Volvo Continues Safety Innovations With Pedestrian Airbag System

Volvo has been known for safety for years. They have kept safety at the forefront of design and have done so in an innovative way – using ever-changing technology to keep drivers and their passengers safe. Now, Volvo has taken safety to the next level – offering protection to those outside of the vehicle via the “Pedestrian Detection System” – which is, in essence – a pedestrian detection system – and now, a pedestrian airbag of sorts.

The Volvo Pedestrian Detection system, which scans the road using sensors and a camera and automatically stops the vehicle when a person is in its path, debuted two years ago on the new S60. Now, Volvo is adding another layer of protection by introducing an airbag that inflates when sensors in the front bumper detect physical contact with a pedestrian. This causes a section of the hood to rise and a U-shaped airbag to inflate, covering about a third of the windshield and the bottom of the car’s A pillars and cushioning the blow for anyone unlucky enough to get hit and tossed onto the hood.

This week, at the Geneva Auto Show, the Swedish car maker is unveiling this new safety innovation, sported on a five-door hatchback – she Volvo S40.  It’s sporty, and safe – wielding this new technology as well as a hip panoramic glass roof and front grill to add to the aesthetics of it all.