When Technology Meets Luxury: Advanced Features Available on 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Explained

The Mercedes-Benz S-class has always been a leader in technology, being the first to add subtle changes like rain gutters to safely direct water flow, as well as technical leaps like traction and stability control. This tradition continues with the redesigned 2013 S-class.

Although it’s loaded with technological-wizardry, a lot of work has gone into making it as intuitive and easy to use as possible. This means drivers and passengers alike can enjoy this vehicle’s numerous features without them getting in the way of the driving experience.

2013 Mercedes S-Class

Active Parking Assist: Parallel Parking Can’t Get Easier
Thanks to the addition of steering control, Active Parking Assist can now park and leave parallel parking spaces with no driver intervention. Simply activate the system, and when it detects a parking space, come to stop and put the shifter in “Park:” The car does the rest. Come back later, and the car can do something no other competitor can do: drive the car back out into the lane. Simply switch on the turn signal and shift into “Drive,” and the S-class will safely drive itself back onto the street. There’s no need to line up boxes on the navigation screen or steer as the system adjusts the throttle and brakes.

Distronic Plus: More than Cruise Control
Mercedes was the first company to introduce a radar-based cruise control system, automatically adjusting the car’s speed depending on the surrounding traffic. The same steering system which enables automatic parking, can also help keep the car in the lane, making highway drives less of a chore.

Stuck in rush hour traffic on the Dallas tollway? The system can also operate the car at low speeds, taking the stress out of stop and go traffic.

Advanced Headlights: See More of the Texas Road
The 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class uses only LED lights, which means one less item that needs to be serviced. However, the real stars in this setup are the headlights. The high beams automatically adjust to aim light away from oncoming drivers, keeping them from being dazzled while maintaining visibility. They also change their aim to illuminate the road ahead no matter how tight the curve. If a pedestrian or a deer is detected, the lights can direct a spotlight at them to get the driver’s attention.

Smartphone Connectivity: Access the S-Class Anywhere
A new app available for iPhone and Android devices allows vehicle functions to be accessed remotely. Don’t remember where you parked? The app can help you find your car. Don’t remember if you locked the doors? The locks can be operated remotely using the app.

Using Send2Benz, you can send route information from Google Maps directly from your computer or smartphone. Computer users can also add a widget to copy any address and send it directly to the car’s navigation system.

mbrace PLUS: A Concierge at Your Fingertips
With mbrace PLUS, owners will get a concierge service accessible both from the car and through the app. Faced with an accident, natural disaster or other catastrophe? The service can help there, too. Crisis Assist can help direct you away from closed roads and find emergency shelter.

Internet Integration for On the Go Planning
The COMAND infotainment system has greatly expanded in-vehicle Internet capabilities. Integrated social networking can help you plan meet-ups from your car. Google Local Search can be used not only to find locations, but also to call them or navigate to them. Want to know where’s the best place to eat in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? There’s integration with Yelp as well as a built in Zagat restaurant guide.

Top Quality Audio
The S-class comes standard with a harmon/kardon audio system, designed specifically for the cabin’s acoustics, with 15 speakers and 600 watts to provide superb audio quality. Want something that will truly impress audiophiles? Buyers can opt for an audio system from Bang & Olufsen, the leaders in audio reproduction.

The Perfect Seat
Active Ventilated seats are standard, helping each passenger cool down, warm up or dry off quickly. Four zone climate control lets each passenger have their part of the cabin at just the right temperature to make them comfortable. Adjustable lumbar, shoulder and side supports give each seat a custom fit, with total of ten adjustments in the front seats. Sound confusing? Don’t worry: Once everything is set up, the car remembers the position of everything from the side mirrors to the steering wheel angle, making driver changes a snap.

PRESAFE Plus: Preventing Accidents and Reducing Their Damage
The new system uses a series of sensors to identify possible collisions, whether it’s from the front, rear, or cross traffic at intersections. Not only can it apply the brakes, PRESAFE can adjust safety equipment inside the car to prepare for an impact. Is there someone in your blind spot? You’ll know, thanks to indicators in the side mirrors, and should someone swing into that space, the car will pull itself away to prevent an accident.

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