the Year

Park Place is dedicated to maintaining our manufacturer’s high standards of quality- from service, sales, and to collision and body shop repair. You may not know this, but Park Place actually has three collision repair centers around DFW, one of which is Grapevine, Texas.  Park Place BodyWerks offers only Original Manufacturer parts, putting their client’s safety and overall quality first.  

In this case, Park Place BodyWerks Technicians are also Lexus Master Certified Technicians- further training that our shops require of the technicians. They hold their certifications by attending Lexus training each year. Park Place BodyWerks is one of three certified Lexus Collision Centers in the DFW area. 

Lexus officially recognized Mark Waugh, Eric McKenzie, and the entire collision repair team at BodyWerks Grapevine for their continue innovations in the way they deliver industry leading customer service.  As a result of grit and a commitment to upholding not just Park Place, but also Lexus Standards, they are officially one of two body shops recognized in 2018 for Certified Collision Repair Center of the year. And let’s just say, the competition wasn’t easy by any means. 

Park Place BodyWerks Grapevine was measured by 12 KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) throughout the year. The competition was strong and numerous withe 32 Lexus Certified Collision Centers in the country. Mark Waugh, Body Shop Manager, comments further saying “They are all great Collision Centers, so often it comes down to a point or two every year.”  This year the winner was decided by CSI to which Park Place BodyWerks Grapevine held the crown.

Mark owes this great distinction, without hesitation, to his entire team:

“I have the greatest TEAM in the country!  They are dedicated to doing the right thing every time.  When we became certified three years ago and I told my team we had a mission: to win the trophy of “Lexus Certified Collision Shop Of The Year” in our first year. We came in second place the first two years.  We won it in our third year of being on the program and no one has done that so I am very excited for the Team and honored to hang that plaque on our wall.  We are working on a repeat this year!

Learn more about the BodyWerks Process and our Lexus Certified Collision Repair Centers by visiting www.ParkPlaceBodyWerks.com.

Spring Cleaning and Auto Detailing: Tips for Keeping Your Luxury Car Looking Fresh this Spring

As you gear up for a deep spring cleaning, be sure to include your luxury vehicle to the list of items that need a spring time tune up.  Proper detailing improves and maintains the health of your car, similarly to changing the oil and the spark plugs. While detailing takes quite a bit of effort and is an expense, the safe, reliable, and beautiful result is priceless. We contacted one of our own auto detail experts to get the inside scoop on how to give your luxury vehicle new life this spring.

When Should You Detail Your Car?

A vehicle should be detailed at least every 6 months, immediately after a large spill or bad smell, before a vehicle is sold, and before you decide to buy a new vehicle.  Buffing and Polishing a vehicle protects the paint from harsh winter weather and the blazing summer heat.  Not only will it leave it gleaming, but a quality detail will maintain the value of the car which is important if you decide to sell your car.

If you have an itch to purchase a new vehicle because your current vehicle may lack that something special from when it was first bought, it’s key to invest in a good detail.  A full exterior and interior job will leave the worn exterior vibrant, and the grungy interior brightened- and thus, brings back the same feeling of appreciation you had the day you received the keys.

Why Should You Invest in a Spring Time Detail?

Spring time allergies can be a nuisance, but did you know that your vehicle harbors lots of dust and dirt that can set off your allergies? During the detail process, the vehicle will be blown out, seats wiped down, carpet shampooed, and vacuumed out. That means less pollen and dust in your car’s system to make you sneeze on your daily journey.


What can potential threats can you avoid to protect to your vehicle’s value?

First, avoid bird droppings. There is nothing more harmful to a nice paint job than dried set of bird droppings. They eat through the clear coat quickly and should be removed immediately to avoid damages to the paint. Avoiding parking under trees will not only help you avoid your luxury car becoming a public restroom, but it will also reduce the amount of tree sap or wax that leaves a thick film on cars.

Once you have successfully avoided parking under any trees, also remember to stay away from water sprinklers. The minerals included in these lawn sprinklers help plants grow, but leave permanent water spots on the vehicle’s paint job and windows.

Other Spring Detailing Tips, Tricks, and Notes from Our Experts in Detail Excellence:

  1. Always wet the vehicle with plain water before washing it
  2. Armor All on the interior can look/feel greasy
  3. Always use different towels for different jobs, like only for windows, body, interior, rims, etc.
  4. Be careful of non-manufacturer type products
  5. Tuff Stuff cleaner and terry towels work great for cloth seats. Do not spot clean cloth seats, but always clean by section.
  6. Park in the back of parking lots to avoid tight parking spots. Those small spaces almost guarantee an unexpected scratch or ding.

If you have any questions about Auto Detailing needs, at home care, or pricing- please do not hesitate to contact our service teams, or schedule your spring detail today at one of our Park Place locations.




McLaren Dallas Deliver’s Million Dollar Senna

McLaren Dallas recently delivered a McLaren Senna valued at more than $1 million to long-time client Josh Snowhorn at a private reception at Park Place Premier Collection on Lemmon Avenue.

“I was born into cars,” says Snowhorn. “In 1970 my Dad picked me up from the hospital in an Aston-Martin DB5 Vantage – the James Bond car. My first car was a ‘bass boat blue’ Karmann Ghia with a white convertible top.”

Snowhorn is founder and Chief Strategy Officer of EdgeMicro, one of the most successful Edge Data Center companies in North America.

“My love of McLaren started when a friend of mine came to Dallas for a conference. I’d already been in his McLaren and had the lust for it. He said, ‘well let’s go down to the dealership,’ and he took me to McLaren Dallas. They let me have it for an hour test drive and I was ruined. I had to have it.”

The Senna is the most track-focused road car McLaren has ever built. It’s also the lightest. While it is street legal, it is “not sanitized to suit it,” according to McLaren’s website.

“I started with a 12C and went on and on. I bought lots of McLarens. The cars are amazing – that goes without saying. Other manufacturers also have great cars. But McLaren is family. From Tony Joseph, McLaren North America’s president, to the designers and engineers, the race team and the pit crew, they’re all approachable and accessible. I challenge you to find that with any other brand. That fabric is what makes McLaren so special.”

The Senna sports a mid-engine twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8, sending 789 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. That translates into a 0-to-60 time of 2.8 seconds… 100 mph in 5.1 seconds… but with an incredible aerodynamically designed down-force to keep the beautiful beast on the pavement.

“I own or have owned a McLaren 12C, 675LT, 570S GT4, and a 600LT. I now have my McLaren Senna (chassis #264) and will soon have a McLaren Senna GTR. My McLaren 570S GT4 (chassis #003, the first one ever in private hands,) is a legitimate racecar. But it’s forgiving to a gentleman driver like me. I’m no pro. I’m just a guy having fun with my friends.”

While Snowhorn lives in Austin, he’s quick to tell you McLaren Dallas is “his place.”

“This is my original dealer. Everyone here has always been so incredibly supportive. When I need something, it’s taken care of right away. It’s sort of an extension of the corporate McLaren family I mentioned earlier. McLaren Dallas is like home.”

From Left to Right: Heath Strayhan, General Manager of McLaren Dallas, Josh Snowhorn- McLaren Dallas Client, Tony Joseph- President of McLaren North America
From Left to Right: Heath Strayhan- General Manager of McLaren Dallas, Josh Snowhorn- McLaren Dallas Client, Tony Joseph- President of McLaren North America

Ken Schnitzer founded Park Place Dealerships in 1987 with a single Mercedes-Benz dealership on Oak Lawn. Today, Park Place employs more than 2,000 people and operates 16 full-service dealerships representing luxury brands including Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, McLaren and Maserati. For more info, visit parkplace.com.


Park Place Racing Places 6th at Sebring Twelve Hour

Despite a seasoned Sebring race team with both Patrick Long and Patrick Lindsey tracking multiple runs at this raceway,  the course provided some uncharacteristic challenges during the Mobile 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring.  This was the fifth year for Patrick Lindsey, 16 show at Sebring for Patrick Long, and Nick Boulle’s debut  at Sebring’s Twelve Hour.

Round Two of the IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship presented many issues for the No. 73 de Boulle Park Place Motorsports Porsche 911 GT3 R. The team faced twelve hours of unknown mechanical gremlins causing misfires in the engine and smaller fuel load capacities. However, endurance driver Nick Boulle, Porsche Factory Driver Patrick Long and Team Principal Patrick Lindsey bested the odds and delivered an unscathed Porsche and a sixth-place finish. 

Prior to the race, the team’s drivers gave fans and track rats alike insights into their minds as Sebring approached. The Patrick’s of Park Place Racing gave us a couple different perspectives, priming fans for not just the race technique,  but the historical significance behind Sebring Raceway.

“I love the history; the bumps have a lot of stories to tell but in its roots as World War II Airbase where they trained men and women who went overseas,” comments Lindsey, “For us, it’s a long time racing here. It’s my 7th year at IMSA and it’s our 5th year at Sebring in the twelve hour.” 

