Inspiring Bespoke: Bentley Debuts Continental GT Number 9 Edition

Bentley Debuts Racing Model to Inspire Bespoke Creations. Book your bespoke experience at Bentley Dallas.

As Bentley produces their illustrious 2019 models to honor its 100th anniversary, the British automaker debuted a rare Continental GT to celebrate the milestone.

A jaw-dropping Bentley Continental GT Number 9 Edition appeared at the Geneva Motor Show early March. The Number 9 Edition pays homage to Sir Henry Ralph Stanley ‘Tim’ Birkin – one of the original ‘Bentley Boys’ of the 1920s and 1930s. Mulliner – Bentley’s in-house commissioning facility – manufactured the Continental GT that takes inspiration from the historic motorsport legacy. Only 100 Number 9 Edition models will be available this year following its hand built production in Crewe, England.

The Original No.9

The original No.9 was commissioned by Birkin, who was also a Bentley customer, investor, and racing driver. Following their use during World War I in aero engines, superchargers became more commonly tested on cars. A British designer and engineer, Amehurst Villiers, teamed up with Birkin to develop a supercharger that would increase performance. The supercharger would increase power and speed due to its positioning in front of the engine.

Nicknamed the ‘Blower,’ the 4.5L machine was raced at the 1930 Le Mans 24 Hours event by Birkin, who set a lap record at the track. The first No.9, which was also driven by D.J. Benefield and Eddie Hall, finished 2nd at the BRDC 500 mile event in 1930. Amazingly, each model produced today will include a wood insert from the seat of the original 1930 No.9 race car. The centenary vehicle was an imposing green car that eventually became regarded as the legendary racing Bentley of the pre-war period.

Each Number 9 Edition will have exterior components that feature an eye-popping ‘9’ graphic in the grille as well as special badge work, paint, and wheels. Interior stylings are highlighted by an exclusively crafted dashboard and special ‘Blower’ subtleties for the door panels and seating. All 100 models will also include 18K gold plated organ stops inspired by the original No.9 ‘Blower,’ and ‘1 of 100’ treadplates.

Today’s Bentley Continental models continue to deliver a stunning appearance with every glance and turn. Park Place clients are encouraged to bespoke their own Bentley models or view inventory to find special commissioned models available for sale. Visit or contact a Bentley Sales Experience Manager for more details.

UNT Kuehne Speaker Series Welcomes Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

Left to right: Park Place Dealerships president Jordan Case; Morgan-Stanley financial advisor Drew Case; and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, keynote speaker at the UNT Kuehne Speaker Series.

During the Spring 2019 UNT Kuehne Speaker Series event, Jerry Jones shared his innovative business strategy for the Dallas Cowboys, and discussed his key to success: his willingness to take risks and challenge the status quo. He spoke about the vibrant partnership between UNT and the Dallas Cowboys, and inspired attendees with his bold goals for the future of the North Texas region.

The UNT Kuehne Speaker Series, sponsored by Park Place Lexus, was established in 2013 to provide a forum to engage conversation about topics of national and global relevance.

Jordan Case, president of Park Place Dealerships, is a 1980 UNT graduate and former quarterback (1978 – 1979). He established himself as one of the most accurate passers in school history with a 61.6 completion percentage and a 111.6 passing efficiency mark. He finished his North Texas career with 2,608 passing yards, and was inducted into the UNT Athletics Hall of Fame in 2001.

“We’re incredibly grateful to have a five-year Kuehne Speaker Series sponsorship pledge from Park Place Lexus, which helps ensure the sustainability and success of this cornerstone event,” said Dr. David Wolf, vice president of university advancement. “Jordan Case was a star quarterback during his time at UNT, and now he’s a star alumnus!”  


Park Place Lexus and BodyWerks Grapevine Earn Certified Collision Center of the Year

Park Place is dedicated to maintaining our manufacturer’s high standards of quality- from service, sales, and to collision and body shop repair. You may not know this, but Park Place actually has three collision repair centers around DFW, one of which is Grapevine, Texas.  Park Place BodyWerks offers only Original Manufacturer parts, putting their client’s safety and overall quality first.  

