2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC Review

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC looks like a classy sedan when you view it straight on and it has the refinement and comfort of a sedan but with the room and flexibility of an SUV. A responsive and clean breathing 241-hp turbo 4 engine with direct injection, multi-spark ignition, and the fuel saving Eco start/stop system develops 273 pounds of torque at a wide range of RPM’s. Simply put, it’s quick to go yet it’s gentle on the planet and has superb overall dynamics. Also contributing to the steady ride is the crosswind assist. This stands on alert watching for a sudden gust of wind and it keeps your vehicle on its intended path.

In the GLC you have more storage possibilities and load capacity with the folding rear seats. The luggage compartment is 52 inches long and more than 43 inches wide, almost 6 inches wider than the previous model. The all-new interior reflects a modern purity as the hand-crafted luxurious material on the dash board and the center console present a clean natural flow. The Mercedes-Benz brand takes the key fob to new lengths as you can now remote start the car through your smartphone via M-brace. Everything about the interior is set up to be ergonomically correct so everything is right at your fingertips in the cockpit of the vehicle.

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