Patrick Long, a well-known Porsche Factory driver and 16 time veteran at Sebring, shared his objectives for day to night race: “Survive the bumps,  survive the heat, and be there at the end.” 

Mechanical Issues: Still A Top 10 Finish

Lindsey, who finished third in Friday’s 1,000 of Sebring with the FIA World Endurance Championship, drove a majority of his Sebring Twelve Hours under green. Though the mechanical issue never fully dissolved, it did subside aiding in his ability to also keep the car within the top 10. The Park Place Motorsports drivers spent the majority of their race within the top of the field, only dropping out of it upon pit cycles. 
The finale of the race brought the only other sense of fracas. With 15 minutes remaining a car went off course bringing out a long-desired caution. Having previously pitted for service, all teams were ready for a fight to the finish after being packed up for a restart. With seven minutes outstanding, the field received the green. Long defied all statistic measures making the jump from eighth to sixth where he would defend until the finish. 

Final Thoughts

Patrick Lindsey, Team Principal and driver No. 73 de Boulle Porsche 

“This was the longest Sebring weekend and the toughest Sebring weekend I’ve ever had,” Lindsey said. “At the same time, this was also one of the most rewarding. We don’t typically have the best finishes at Sebring. I think sixth is one of our highest finishes. That’s a testament to all the hard work this team is putting into our program. They’ve all taken ownership of their work and this team. We succeed and fail together. Right now, it feels like we’re only succeeding. We really pushed through some trials today and survived another wet race.”

Nick Boulle, Driver No. 73 de Boulle Porsche

This was my first time driving in the 12 Hours of Sebring, so it was very special to me,” Boulle said. “I was disappointed with my qualifying result, but thankfully we were able to resolve those issues before the race. Even in the rain, I could feel how much better the car was. I’m pretty confident in the wet, and we were able to gain a few positions at the start of the race, so that was exciting. My second stint was in the dry, and it was the best I felt in the car all weekend. The car was so drivable. The car was rewarding to drive, and you could trust it. I’m excited for the rest of the season and seeing what more we can do with the car.”

Patrick Long, Driver No. 73 de Boulle Porsche 

“I was pleased with the balance of the car for the entire race,” Long said. “We unloaded really strong this weekend and went up from there. Unfortunately, we had a few unforeseen challenges in the race that meant we were offset with our strategy and had to take an extra stop at the end. This caused us to fall to the tail end of the lead lap, so I had to battle through the field after that restart with seven minutes remaining. We were able to pass a few cars and battle up to sixth. It’s ironic how racing is, somedays a sixth-place feels like a podium and tonight that was the case. I’m really proud of the Park Place Motorsport guys for sticking with it even when it didn’t look promising. They worked nonstop for twelve hours and never gave up.”

Next Up: Follow the series to Long Beach, California for Round Three of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship April 12-13. Round Four reunites all four IMSA classes at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course May 3-5. The event features a two hour and 40-minute sprint race and kicks off the GTD Sprint Championship. For a detailed schedule visit http://imsa.com.  

Adapting to Ever-Changing Consumer Expectations at Park Place Select

It’s Client-First at Park Place Select

Would you be surprised to hear that the consumer (client) experience is shifting? That it’s not only about how the product fills a need, but rather how the team that delivers the product, benefits and positively affects the day to day of a client? Think about it, whenever a negative experience is had- say you ordered a hot coffee and they handed it to you iced, and after asking for hot again, the barista still gave you an iced coffee- it’s not the product you’re frustrated with, but rather it’s the barista who wasn’t listening to your needs and wants that earns those sentiments.

This change in consumer expectations when being sold or serviced isn’t just present in commodity operations, but has shifted the world of automotive towards a human-centric approach which provides GREAT experiences and creates EXCEPTIONAL memories that accompany their new and pre-owned automobile.

Delivering a Positive Experience at Park Place Select

Whether it’s a new or pre-owned purchase/lease or a service visit, Park Place strives to provide our clients with exceptional experiences for each and every client. As of last year, the same mission applies to Park Place Select, our luxury automotive subscription service, where each one of our team members from our Director of Operations to our Concierges, are dedicated to creating memorable experiences every time they perform a flip, i.e. switching a client’s vehicle. Once a flip is requested, we are not simply delivering another car, but providing the Select Subscribers with a service that uniquely enhances their individual lifestyle based on their wants, needs, and of course, schedules. 

