Mercedes-Benz Birthday Surprise

Walking into Park Place Motorcars Fort Worth, Mrs. Brown had no idea she was in store for the ultimate surprise.

Earlier in the week, her husband stopped by the dealership to shop for the perfect birthday gift for his wife. “When I arrived, Darrin Cline approached me in a pleasant manner,” says Mr. Brown. “We discussed my vehicle wants, needs and desires. Darrin listened to me carefully. Price point and condition of the vehicle were important, so was customer service. I explained to Darrin this was to be a special gift for my wife. He promised to make the delivery a memorable one- he delivered.”

It took some convincing from Mr. Brown, but his wife agreed to stop by Park Place Motorcars Fort Worth to ‘look around’. “She was not suspicious at all,” said Mr. Brown.

When they arrived, Darrin greeted them and played along with the surprise. He suggested taking a look at a vehicle that was parked just outside. “When we turned the corner of the building, and a perfectly detailed white Mercedes-Benz SLK sat there with a huge ribbon on the hood, a flower and a card on the seat- she began to suspect something,” said Mr. Brown.

Darrin knew the car was a special present for a special lady. “Mr. Brown had mentioned it was for his wife’s birthday so I thought it would be a nice surprise to have a big red bow and some flowers.”

Darrin handed Mrs. Brown the keys and wished her a very Happy Birthday! The tears were next.

“Unfortunately I have no photos of the surprise,” says Darrin, “but it was very emotional for the both of them so I gave them space. Mr. Brown was very grateful and texted me later that day, it was a big success! It feels really great every time I deliver a car and I see the joy and happiness that takes place.”

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