Delicious Food, Good Friends, A Worthy Cause and New Cars Equal Community Togetherness

lsOn the evening of November 15th, the lights of Park Place Lexus were shining well into the night as the dealership welcomed hundreds of the Lexus LS enthusiasts who’ve made Park Place their preferred dealer over the years.

With the holiday season creeping in closely, the event presented a cheerful, vibrant feel. As guests sipped on “Luxuritas,” made with Avion Tequila and listened to the quirky, stringed renditions of “Hotel California,” in the background, Park Place heralded the arrival of the holiday party season as much as it did the arrival of a  new version of their signature vehicle.

Avion wasn’t the only non-vehicular brand representing itself capably during the party. Providing a scrumptious array of cuisine was chef Kent Rathbun and his crew. The Rathbun catering crew’s inventive take on sliders and decadent mac ‘n cheese made with gruyere highlighted, why it is that Rathbun’s name is culinary gold. especially in Collin County where his Jasper’s is  a top destination. If nothing else, the savory bites were evidence enough that Thursday night was more than a simple gathering of loyal customers. If the mac ‘n cheese was decadent, then the offerings from Allen’s Sublime Chocolates were downright criminal. Make no mistake; the well-appointed showroom was transformed into a foodie haven as well as a welcome spot for LS lovers.

Many of the people who made their way into the showroom  have come to know one another over the years, not simply by their automotive affiliation, but by their dedication to worthy causes in Collin County. Perhaps the new LS and Rathbun’s delicacies have far-reaching brand power, but the most important name of the night belonged to the Collin County Children’s Advocacy Center (CCCAC) an organization that’s helped countless families for 20 years.

The CCCAC has been the saving grace for children victimized by abuse and are in need of assistance when a helping hand seems far away. Lynn McLean, the Center’s CEO, was on-hand to ensure the mission of the cause she leads reaches to as many people in the community as possible.

McLean spoke to us for a few moments as her team sold fund-raising raffle tickets. While winning a new Lexus or choice seats to the area’s top ballet are fantastic rewards, McLean makes it clear that the people who purchasing raffle tickets that night were satisfied with the prize of knowing they are directly assisting neighboring families by helping to create a safe, nurturing place that can help in ways no other center in North Texas can.

For McLean, the relationship between Park Place Lexus and the center, which began rather serendipitously, has turned into something that displays a community that’s fully united for this much-needed cause.

“A few years ago, the Center purchased a Lexus from Park Place to raffle off as the grand prize at our annual Gala in order to create some real excitement,”

ls strings“Having the Lexus for our raffle not only created the excitement we hoped it would, but for the last three years, the Dallas/Fort Worth Lexus Dealerships have donated a car for our raffle’s grand prize, which has just been an amazing gift, and it’s made this partnership such a strong one. Thanks to this relationship, we’re able to create a greater amount of awareness for the Center than ever before. For us, and the resources we provide, creating awareness is so very important.”

Evidence of the synergy that’s developed between Park Place Lexus, the loyal LS customers and the Collin County Children’s Advocacy Center was in plain sight for each attendee to see as they walked into the showroom’s main doors. A gleaming, white Lexus convertible was surrounded by donations from the night’s attendees for the Advocacy Center’s Rainbow Room. The Rainbow Room is the arm of the Center that answers the most urgent needs of the kids and families who seek help on a daily basis. Clothing, toys and an assortment of necessary items were piled high and ready to be taken to the Center. Such a visual was yet another profound reminder that Thursday night’s soiree was a time for community action, and not merely a glitzy, new model roll-out.

Jordan Case, president of Park Place Lexus, was visibly excited about the 2013 Lexus LS, but he was more interested in speaking to us about the evening’s clear sense of community and the appreciation he feels for Park Place being able to help create that.

“Many of our customers here tonight are involved not only with the Advocacy Center but with other charitable organizations as well,” says Case. “This type of involvement is a key way in which we keep in-touch with so many of our great customers.”

Case goes on to acknowledge the bigger picture that helps all involved.

“We’ve purposely not invested very much into traditional advertising. Being involved and giving back to the community that we’re a part of is a great way to see the efforts of everyone come full-circle.”