High Performance People at Park Place Motorcars Fort Worth- April 2017

Park Place Dealership’s commitment to provide client service excellence is not just a “catch phrase”…it is a pledge to deliver extraordinary ownership experiences to each and everyone one of our clients.  To consistently uphold a standard as high as ours is no easy task- but, Park Place is proud to have a team full of high performance people who go above and beyond to provide our clients with an authentic and unmatched client experience- 100% of the time.

RamiAlnajjarRami Alnajjar, New Car Sales Manager, is our High Performance Member of Month for Park Place Motorcars Fort Worth, because of his commitment to providing every single client experience with their unique “Wow!” factor.

Rami’s journey to Park Place began roughly 7,000 miles away in Amman, Jordan. Rami’s parents brought the family to Texas when he was just 11 years old, for a better education. Rami grew up in Arlington and attended University of Texas-Arlington. Before Park Place, he was a Branch Manager for a financial institution until he was recruited to join the Pre-Owned department  under the guidance of Bob Mellencamp.

“I was told he [Bob] will be one of the best managers, and he was right. [Bob] became my mentor and still is to this day.”

In every client interaction, his love for his job is evident. Rami treats  every client with respect, all while trying to break the ice and make Park Place feel like their place. The client’s interest is truly Rami’s number one priority; he searches for the unique WOW factor that can take the purchasing experience from merely enjoyable, to positively unforgettable.

“What clients say when they see our new cars and technology, or when clients giggle when they ride our brand and see how wonderful it is. Whether it’s handling, speed, or style, our vehicles are timeless.”

When he’s not creating unforgettable automotive experiences, Rami’s enjoys spending time with his family.  According to Rami, “There is nothing better than family,” so each weekend, he hangs out with his brothers, sisters, and of course, his lovely wife and daughter. When asked who his role model is, he did not hesitate to choose his father- who was never to busy, despite being a regional manager at a bank, to offer advice when life got tough.

” I always was able to go up to my Dad and find wisdom and good education on life, God bless his soul he was a mentor a father a friend and a brother. He would have won the father of the year if there is one. I miss him so much and he always had my back no matter what the situation was.  I love you, Dad.”

So why is Park Place, Rami’s Place?

“I am empowered with making decisions with the group; I am proud of what I do. Company has lots of respect for their employees. I have a second family here.”

If you want to drive an extraordinary vehicle, be sure to pay Rami Alnajjar a visit at Park Place Motorcars Fort Worth. He is sure make your experience a memorable one.