For Dorian Alves, a self-employed Park Place Select Subscriber, this program has taken the hassle out of vehicle maintenance, adding the luxury of convenience to his day to day.

Park Place Select has taken the hassle out of maintaining our vehicles which is such a convenience in addition to being able to drive current year or better luxury vehicles. We had family fly in from out of town and were able to have an SUV available the next day to pick up the crew from the airport.

The program works great for self-employed clients and subscribers who may enjoy a bit more variation in their daily routines because of the ability to quickly adapt your daily driver to fit an unexpected need or upcoming circumstance. I chose to become a member of Park Place Select because it’s the perfect program for someone like myself who gets tired of vehicles very easily and looks forward to changing constantly.

Consumer Feedback: A Must to Making Waves in DFW

Alves first heard about the program from his brother, who is also a Select Subscriber and fellow car enthusiast: “We are both car enthusiasts and enjoy the different beauty and performance that each car brings.”  So far, his favorite flips have been Mercedes-Benz or Porsche models, but he looks forward to experiencing AMG performance with the simple click of a button.  “I love driving anything AMG or supercharged! I’m hoping to get into a 911 or anything close to a supercar soon. 

Of course, no service is perfect, so when feedback is provided, it’s important that the Park Place Select team recognizes opportunities to further enhance the Select experience.  Alves noted that scheduling flips as of late has not been as easy as it was when the program first launched, a concern our team most certainly understands.

“Park Place Select Leadership is constantly looking for ways to improve the subscriber experience incrementally, which has resulted in the addition of new models and overall program expansion,” says Douglas Schnitzer, Director of Operations for Park Place Select.

After all, it’s great to be heard, but it’s even better to know that your feedback has been taken seriously and acted upon. Recently, the Select team introduced the Premier Tier, featuring Bentley, McLaren, Maserati, and the Mercedes-Benz G-Series.

Looking Forward: Recognizing the Shift in Expectations to Continue Making an Impact

The client experience is shifting, and, with products and services becoming more multi-faceted than ever, we at Park Place understand the importance of adapting our business in order to continue to provide our current clients the luxury experience they’ve come to expect from Park Place, and now Park Place Select.

We certainly look forward to making the Park Place Select Experience unforgettable by not only providing some the world’s finest vehicles at our clients’ finger tips, but by delivering personalized service, exciting new models, and authentic feedback opportunities that remain unparalleled in DFW. 

Learn more about Park Place Select, and about newest Tier addition by visiting www.ParkPlaceSelect.com


Park Place Motorsports: Bringing Porsche Track Performance To You

Blending Luxury Cars and High-Performance Experiences for a Partnership that Just Makes Sense.

Park Place Motorsports is the arm of Park Place Porsche and Porsche Grapevine that embodies the racing spirit and pedigree built by the Porsche brand.  In 2013, Park Place teamed up with Porsche Motorsports as the official sponsor of a Porsche Motorsports team led by Team Principal, Patrick Lindsey. 

As one of DFW’s leading automotive dealers of both the luxury vehicles and high-performance experiences, putting the Park Place name on the track was and still is a natural extension of the Park Place brand.

So, What Is Park Place Motorsports Exactly?

Park Place Motorsports is a professional Porsche race team which not only focuses on professional track performance, but focuses on building a client racing program through driver advancement and trackside support initiatives. So really, a major part of this partnership is to not just to provide you, our clients and Park Place followers, with a team to cheer on during FIA or IMSA events, but also with specific ways to enhance your ownership experiences with professional track expertise and support. 

The Race Roster frequently sees updates and changes depending on the challenge ahead, but three consistent faces of Park Place Motorsports include team Principal Patrick Lindsey at the helm, with Patrick Long, an icon in the Porsche space, and Nick Boulle, a Texas resident and prominent member of the Dallas-Fort Worth community. 

The partnership between Park Place Dealerships began more than 5 years ago. It’s been a successful past year with multiple podium worthy track weekends and the opening of Park Place’s second Porsche dealership in Grapevine. To top off track success and dealership growth, the Park Place racing team relocated this past year to Dallas after opening a new shop just down the street from Park Place Porsche Dallas.

Porsche Artistry and Intelligent Performance

Park Place Motorsports and Park Place Porsche mirror the utter artistry and intelligence performance embodied by the Porsche brand.  The Park Place team currently races the iconic 911 RSR, GT3 R, Cayman GT4, and GT3 Cup in both FIA and IMSA sanctioned competition. 

Park Place’s positive reputation and strong relationship with Porsche Cars North America, is key to the success of this relationship.

