Volvo Art in Motion

When you think Volvo brilliant pop art, graffiti-esc murals and spectacular cardboard sculptures might not be the first three images that drive off your tongue.  They are a brand that puts a heavy emphasis on their safely, reliability and quality. Volvo has rarely been flashy, nothing outrageous, just always good and always dependable. Yet with these Volvo Art Sessions takes a unique approach to the almost one dimensional world of automotive advertising. For a brand whose edgiest approach in the last few years was a product placement of a station wagon driven by a dreamy vampire, this is a huge step.  With the Volvo Art Sessions, the car is the canvas. Instead of emphasizing the vehicle itself Volvo gave artist from all around the globe the opportunity to create live works of art around, in and on its cars. This is a movement that the Swedish automakers have been pushing since 2011 but as of recent has gained my immense support for. The works of art that are created with these cars are spectacular and the way that the company captures it all in time-lapse fashion is brilliant. Take the Art, Form and Inspiration tag line for one of the projects in 2011 it took 10 days, 5 different artist on 1 car on 1 canvas to create the spectacular works of art.

After being constantly entertained by the creativity expressed by the Volvo brand, your image of the automaker is likely to change. Come by Park Place Volvo Dallas. We have one of the largest inventories of both new and used Volvo cars in Metroplex and our doors are wide open off at 3515 Inwood Rd.