Park Place Lexus Creates New Position – Vehicle Technology Specialist

Park Place Dealerships have now twice been named one of Dallas Top 100 places to work – and for good reason: we’ve got the most innovative jobs in the automotive industry.  The automotive industry is constantly buzzing with new developments and fantastical technology, and at the forefront of these advancements, is Lexus.  There’s no denying it – all one needs to do is take a look at the 2013 Lexus GS to see that our brands, and our vehicles are more advanced than ever.  To support the rapidly changing technical options available to our clients on the vehicles – and also to help educate and assist the client in maximizing these new features Park Place Lexus has developed a new position called the Vehicle Technology Specialist (VTS).

The VTS will provide front-line support to clients with complex technology questions or concerns with their Lexus. In addition, the VTS would also be responsible for ongoing training and support for dealership members regarding current, new, and future Lexus products and technologies. The VTS is truly a unique position – and one that only an Expert in Excellence could occupy considering the additional requirements of the position:

  • Maintains a high degree of product and technical knowledge, including information about all Lexus products, resources, features, benefits, applications and competitive vehicle technology and reviews.
  • Maintains a collection of technology information and resources to assist in explanations
  • Creates and maintains FAQ guide for clients
  • Follows up with clients to ensure understanding and anticipate additional technology needs
  • Maintains all certification requirements
  • Assists with car displays and marketing events by greeting clients and sharing product information

Of course, the main goal of any position at Park Place is to support the team, and ensure an enjoyable purchase and ownership experience for the client. This new position will achieve both of these goals. It will also allow for fast, efficient resolution of client inquiries regarding vehicle technology or concerns. It’ll also allow the member to spend enough time with the client to properly troubleshoot any vehicle technology and vehicle system features.

Most of the time, when a client schedules a service appointment because of a technology related issue, it’s because the client doesn’t have a clear understanding of all the functionality or the feature of product. When this happens, it not only becomes an inconvenience for the client (because they have to bring their vehicle in for service and even possibly leave it overnight, which can be a hassle).  Most of the technology issues so far have been Bluetooth phone or Navigation system related, and can often be fixed or set up within a few minutes.

With this new position, the client can schedule directly with the VTS, who will work directly with the client. If it’s not broken, and in most cases, the VTS can show the client what is causing the concern and how to prevent it from happening in the future. It is Park Place Lexus’ “personal concierge” service for each client.

Another nice perk, for our clients, is that if clients that are waiting in the client lounge would like a refresher course on how some of the features on their vehicle work, we have a technology center set up so we can provide tutorials via iPads and TV monitors. From the tech center we can also keep clients up to date on the status of their vehicle while it’s in service.

So far, only Park Place Lexus Grapevine has had the opportunity to find the perfect VTS, and that candidate was Greg Milner, who is a five-year sales veteran with Park Place Lexus. Greg has been married to his wife, Karin for 21 years and they have one son, Curtis.  Greg is retired from the U.S. Army, and resided in Germany for seven years, where he met his wife, and also where his son was born. Greg holds a Technology Degree from Pierce College in Washington.  Greg likes working on his 1960 Austin Healey 3000 (no Bluetooth or GPS there!) and helping his son fix the cars he wrecks.