Mercedes-Benz Sharing the Passion for Motorcars with Younger Audiences

Earlier this year, we mentioned that Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) is continuing their push to empower the amazing women contributors and support a larger audience for women Mercedes owners with entrepreneurial ambitions. Now, the luxury automotive brand is looking to start introducing its vehicle heritage with younger dreamers.

MBUSA and Mattel have joined forces to encourage children – particularly girls – that there are no boundaries with their goals and aspirations.

Mercedes-Benz considers the toy car as a viable option not only for young boys, but young girls as well. Creating an attitude shift at a young age is a potential stepping stone for young girls to appreciate the brand and have a positive outlook on the automotive industry. 

To further their support for gender equality, Mercedes-Benz is giving thousands of girls across the United States a Matchbox replica of the Mercedes-Benz 220SE. The replica model honors driver Ewy Rosqvist, who obliterated Argentinian Grand Prix world records in the vintage Mercedes luxury car. Rosqvist overcame the stereotypes that challenged the ability of women to compete in such competitions.

“Through Ewy’s story, we saw an opportunity to inspire young girls to ‘play outside the box’ and imagine all the different opportunities open to them without the restrictions of traditional stereotypes,” said Mark Aikman, general manager of marketing services for MBUSA. “We realized that these pioneering women from our past could serve as valuable role models for young girls today and have a positive impact on how they see their future. This led us to collaborate with Matchbox to create a tangible reminder for girls that there are no restrictions on their tomorrow.”

Women in the Mercedes-Benz brand have had a history of challenging stereotypes. Bertha Benz recorded the initial long-distance drive of the automobile establishing that the Patent Motorwagen was an acceptable transportation option. Today, She’s Mercedes is an online community support the growth and development of professional Mercedes-Benz women.

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