The Fine Art of Custom Configuration with Video Game Technology

Bespoke. Custom. Options. Specifications. Configurations. Whatever you want to call it, personalizing one’s auto during the vehicle purchase is the name of the modern ultra-luxury purchase experience.  Now enhanced with video game technology, McLaren Supercar Configurators put the power in the hands of the consumer, taking their model and making YOUR ideal supercar. 

McLaren has transformed what has previously been viewed as a “standard process” into an art form enhanced to be even more realistic for the singular production super cars.  From Speedtail Exclusivity and MARC Configuration, to the array of in-dealer options to experience, your McLaren could potentially be made up of everything you like. No Compromises. 

The McLaren 600LT Marc Configuration 

This real-time configurator takes video game technology to create “unprecedented levels of realism,” according to McLaren Automotive.  Like most ordered goods, sometimes visualizing what the end product will really look like is difficult. That’s, in part, why the in-dealership/in-person experience is still very much relevant to auto contenders. You have experts guiding you and top-technology showing you.

MARC stands for the McLaren Automotive Real-Time Configurator.  It helps customers for some of their most recent releases including the Senna and 600LT, visualize their vehicle in an almost-realistic way before delivery, ensuring they are 100% happy with their choices prior to ownership. MARC uses ultra photo-realistic detail and its a mark of McLaren’s digital pioneering spirit.

Though a measure of the clear technological success of the brand, MARC brought a couple of challenges with it. 

‘Usually in a computer game when you represent a surface you represent a reflection on that surface in one way, but with clear coated carbon fibre the light reflects off the carbon fibre layer differently to the clear coat layer, almost like two reflections,’  says Doug Wolff, Partner Technology Manager at Unreal Engine Enterprise.

A bespoke client can still begin the process online choosing from different specifications on any of the McLaren Line Up.  MARC then extends that level of detail from just paint color, wheel design, and trim to customizing your brake calipers, seatbelts, or a variation of a carbon fiber upgrade. Clients can see how they work together in amazing detail to ensure that their 1/1000 permutation is exactly what they envisioned for their supercar moment.

Speedtail Car Configurator

Road and Track recently were invited to take this specific configurator, only available to the 100 or so people who have purchased the new speedtail, for a spin.  We’ve linked their full review here, but in short, the experience is “what dreams are made of.”

So are you ready to configure your supercar? Contact McLaren Dallas to learn more about our current in-dealership configuration experiences.  

Introducing Park Place’s Path to Purchase

In world full of “click to buy” goods and services, it was only a matter of time before the automotive purchase experience evolved to meet modern shopping expectations. The automotive dealership landscape is changing, and our goal is to provide clients with a seamless path to purchase in the dealership or online.

Park Place Dealerships is no exception and proud to introduce Park Place’s “Path to Purchase.” High-Performance purchasing is as simple as ‘click to buy’ with our newest digital retailing tool.  In a matter of minutes, you can start your purchase online from the comfort and convenience of your own home, desk, or favorite coffee shop. After you complete the 6 online steps, all that’s left is for you finalize your purchase and pick up your keys with one of our team members. It’s another way we are striving to make our Park Place home, your place. 

Let’s walk through the steps of Park Place’s Path To Purchase, to hopefully answer any looming FAQs about the new digital retailing experience:

  1. Select Your Vehicle:

First, choose your model after browsing our extensive selection of luxury vehicles- or click straight to your dream car. Once you’ve landed on the make and model of your dreams, click or tap the “Click to Buy” button.

  1. Negotiate Pricing

Choose Lease or Finance and all available incentives will be applied automatically, including optimal lease and finance terms, taxes and fees.  If you’d rather just make us an offer, that’s an option too. It’s quick, easy, and transparent.

  1. Sort Finance Solutions

Provide your credit score to pre-qualify for financial solutions that fit your needs and our online experts will assist you in selecting the best option for you.

  1. Value Your Trade

Kelly Blue Book will give you an instant offer, and the value of your trade-in redeemable with or without purchase. There’s no pressure, we just want to give you the tools.

  1. Options

Do you want an extended warranty, service warranty or contract, wheel and tire protection, or guaranteed asset protection (GAP) insurance? You can accomplish this with Step 5.

  1. Finalize

Click or tap submit and your information will cruise straight to your Park Place dealership.  Schedule a time to meet with a dedicated Sales Experience Manager to finalize your purchase and pick up your keys. Or, even better, let us deliver to your home or office.

It’s like Amazon meets luxury automotive, and your vehicle purchase experience couldn’t be any more seamless. At Park Place, we are here to serve you- even if that means you would rather stay in the comfort of your own home.  If your interested is sufficiently piqued, visit to get started or visit for more information on the newest way to purchase a vehicle with Park Place.

Park Place Preferred Perks: How to View Car Wash Wait Times on Your Phone or Desktop

As a thank you for being our client, Park Place would like to introduce the Park Place Preferred Benefits Program to you! Now available via desktop and mobile device, the preferred benefits program has never been easier to access.

Did you know that with your Preferred Benefits account, you can view car wash wait times at your Park Place Dealerships?

Staying up-to-date on car wash wait times is easy as…

1. Open Your Park Place Mobile App or go to

App Login Icon Park Place Portal Login

2. Log-in using your email address or create your account using your last name and vehicle’s VIN#

AppHome     Preffered Benefits Graphic


3. View your location’s wait time on the main dashboard 

ParkPlacePrefferedPortalDashboard  Car Wash Wait Time App


Car wash wait times are updated each hour by our on-site service teams, so scheduling your car wash around your busy day is as easy 1..2..3.  If you need an assistance regarding the Preferred Benefits portal or Park Place Dealerships mobile app, please send us a message at apphelp@