Safety Update: Volvo Cars and POC Develop Car-Bike Helmet Crash Test

If there’s one thing Volvo Cars is known for, it’s safety first. It’s in their DNA. Many manufacturers make it a priority to have their brand meet the minimum safety requirements to be on the road, but Volvo takes it one step further. They not only want to keep the people in their cars safe but the people around them as well.

With technology like Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection coming standard with all Volvo models, the brand has yet to be satisfied and has continued to develop new ways to evolve in the world of safety.

Recently, Volvo has partnered with POC, a Swedish sports apparel company, to conduct a ground breaking new research project that aims to further protect cyclists through a series of crash test with bike helmets against cars.

During these tests, POC bike helmets are worn by crash dummy heads mounted on a testing rig, from where they are launched towards different areas of the hood of a static Volvo car, at different speeds and angles for various measurements.

Nothing has ever been done like this before. The learnings from the research project will help POC make its helmets safer and more protective in the event of a car-bike accident, while the tests will also provide valuable insights and learnings for Volvo Cars into these types of accidents for future development.

With pedestrian/cyclist deaths continuing to rise each year, it’s important for manufacturers to never limit their willingness to look beyond the parameters of what is “required” when conducting their safety tests.  Volvo is a great example of a brand that has continued to challenge themselves and innovate new technologies to improve road safety. Because with better road safety, more people can be around to watch Volvo thrive