In this case, Park Place BodyWerks Technicians are also Lexus Master Certified Technicians- further training that our shops require of the technicians. They hold their certifications by attending Lexus training each year. Park Place BodyWerks is one of three certified Lexus Collision Centers in the DFW area. 

Lexus officially recognized Mark Waugh, Eric McKenzie, and the entire collision repair team at BodyWerks Grapevine for their continue innovations in the way they deliver industry leading customer service.  As a result of grit and a commitment to upholding not just Park Place, but also Lexus Standards, they are officially one of two body shops recognized in 2018 for Certified Collision Repair Center of the year. And let’s just say, the competition wasn’t easy by any means. 

Park Place BodyWerks Grapevine was measured by 12 KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) throughout the year. The competition was strong and numerous withe 32 Lexus Certified Collision Centers in the country. Mark Waugh, Body Shop Manager, comments further saying “They are all great Collision Centers, so often it comes down to a point or two every year.”  This year the winner was decided by CSI to which Park Place BodyWerks Grapevine held the crown.

Mark owes this great distinction, without hesitation, to his entire team:

“I have the greatest TEAM in the country!  They are dedicated to doing the right thing every time.  When we became certified three years ago and I told my team we had a mission: to win the trophy of “Lexus Certified Collision Shop Of The Year” in our first year. We came in second place the first two years.  We won it in our third year of being on the program and no one has done that so I am very excited for the Team and honored to hang that plaque on our wall.  We are working on a repeat this year!

Learn more about the BodyWerks Process and our Lexus Certified Collision Repair Centers by visiting

McLaren Dallas Deliver’s Million Dollar Senna

McLaren Dallas recently delivered a McLaren Senna valued at more than $1 million to long-time client Josh Snowhorn at a private reception at Park Place Premier Collection on Lemmon Avenue.

“I was born into cars,” says Snowhorn. “In 1970 my Dad picked me up from the hospital in an Aston-Martin DB5 Vantage – the James Bond car. My first car was a ‘bass boat blue’ Karmann Ghia with a white convertible top.”

Snowhorn is founder and Chief Strategy Officer of EdgeMicro, one of the most successful Edge Data Center companies in North America.

“My love of McLaren started when a friend of mine came to Dallas for a conference. I’d already been in his McLaren and had the lust for it. He said, ‘well let’s go down to the dealership,’ and he took me to McLaren Dallas. They let me have it for an hour test drive and I was ruined. I had to have it.”

The Senna is the most track-focused road car McLaren has ever built. It’s also the lightest. While it is street legal, it is “not sanitized to suit it,” according to McLaren’s website.

“I started with a 12C and went on and on. I bought lots of McLarens. The cars are amazing – that goes without saying. Other manufacturers also have great cars. But McLaren is family. From Tony Joseph, McLaren North America’s president, to the designers and engineers, the race team and the pit crew, they’re all approachable and accessible. I challenge you to find that with any other brand. That fabric is what makes McLaren so special.”

The Senna sports a mid-engine twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8, sending 789 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. That translates into a 0-to-60 time of 2.8 seconds… 100 mph in 5.1 seconds… but with an incredible aerodynamically designed down-force to keep the beautiful beast on the pavement.

“I own or have owned a McLaren 12C, 675LT, 570S GT4, and a 600LT. I now have my McLaren Senna (chassis #264) and will soon have a McLaren Senna GTR. My McLaren 570S GT4 (chassis #003, the first one ever in private hands,) is a legitimate racecar. But it’s forgiving to a gentleman driver like me. I’m no pro. I’m just a guy having fun with my friends.”

While Snowhorn lives in Austin, he’s quick to tell you McLaren Dallas is “his place.”

“This is my original dealer. Everyone here has always been so incredibly supportive. When I need something, it’s taken care of right away. It’s sort of an extension of the corporate McLaren family I mentioned earlier. McLaren Dallas is like home.”

