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Calling all Stories/Anecdotes/Moments!

We have a very robust social presence, and your engagement with our content after its posted is highly encouraged. Now, we want to start sharing stories, like the first delivery at Porsche Grapevine pictured below, that set the Park Place experience apart from your typical car purchasing experience. If you have a member you want to recognize, a client story you wish to share, or just an anecdote that could be a great #YourParkPlace feature, please send them to social@ (marketing).



Social Media & Digital Reputation at Park Place Dealerships

Park Place Dealerships has a very robust social presence, and your engagement with our content is encouraged! We post daily on all social platforms, upload at least four new blog posts a month ranging from dealership updates, group news, community sponsorships, or articles focused on new model year debuts and awards. We also send out monthly newsletters to our members and to our clients that you can subscribe to.

Follow us, like us, connect with us, and interact with our content- it’s an easily accessible way to stay informed on what Park Place Dealerships is doing. Likewise, we will interact with content we are tagged in-just remember that what you post on any social media outlet reflects directly on Park Place. It’s a great asset to use to build rapport and a digital presence as long as it’s professional and appropriate (and yes, you can be creative and appropriate all at the same time).


  • Main Page: @parkplacetexas
  • Park Place Select: @parkplaceselect

Note: Each dealership location has their own Facebook page as well, which is managed at the store level. Simply search “Park Place [dealership name here]” in the Facebook search bar.


  • Main Page: @parkplacetexas
  • Park Place Select: @parkplaceselect


  • Main Page: @parkplacetexas
  • Park Place Select: @parkplaceselect

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A brief note on reputation….If you have any questions or hesitations on whether or not something can be posted, should be posted, or if something is posted that should be addressed, please contact Cat Dowgwillo at cdowgwillo@ or Kennedy Gibson at kgibson@ for review.