Park Place Lexus Grapevine Supports Carroll Teacher Of The Year – With Members, Family and Community

For several years now, Park Place Lexus Grapevine has supported the Southlake/Carroll ISD. Every year, Park Place donates the summer use of a Lexus vehicle to the recipients of the school disctrict’s Teacher of the Year award, and generously supports  the Carroll Education Foundation.

This year, there were two Teacher of the Year honorees, one for middle school and one for high school. When presenting the two cars and the award to Mr. Mangham and Ms. Gilley, Park Place Lexus Sales Director Matt Woolsey thanked them for all their hard work and dedication to students of our community.

A former Dragon himself, and someone who grew up in Southlake, Matt chatted with the students, teachers and faculty of the Southlake/Carroll ISD.  He thought about community, his community, and just how close a connection he has to the neighborhood, the school district and this event . He commented, “I looked around the room and saw a few of my son’s teachers, several current teachers that are Park Place clients, my former principal Mr. Willingham, Mr. Lowery (former superintendent), and my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Anders.  I let them know how proud I was to be a Dragon, how proud I was to be the parent of a couple of Dragons, and how proud I am of Lance and Nichole’s service and dedication to our students.”

Nichole Gilley, teacher of the year for the 7-12 grade range, Carroll High School, is a Dragon too! And, Lance Mangham, award recipient for grades K-6, is a Duke grad, and is currently the accelerated math teacher at Durham Intermediate School (and he was actually Matt Woolsey’s son Austin’s Math teacher last year!)

Lance will be driving a 2013 GS 350 for the summer.  Nichole, a 2013 RX350.  Nichole is also a driver’s ed teacher and she said she usually drives her current teaching vehicle in June—not this June!  Lance mentioned he’s had two cars in the past 22 years, so he’s excited about this summer’s driving opportunity.

Pictured above (L-R): Nichole Gilley, Matt Woolsey, Austin Woolsey and Lance Mangham