Rooted In Racing Heritage: McLaren Houston Named Motorsports Dealer

Over the past few months, McLaren Houston has gone through a few notable updates, both of which will contribute to an elevated McLaren experience.  First and foremost, McLaren Houston is an official member of the Park Place family of dealerships. Now you can expect the same high-performance experience, personal service, and lux amenities that make Park Place, Your Place in Houston, Texas. But that’s not all, McLaren Houston has been named an official McLaren Motorsport Dealer- one of only five in the country.  This means that we have received the green light to sell McLaren track cars, including the 570S GT4. Below we discuss McLaren’s Robust Racing heritage and how its positively influenced McLaren GT and Motorsports- bringing high performance to our clients.

Racing Heritage Translates Into the Relentless Desire to Innovate

Like many performance-driven manufacturers, McLaren is a staple name in the world of motorsports, track cars, and racing.  McLaren Racing is focused in the world of Formula 1, which, according to the company, demands excellence: “To design, build and operate a Formula 1 car at race-winning levels requires focus, ambition, imagination, dedication and microscopic attention to detail.”

Both McLaren Racing and Formula 1 have blossomed over past 5-10 years with growing racing calendars, multinational hosts, employees, and rosters. McLaren Racing’s successes are driven by a passionate desire to innovate- a heritage that translates into the whole of the McLaren Group, including McLaren Automotive. The F1 knowledge and expertise have been instrumental when developing and enhancing technology for client road cars and track cars among other things.

On the Track with McLaren GT

Established in 2011, McLaren GT’s purpose is to build and support all GT race activities. The team is housed in Surray at the former home of McLaren Racing and are responsible for the design, development, and production of 650S GT3, 570S GT4, and 650S and 57S Spring models.

McLaren Motorsports takes this wealth of racing knowledge and gives our clients the opportunity to experience McLaren track performance like never before.

Superior Track-Honed Performance Found at McLaren Houston

McLaren Houston currently has the 570S GT available for purchase. The McLaren 570S GT4, an exclusive offering of McLaren Motorsport dealers, sports an absolutely stunning carbon fiber MonoCell II chassis architecture to add strength while reducing unit weight.  This model is the first time that the MonoCell II technology has been made available in the GT4.

It’s superior track-hone performance perfect for when you’re heading out to one of the Houston area’s many racetracks. 

If you’re interested in ordering a 570S GT4 of your own or want to learn more about other McLaren Motorsport offerings at McLaren Houston- contact us at