“Park Place has given us an invaluable relationship that allows the race team to execute at a level of excellence that makes us stand out in the race paddocks,” says Lindsay Lindsey, representative for Park Place Motorsports. “Series, drivers, and teams equate our name with a well-run, well-groomed team. When others compete against us, they know they are racing a tough rival. When a competitor seeks us out to join our team, they know they’re joining a program that will care for them and challenge their skill level.”

A My Place Moment for Patrick Lindsey

The iconic #73 has seen some showroom and service action at both the Dallas and Grapevine dealerships, but what brings this sponsorship full circle is the relationship our Park Place Porsche team members have cultivated with our racing team.

Patrick Lindsey, team Principal, is one of the strongest connections to Park Place, not just because of the name on his racing suit, but also because he’s chosen Park Place Porsche for his day-to-day ownership experiences.

“…. the Park Place team takes extra care in the way they handle client and car service from the moment I hit the service drive to the moment I leave- and even after with their follow up and attention to detail,” says Lindsey, “We have definitely borrowed some valuable lessons from watching the way Park Place Porsche builds corporate pride within its members and the way we do the same within our competitive, professional race team that represents the Park Place namesake.”

Follow Park Place Racing and Join the Park Place Motorsports Movement

We invite you to join the Motorsports fandom, and follow @parkplaceracing and @parkplacetexas, or visit us on our racing hub to stay up to date on all things Park Place Motorsports. There’s more to come this year from both Park Place Porsche and Park Place Motorsports, to further bring the track experience to your daily driver. So stay tuned, and share the #ParkPlaceRacing love by commenting, sharing, and posting if you’re watching a race, cheering on the team, or want tips on how to better handle your Porsche (or other daily driver) from the track experts.

For information on upcoming races, team updates, and general racing news follow and bookmark the below pages:













Jaguar I-PACE Wins European Car of the Year, Drivers’ Choice Awards

It has been a year to remember for the I-PACE as the electric vehicle (EV) model has claimed 55 awards worldwide spanning multiple categories, which is quite the electric start- literally- for this 100 % percent EV leader. The introduction of the I-PACE contributed to Jaguar’s 1.2% Y-O-Y sales increase during January – December 2018. 

And as of last week this innovation in Electric Vehicle design won the European World Car of the Year at the Geneva Autoshow, a first for the United Kingdom automaker. The European Car of the Year is voted on by 60 automotive expert journalists from 23 countries and recognizes technological innovation, design, performance, efficiency, and value for money.

“For our first electric vehicle to also be the first Jaguar to win European Car of the Year gives us a huge sense of pride,” said Prof. Dr. Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover. “I-PACE was designed and engineered in the UK from a clean sheet of paper. It is the most technologically advanced battery electric vehicle. It’s a true game-changer. Winning European Car of the Year is an honour and real recognition of what our world-class team has delivered.”

The Jaguar I-PACE also won the MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Award in the Best Luxury Utility category and overall Best of the Year. The Drivers’ Choice Award recognizes vehicles in multiple categories based on driving performance, technology, practicality, fuel efficiency, and value for the dollar. 

“It is a great honor to have the Jaguar I-PACE named 2019 Drivers’ Choice Award for Best Luxury Utility vehicle and Best of the Year by MotorWeek,” said Kim McCullough, Vice President, Marketing, Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC. “With the I-PACE, Jaguar’s design and engineering teams created a world-class SUV that that builds upon the brand’s amazing history for innovation, design and performance.”

Other notable honors for the I-PACE include the Popular Science Best of What’s New Award in the automotive category and UK Car of the Year.

Jaguar features a 90 kWh battery inside the I-PACE that delivers an EPA estimated 234 miles on a fully charged battery with a 0-mph time of 4.5 seconds. The mid-size performance SUV also carries the sleek styling that the PACE family of SUVs has established within the automotive market.

Inside an I-PACE are innovative tech developments highlighted by the dual combination of touchscreens, in which the I-PACE became the first Jaguar to incorporate the Jaguar InControl Touch Pro Duo infotainment system. Its human-machine interface (HMI) is designed to reduce driver distraction by separating information and interactive controls but still creating a physical connection between car and driver.

You can become one of the first local Jaguar drivers to enjoy the worldwide phenomenon by purchasing your I-PACE at Park Place Jaguar DFW. Visit https://www.parkplace.com/ to search for your 2019 I-PACE vehicle within our available inventory. You may also contact our Sales team to learn more or schedule a test drive about the electric SUV.