New Flagship Bentley Convertible Announced: Continental GT Speed Convertible

Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible


Speed is embedded in Bentley’s history. The name dates back to our founder W.O. Bentley’s 3 Litre Speed of 1925 and the Le Mans 24 Hour race-winning Speed Six. Then as now, the pursuit of performance was balanced by the quest for refinement.

Today’s Continental GT Speed Convertible is a worthy successor. Its exceptional performance is allied to an eight-speed all-wheel drive transmission, which delivers reassuring stability year round. The Speed chassis tune delivers thrilling agility and clarity of feedback, yet also rides harsh road surfaces with supple resilience. Even the exhaust note, deeper and more exhilarating under hard acceleration, is civilised and refined during high-speed cruising. As a result, the Continental GT Speed Convertible is capable of devastating acceleration and enduring pace in equal measure, whilst at the same time, its hand-crafted interiors and supportive sports seating provide supreme comfort over long distances.

Designing a convertible combining these levels of performance and refinement brings its own unique challenges. Fortunately, Bentley has an unequalled history when it comes to convertibles, and the GT Speed Convertible is the latest, fastest and most thoughtfully-executed of all. Drive it with the hood down and a new dimension is revealed. You’re no longer an observer of the passing landscape but a part of it, with every aspect of your journey – especially the thrilling sound track – amplified in the open air. However, should you choose to close the roof, the levels of refinement, acoustic insulation and cosseting comfort provided are truly exceptional

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