Five Reasons Why You Should Consider a Luxury Lexus SUV

Rising gas prices and a damaged economy caused SUV’s to fall out of favor with many consumers and yet, expert buying guides continue to insist that there are benefits associated with luxury SUV purchases. If you are a fan of superior artisanship and excellent customer service, then there is no need to search further beyond a Lexus.

The birth of luxury vehicles began during the 1920’s and 30’s for the affluent, causing a number of well-known manufacturers to combine indulgent comforts like plush seating with racing performance. However, It wasn’t until the mid-1960s that the concept of luxury SUVs emerged with the addition of premier features on select off-road cars.

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Developers at Toyota started working on Lexus vehicles in the early 80s. The company chair wanted to create a luxury vehicle that appealed to consumers and held its own against European brands. U.S. markets saw the first Lexus vehicle in 1989. In 1996, the company unveiled its first SUV model, the RX.

Some consumer guides attempt to dispel the allure of luxury car purchases, especially during financially turbulent times. found amenities like extended standard warranty and maintenance packages, and complementary loaner cars help luxury vehicle owners keep more money in their pockets along with the status associated with Lexus ownership. If you are on the fence of purchasing a Lexus SUV, we have compiled a short, sweet least of reasons to say yes.

1. Many advanced technologies are available as standard vehicle features.

Lexus SUVs offer technologies that include high definition voice activated navigation systems and driver-customizable vehicle suspensions. Owners enjoy center panel remote touch screen controls for ease of use and safety. Forbes Magazine indicates this level of customization is rare among economy brands. Customers who purchase economy SUVs pay an additional fee for a fraction of the standard features available on Lexus model vehicles.

In short, Lexus provides more bang for your buck during times when expenditures matter the most. The company does offer luxurious package upgrades but aren’t necessary to enjoy the driving experience. Essentially, buyers receive the latest technology without adding to the vehicle’s price tag.

2013 Lexus LX Interior

2. Multiple features make Lexus SUVs some of the safest vehicles on the road.

Forbes said luxury car models provide owners with enhanced safety features. Lexus SUVs feature stability control to minimize the possibility of skidding when tires lose traction. Head-level airbags offer valuable protection from window impact in the event of a crash while a feature known as Auto Crash Notify places immediate calls for help after detecting an accident. Lexus SUVs received high marks in safety tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

3. Lexus resale values are higher than competing brands. provided a breakdown on the financial benefits of purchasing luxury model vehicles. Experts found that economy cars depreciated faster than luxury models due to overwhelming customer demand in the certified, pre-owned luxury market. Kelley Blue Book said Lexus SUVs resale values exceed those of competing models due to a legacy of outstanding craftsmanship. This means that Lexus owners stand to lose very little in the event they choose to part with their beloved vehicle.

2013 Lexus RX Dallas

4. Hybrid models rank first in their class.

U.S. News and World Report lists Lexus hybrid SUVs as a top consumer option. More customers than ever wish to reduce their global footprint without sacrificing aesthetic pleasures. Hybrid science involves storing excess energy generated during operation in an electric motor that allows the car to use less fuel without sacrificing power. Lexus hybrids engines offer a quiet ride while surrounding passengers in traditional automotive indulgences like plush seats and state of the art entertainment systems.

5. No one does customer service like Lexus.

Lexus ranked the highest among luxury brands in a study conducted by J.D. Power and Associates last year. The details appeared in an LA Times article. As early as 2007, Lexus dealerships featured amenities to enhance the service experience for vehicle owners. The Wall Street Journal found establishments with putting greens, concierge services and beauty salons. Creating a decadent environment makes some Lexus owners feel they purchase into a highly selective social club.

Customer service is especially important to Lexus. Dealerships find many owners constantly discuss their favorable brand experiences and frequently encourage others to explore Lexus ownership. Happy customers are loyal customers, and Lexus turned the science into an art form.

In the end, performance, prestige and personalization make many customers life-long fans of Lexus luxury vehicles. From its sedan origins, the company created an internationally recognized SUV line including environmentally friendly hybrid models that do not skimp on creature comforts. Look no further than Lexus for durable, luxurious SUVs.