The 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe: What It Feels like to be Alive

2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe

How alive are you? That is the tag line for Jaguar’s new showcase of ludicrous performance and Jetson-esc technology that is encompassed inside all their new vehicles. The question is one that begs an answer yet the answer cannot be given properly until you find yourself behind the wheel of Jaguar’s newest fiend; The 2015 F-type coupe.

The Jaguar brand connotes picturesque images of James Bond villains and British royalty zooming through the long, windy roads that the Beatles sung about. The new F-Type coupe does not stray from those iconic imageries. It not only meets the top shelf criteria of Jaguar, but also takes the legendary brand to the next level. The 2015 F-type coupe is one of those machines that drives past you on the other side of the road and your car swerves into the next lane because the second you caught a sight of it your eyes instinctively had to follow it. As you attempt to get your head back on straight and cool off from the vision, you catch one last glimpse of the F-type as you glance into your rearview mirror but it is already gone. The 2015 F-type Coupe launches you from 0-60 in a mere 3.6 seconds. If that wasn’t enough to get your blood pumping then try one of these British beasts on a quarter mile track where your will  be pressed to the back of the seat because you will be flying down the track at a top speed of 122.3 MPH.

The design of the car exudes luxury and class while having that vibrant sprinkle of nostalgic charm flowing over each of its carefully crafted curves which only a Jaguar can deliver. When you strap in and find yourself at the helm of this speed demon you suddenly feel the need to loosen your tie, roll up your sleeves, throw your sunglasses on and press the gas pedal to the floor board.

The sound alone from the 2015 F-type coupe is enough to bring a grown man to his knees. Motor Trend said “The F-Type Coupe R sounds like an autopomorphic soccer hooligan. As if the big cat’s genetically predisposed to pelt the other cars with empty lager cans. And that’s just while cruising up and down the block. Open this monster up and boy howdy! The Coupe sounds good, incredibly, raucously, dirty, filthy double plus good. If you’re another car, you’ll be embarrassed that you almost certainly don’t sound anywhere near as sexy, as evocative, and as angrily hostile; you can’t compete with this mad Jag.”

If you are looking to walk around with the keys to what could be 2015’s most exhilarating new car or you simply want to experience the thrill of having your hands on the brink of automotive ecstasy then come by Jaguar of Plano or Jaguar Dallas to see for yourself the beauty that is the new 2015 Jaguar F-Type coupe.

2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe