The Volvo V90 Luxury Wagon to Make its North American Debut in 2017

The new Volvo V90 will make its North American Debut at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and will be available as a model 2018 later this year.  This beautiful, new expression of luxury builds on over 60 years of wagon heritage that started with the Volvo Duett. The V90 wagon will complete the Volvo 90 range, which includes the V90 Cross Country, XC90 SUV, and the S90 Sedan.

The V90 engages the senses, transporting passengers to a light and spacious Scandinavian sanctuary.  Its interior is designed with nappa leather, natural wood, a full length panoramic roof, and the 12” Sensus Connect Touchscreen also found in the award winning XC90. Maximilian Missoni, Vice President- Exterior Design, describes the luxury wagon as “powerful and confident, but also calming. It’s a car you will drive with pride.”

Light and elegant, the Volvo V90 is a fantastic vehicle for the true wagon enthusiast. Its luxury defies standards, allowing customers to oversee every detail through Volvo concierge or Overseas Delivery.The stunning Scandinavian design combines with intuitive technology to give the rider an experience truly made for a new world.

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