From Left to Right: Heath Strayhan, General Manager of McLaren Dallas, Josh Snowhorn- McLaren Dallas Client, Tony Joseph- President of McLaren North America
From Left to Right: Heath Strayhan- General Manager of McLaren Dallas, Josh Snowhorn- McLaren Dallas Client, Tony Joseph- President of McLaren North America

Ken Schnitzer founded Park Place Dealerships in 1987 with a single Mercedes-Benz dealership on Oak Lawn. Today, Park Place employs more than 2,000 people and operates 16 full-service dealerships representing luxury brands including Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, McLaren and Maserati. For more info, visit


Adapting to Ever-Changing Consumer Expectations at Park Place Select

It’s Client-First at Park Place Select

Would you be surprised to hear that the consumer (client) experience is shifting? That it’s not only about how the product fills a need, but rather how the team that delivers the product, benefits and positively affects the day to day of a client? Think about it, whenever a negative experience is had- say you ordered a hot coffee and they handed it to you iced, and after asking for hot again, the barista still gave you an iced coffee- it’s not the product you’re frustrated with, but rather it’s the barista who wasn’t listening to your needs and wants that earns those sentiments.

This change in consumer expectations when being sold or serviced isn’t just present in commodity operations, but has shifted the world of automotive towards a human-centric approach which provides GREAT experiences and creates EXCEPTIONAL memories that accompany their new and pre-owned automobile.

Delivering a Positive Experience at Park Place Select

Whether it’s a new or pre-owned purchase/lease or a service visit, Park Place strives to provide our clients with exceptional experiences for each and every client. As of last year, the same mission applies to Park Place Select, our luxury automotive subscription service, where each one of our team members from our Director of Operations to our Concierges, are dedicated to creating memorable experiences every time they perform a flip, i.e. switching a client’s vehicle. Once a flip is requested, we are not simply delivering another car, but providing the Select Subscribers with a service that uniquely enhances their individual lifestyle based on their wants, needs, and of course, schedules. 

For Dorian Alves, a self-employed Park Place Select Subscriber, this program has taken the hassle out of vehicle maintenance, adding the luxury of convenience to his day to day.

Park Place Select has taken the hassle out of maintaining our vehicles which is such a convenience in addition to being able to drive current year or better luxury vehicles. We had family fly in from out of town and were able to have an SUV available the next day to pick up the crew from the airport.

The program works great for self-employed clients and subscribers who may enjoy a bit more variation in their daily routines because of the ability to quickly adapt your daily driver to fit an unexpected need or upcoming circumstance. I chose to become a member of Park Place Select because it’s the perfect program for someone like myself who gets tired of vehicles very easily and looks forward to changing constantly.

Consumer Feedback: A Must to Making Waves in DFW

Alves first heard about the program from his brother, who is also a Select Subscriber and fellow car enthusiast: “We are both car enthusiasts and enjoy the different beauty and performance that each car brings.”  So far, his favorite flips have been Mercedes-Benz or Porsche models, but he looks forward to experiencing AMG performance with the simple click of a button.  “I love driving anything AMG or supercharged! I’m hoping to get into a 911 or anything close to a supercar soon. 

Of course, no service is perfect, so when feedback is provided, it’s important that the Park Place Select team recognizes opportunities to further enhance the Select experience.  Alves noted that scheduling flips as of late has not been as easy as it was when the program first launched, a concern our team most certainly understands.

“Park Place Select Leadership is constantly looking for ways to improve the subscriber experience incrementally, which has resulted in the addition of new models and overall program expansion,” says Douglas Schnitzer, Director of Operations for Park Place Select.

After all, it’s great to be heard, but it’s even better to know that your feedback has been taken seriously and acted upon. Recently, the Select team introduced the Premier Tier, featuring Bentley, McLaren, Maserati, and the Mercedes-Benz G-Series.

Looking Forward: Recognizing the Shift in Expectations to Continue Making an Impact

The client experience is shifting, and, with products and services becoming more multi-faceted than ever, we at Park Place understand the importance of adapting our business in order to continue to provide our current clients the luxury experience they’ve come to expect from Park Place, and now Park Place Select.

