5 Things To Know About Park Place’s Innovative Subscription Service

“Park Place Select will transform the way drivers in Dallas/Fort Worth engage in the luxury automotive category,” said Ken Schnitzer, chairman and CEO of Park Place Dealerships. From date nights to family vacations, and work events to daily errands or social engagement, Park Place Select is a subscription service that is all about your experience.

1. Park Place Select is the first subscription service offered by a dealership group in Texas.

Park Place Dealerships is pioneering a new kind of vehicle experience as the first dealership group in Texas to offer a full-service subscription service. Anyone who is 26 or older, with a valid drivers license and a clean driving record is eligible to participate.  It’s a unique, innovative offering and your experts in excellence are excited to offer you an alternative to traditional car ownership or leasing. 

2.  Your experience is our number one priority- and that’s a guarantee. 

Experience luxury and convenience as soon as you download the Select app and your personal concierge will get to work to ensure you receive the right vehicle when you need it.  Do you need at least four seats and room for luggage? What about Navigation and blue-tooth? Temperature set at 68 degrees? By 3 PM on Friday?  Done. Park Place is Your Place, so simply tell us your needs, your preferences,  and the occasion, and our concierge will do the rest.  

3.  Unlimited flips are available at all three tiers.

We offer three tiers of vehicle subscription- Prime ($895/month), Plus ($1395/mo), and Premium ($1795/month). Whether it’s  Monday afternoon or Friday evening, Select offers unlimited vehicle changes (or flips) to all Select clients. So in theory, if you are a Premium member, you could drive a Maserati to work on Monday, a Porsche to dinner on Thursday night, and then flip to a Range Rover on Friday afternoon for your spontaneous weekend road trip Saturday morning.  Unlimited flips with a competitive price paired with a Park Place Concierge experience? It’s a perfect match only made in Texas. 

4. Maintenance and insurance are included in the monthly fee.

No longer pay for maintenance and insurance on your luxury auto- the Select fees are all-inclusive, covering those pesky costs that are associated with traditional vehicle ownership like roadside assistance, oil changes, major repairs, and cleaning. All you have to worry about is filling up the tank and pressing the gas (or brake when appropriate). Park Place Select isn’t just a subscription service, it’s peace of mind. 

5. You can still participate and subscribe even if you live outside our service area.

Our service area applies to where we can actually flip your vehicle. Do you live in Rockwall, Prosper, or Denton but frequently commute to our Select service area?  Each subscription allotts for 1,667/miles per month (20,000 per year), so as long as you are driving within 300 miles of our Plano radius point, you can then drive the vehicle to and fro until your next flip. 

 Visit www.ParkPlaceSelect.com for more info, a full list of FAQs, and to submit your reservation.