Vehicle Spotlight: Lexus LFA #193

This is the Lexus LFA #193. This beauty is metallic silver with light premium metallic wheels and powerful Brembo red calipers as an accent. The interior is a plush red with black accents. The look of this car is incomparable to any other vehicle and the technology beyond the surface is just the same; the LFA is one of a kind.


The LFA adapted carbon fiber-reinforced polymer as its main source of rigidity, molding 65% of the body by weight with it leaving the last 35% to lightweight aluminum. This results in an incredibly stiff and well-balanced supercar that weighs less than 3500lbs. The 4.8L DOHC EFI 40-valve V10 engine is the highest revving V10 engine in a production car. The LFA’s V10 was co-developed with Yamaha (the same company who helped Toyota create the infamous 2000GT in 1965); engine size was restricted due to the mid-front positioning that Chief Engineer Haruhiko Tanahashi insisted on to keep the vehicle perfectly balanced. So Yamaha helped create a one-of-a-kind V10 that took up as much space as Lexus’ V8, while only weighing as much as their V6.

This V10 can rev up to 9000 rpm in nearly half a second with an exhaust note capable of shattering a champagne glass. The engine puts out 552hp (that’s 5.9lb/hp) giving this featherweight contender the power to fight well above its weight class. The LFA has a top speed of 203 mph and achieves 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds.

See More About This 2012 Lexus LFA Here






See More About This 2012 Lexus LFA Here