We certainly look forward to making the Park Place Select Experience unforgettable by not only providing some the world’s finest vehicles at our clients’ finger tips, but by delivering personalized service, exciting new models, and authentic feedback opportunities that remain unparalleled in DFW. 

Learn more about Park Place Select, and about newest Tier addition by visiting


The Park Place Luxury and Supercar Showcase is Set to Return on September 28, 2019

IRVING, Texas (March 4, 2019) – The 3rd Annual Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase, Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier luxury lifestyle and automotive event, will return this fall to the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, September 28, 2019.

“The community has come out in force to support this event the last two years,” said Ken Schnitzer, Park Place Dealerships founder and chairman. “The third annual event will again showcase some of the most exotic and exciting vehicles that will please enthusiasts of all ages. What began three years ago as an engaging opportunity to celebrate our 30th anniversary has quickly turned into the foremost luxury lifestyle and automotive event in this region.”

Park Place Dealerships represents some of the most coveted brands in the world, including Rolls-Royce, Maserati, McLaren, Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Volvo, Land Rover, and Jaguar which will all be featured at the event.

In keeping with a true lifestyle event, Park Place will expand its fashion, food and retail offerings within the Porsche Pavilion. There will be music performances on the Lexus Live Stage and beverages at The Mercedes-Benz Beer Garden on the lush Four Seasons TPC Championship golf course.

Within the event will be a juried Collectors’ Concours, featuring a diverse selection of rare supercars, luxury, sports, vintage and classic cars from private collectors.  The motoring festival also will include a Car Club Expo powered by Park Up Front as well as the beloved Kid’s Zone. 

Iconic luxury shopping and dining destination, Highland Park Village, will present a runway show produced by Jan Strimple Productions for the second year. The fashion show will feature looks from prestigious brands presented exclusively in the climate-controlled pavilion on the resort grounds, with retail pop-ups for guests to shop the day of the event.

Dallas’ Mad Hatter Shane Walker will return to judge the 2019 Haute Hat Contest on The Million Air Stage with categories for stylish men and women. Guests are encouraged to pair a hat with their favorite resort-inspired ensemble.

Ranging from $25 – $50 for general admission and $100 for VIP All Access, which includes the VIP Lounge with complimentary food and beverages from dozens of the area’s finest restaurants, tickets are on sale at VIP Tickets are limited and have sold out the previous two years.

In 2018, the top Collectors’ Concours award winners were presented with the “Spirit of Park Place” hand-crafted sculpture by Dallas artist Brad Oldham:

  • Best of Show – 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB 6C
  • Chairman’s Choice Award – 1933 Rolls-Royce Phantom II
  • Salesmanship Club Award – 1980 BMW M1

A Thank You To Our Returning Sponsors

Returning partners include the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas, VIP Lounge Sponsors Allie Beth Allman & Associates – A Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate|URBAN, Captain’s Lounge Sponsor Celebrity Cruises, The City of Irving, Hill & Wilkinson, Hagerty, Event Architecture, AT&T Business, AVSD Productions, Digital 3 Printing, Fauxcades Décor, Brad Oldham Sculpture, D Magazine and NBC 5.

Restaurants featured in the VIP Lounge include The French Room, LAW, III Forks, Cool River, Chop House Burger, Dallas Fish Market, Wild Salsa, Oven and Cellar, Outlaw Tap Room, Kai, Toulouse, Whiskey Cake, Texas de Brazil, Princi Italia, CRU Wine and Food Bar, Pacific Table, Cork & Pig Tavern, Make Your Life Sweeter, and Carlton Provisions.

Additional sponsors include Lilium Florals, Perks & Provisions, Promo Resources, Sunnyland Furniture, RideCentric, iDesignMeetings, Marquee Event Rentals, Bachendorf’s, Jack Black, Maui Jim, Renegade Cigars, Tito’s Vodka, Peroni Beer, Waste Management, GL Seaman, Ratcliff Financial Services, Garages of Texas, Thermal Printing, and MarineMax Yachts.

