2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS Review

In the new 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS, a few changes have been made to their best full-size SUV yet. Both the dashboard and the front end have been re-designed and there’s a few tweaks in the back, as well as an abundance of new standard features. If you’ve been looking for a full size SUV that has generous space and off-road skills, then the GLS fits the build and then some. The GLS sports more dynamic select modes, more standard features, more power, and more driver assistance systems. The completely reworked front end enhances the sporty nature of the GLS with new power domes on the hood and new halogen head lamp design with interval daytime running lights

The GLS 450 has a new 9-speed transmission that is very smooth leaving barely any feeling of the gears shifting. It’s as tight as a sports car when the turning radius is turned off. The sporty feel continues as this SUV goes from 20mph to 60mph before you know it. For a mid-5,000 pound vehicle this V8 absolutely gets up and goes. The systems in this car are also so intuitive as voice commands access a number of them. Equipped with features such as a reverse camera with gridlines to show you where your going and the Eco button that turns the car off when stationary, this SUV has it all.

If you want the benefits of the luxurious S-Class but need a bit more room or versatility, the GLS may be just your ticket. Come see the revitalized GLS at one of our Park Place Motorcars Dealerships. We have locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Grapevine and Arlington. Or visit us on the web at parkplace.com. Click here to view our GLS inventory.