Personal Comforts Available on 2013 Jaguar Models

The 2013 Jaguar models provide personal comforts akin to the opulent lifestyle of Don Draper in “Mad Men” according to Rich leathers, sumptuous woods and a variety of additional features surround drivers in absolute comfort. Every vehicle from the XF to the ultimately luxurious XJL meets exclusive design standards that have become synonymous with the Jaguar name.


Smart key remotes facilitate keyless vehicle entry, a true gift when hands are full or your keys are buried in a pocket or purse. These high tech remotes also offer keyless starting, a feature currently only available in half of the other vehicles sold in the United States according to


The comforting aroma of leather accompanies beautiful trim that covers the instrument panel and the doors of the interior cabin in the 2013 Jaguar. Complementary front and rear floor mats protect vehicles from daily abuse. Interior trim on XK models features an Intaglio gloss finish with original Jaguar imaging. Radio controls on the leather-covered steering wheel allow drivers to focus on the road while enjoying their favorite tunes.

2013 Jaguar Interior

To accommodate driver preferences, the XJ and other Jaguar models have digital gauges that mesh seamlessly with the innovative touch screen control panel providing precision and clarity.

Accompanying the aesthetic beauty of Jaguar is the gentle purr that greets drivers as they push the starter button. Despite massive engine power that brings vehicles from zero to 60 miles per hour (mph) in 5.7 seconds, the passenger cabin is peacefully quiet throughout the entire trip.

Passengers and drivers enjoy 10-point power adjustable seating complete with three heat settings. A memory function allows drivers to save their preferred settings for seat, side mirrors and steering wheel positions. Front legroom averages approximately 41.5 inches in 2013 Jaguar models. Passengers in the backseat enjoy from 36.6 to 44.1 inches of space, depending on the model.

Dual climate controls eliminate arguments between drivers and front passengers regarding heating or air conditioning. Humidity control minimizes moisture buildup inside windshields and windows during rainy, damp or cold days. An innovative filtration system reduces cabin odors during travel and removes particles from the air that could trigger allergic reactions.


2013 Jaguars come with many safety features, including the internal seven-inch touchscreen mated to front and rear parking sensors. Reverse park cameras display areas behind the car for safer backup.

In addition to dual front and side airbags, vehicles come standard with curtain airbags on the front and rear windshields to protect passenger heads during an accident. Rear passengers have three-point seat belt restraint systems while front seat belts move to accommodate various passenger heights.

Additional passenger protection comes in the form of side door beams that help vehicles maintain their shape after impact. Manufacturers have equipped convertible Jaguar models with rollover protection devices to maximize driver safety. Emergency brake assist and electronic brake-force distribution ensure that cars come to a quick stop during an emergency.


Entertainment features in 2013 Jaguars include top of the line audio systems starting at the 250-watt, 10-speaker Jaguar stereo systems, to the 380-watt, 12 channel, 14-speaker professional audio system from the world renown audio engineers at Meridian Audio. The full-color touch screen also houses GPS and a convenient trip planner. Bluetooth connectivity makes hands-free conversations simple.

meridian audio

USB ports allow passengers to enjoy files on portable music devices in crisp, surround sound. Vehicles come equipped for Sirius satellite radio services. Owners receive free trial periods with their vehicle purchases. A power outlet and front seat lights for reading make even the longest trips enjoyable for passengers.

Overall reviews for 2013 Jaguar models remain highly competitive in every dimension. Jaguar certainly didn’t sacrifice luxury in its attempts to produce faster vehicles. Riding in one may be the next best thing to being Don Draper.