Adapting to Ever-Changing Consumer Expectations at Park Place Select

It’s Client-First at Park Place Select

Would you be surprised to hear that the consumer (client) experience is shifting? That it’s not only about how the product fills a need, but rather how the team that delivers the product, benefits and positively affects the day to day of a client? Think about it, whenever a negative experience is had- say you ordered a hot coffee and they handed it to you iced, and after asking for hot again, the barista still gave you an iced coffee- it’s not the product you’re frustrated with, but rather it’s the barista who wasn’t listening to your needs and wants that earns those sentiments.

This change in consumer expectations when being sold or serviced isn’t just present in commodity operations, but has shifted the world of automotive towards a human-centric approach which provides GREAT experiences and creates EXCEPTIONAL memories that accompany their new and pre-owned automobile.

Delivering a Positive Experience at Park Place Select

Whether it’s a new or pre-owned purchase/lease or a service visit, Park Place strives to provide our clients with exceptional experiences for each and every client. As of last year, the same mission applies to Park Place Select, our luxury automotive subscription service, where each one of our team members from our Director of Operations to our Concierges, are dedicated to creating memorable experiences every time they perform a flip, i.e. switching a client’s vehicle. Once a flip is requested, we are not simply delivering another car, but providing the Select Subscribers with a service that uniquely enhances their individual lifestyle based on their wants, needs, and of course, schedules. 

For Dorian Alves, a self-employed Park Place Select Subscriber, this program has taken the hassle out of vehicle maintenance, adding the luxury of convenience to his day to day.

Park Place Select has taken the hassle out of maintaining our vehicles which is such a convenience in addition to being able to drive current year or better luxury vehicles. We had family fly in from out of town and were able to have an SUV available the next day to pick up the crew from the airport.

The program works great for self-employed clients and subscribers who may enjoy a bit more variation in their daily routines because of the ability to quickly adapt your daily driver to fit an unexpected need or upcoming circumstance. I chose to become a member of Park Place Select because it’s the perfect program for someone like myself who gets tired of vehicles very easily and looks forward to changing constantly.

Consumer Feedback: A Must to Making Waves in DFW

Alves first heard about the program from his brother, who is also a Select Subscriber and fellow car enthusiast: “We are both car enthusiasts and enjoy the different beauty and performance that each car brings.”  So far, his favorite flips have been Mercedes-Benz or Porsche models, but he looks forward to experiencing AMG performance with the simple click of a button.  “I love driving anything AMG or supercharged! I’m hoping to get into a 911 or anything close to a supercar soon. 

Of course, no service is perfect, so when feedback is provided, it’s important that the Park Place Select team recognizes opportunities to further enhance the Select experience.  Alves noted that scheduling flips as of late has not been as easy as it was when the program first launched, a concern our team most certainly understands.

“Park Place Select Leadership is constantly looking for ways to improve the subscriber experience incrementally, which has resulted in the addition of new models and overall program expansion,” says Douglas Schnitzer, Director of Operations for Park Place Select.

After all, it’s great to be heard, but it’s even better to know that your feedback has been taken seriously and acted upon. Recently, the Select team introduced the Premier Tier, featuring Bentley, McLaren, Maserati, and the Mercedes-Benz G-Series.

Looking Forward: Recognizing the Shift in Expectations to Continue Making an Impact

The client experience is shifting, and, with products and services becoming more multi-faceted than ever, we at Park Place understand the importance of adapting our business in order to continue to provide our current clients the luxury experience they’ve come to expect from Park Place, and now Park Place Select.

We certainly look forward to making the Park Place Select Experience unforgettable by not only providing some the world’s finest vehicles at our clients’ finger tips, but by delivering personalized service, exciting new models, and authentic feedback opportunities that remain unparalleled in DFW. 

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