Maserati Lithographs: Framed Automotive History Finally Avalible

Park Place Maserati Fort Worth lithography

A brand new and important artistic project created to celebrate a century of Maserati victories, is available in the Maserati Store. The collection of 100 special-edition lithographs, inspired by vintage posters, will retrace the most important stages in Maserati’s sporting history. For those of you who are up to date on your fine art speak, lithography is a method of printing originally based on the principle that oil and water do not mix, making the textures and colors contrast while complimenting each other to provide an even more vivid image.

100 numbered prints of each individual lithograph will be produced, each signed by the artist, Enzo Naso. These exclusive prints have been created using high quality materials and techniques, reproducing the original poster, and featuring the Maserati model that starred in that particular competition.

maserati fort worth cuba lithnograph

If you are a fan of nostalgic pieces of racing history, fine art, or simply see these Maserati special-edition lithographs to be pure eye candy, then you can make one yours at the official Maserati online store now.

The 100 Maserati lithographs will be released in five issues over the course of 2014, the Maserati Centennial year. Go to the online store now to get the first 20 prints from the collection!

Once you have one of these special edition lithographs, you might want to check out the vehicles that fueled the inspiration behind these works of art. If you do come by Park Place Maserati Fort Worth or Park Place Maserati Dallas and admire the large selection new and pre-owned Maserati vehicles in stock.