Ken Schnitzer founded Park Place Dealerships in 1987 with a single Mercedes-Benz dealership on Oak Lawn. Today, Park Place Dealerships employs more than 2,000 people and operates 16 full-service dealerships in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston. For more info, visit


Lexus Earns Top Brand in J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study

To no surprise, Lexus has once again come out on top with it’s Safety and Dependability. Announced earlier this month, the luxury car brand earned the top spot in the J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study for the eight consecutive year.  The parent company’s namesake (Toyota) also took high honors, tying with Porsche for second place. 

This study is annually performed, to assess the dependability of some of the most common vehicles on the road. What you may not know is that this study evaluates vehicle’s that are three years old, so in reality, Lexus’ 2016 models  won this year’s accolade. 

That’s great news for all Lexus Lovers and consumers; as technology only improves every year, you can bet that if you’re sitting in a 2017, 2018, or 2019 model, you’re privy to its award winning dependability.  In individual categories, the ES model won compact premium car, while the GX won midsize premium SUV.

Learn more on our New, Certified, and Pre-Owned Lexus options on

Park Place Volvo Wins 2018 Excellence Award

Your local leader in Scandinavian luxury vehicles, Park Place Volvo continues to strive together for a personal commitment to excellence. The Park Place Volvo team’s efforts were recognized as a winner of the 2018 Volvo Excellence Award.

Park Place Volvo General Manager Donny Lambrecht and his team members were one of only 12 Volvo retailers to receive the award.

What is the Volvo Excellence Award?

Winners of the Volvo Excellence Award are a driving force for leadership and growth. The exclusive group of retailers are also vital contributors to the brand, business, and customer experience pillars that support evolving the Volvo journey.

Areas of focus for a retailer to qualify for the Volvo Excellence Award include: new car retail sales must meet or exceed the previous year sales numbers, year-end sales SSI and service CSI must meet or exceed the year-end national averages, training must meet sales, service, parts, and technical requirements in all four quarters.

Volvo Cars Global Record Setting Year

Volvo set a new global sales record in 2018 and experienced 20.6% Y-O-Y growth from the 12 month period of January – December 2018. The Swedish brand’s remarkable sales growth was supported by the increasing demand of SUVs, most notably Volvo’s best-selling model, XC60.

Park Place Volvo is grateful to receive the Volvo Excellence Award that symbolizes each member’s focus to having a personal commitment to excellence, taking responsibility for their actions, and doing things right the first time. This is the first Volvo Excellence Award for Park Place Volvo since 2015.

Thank you to our Dallas-Fort Worth Community for choosing Park Place Volvo as Your Place to build your Volvo relationship for years to come.  To all of our team members in the service department – from the Valets and Car Washers, in the sales department – from the Sales Managers to the Porters: Without your efforts, we would not be able to provide an excellent client experience each and every day.  

Check out what’s new at Park Place Volvo by visiting 

Garland Couple’s Leading Role Takes Them to Hollywood

Klembara’s “My Place” Story Earns Couple Trip to Academy Awards

In today’s rough-and-tumble world, it’s refreshing to meet a couple like Teresa and Gary Klembara of Garland. 

Married for 36 years, the magic between them remains palpable – twinkling eyes, gentle touches and warm banter speak to an enduring love story that rivals anything in the movies.

It’s easy to imagine the sparks flying when they first met at J.C. Penney – he as a senior manager and she a manager trainee. They dated off and on for seven years before they, as Teresa says, “came to our senses and got married.”

Gary transitioned into a successful career as an international IT businessman and, after opting to leave her own successful retail management career at JCP, Teresa joined him on the road whenever she could. She also kept busy with sports and civic activities – “Keeping the home fires burning,” she says brightly.

Teresa’s bubbly laughter comes easily and often, especially when her affectionate rescue pooch, Brody, jumps into her lap for yet another smooch and snuggle. Gary shakes his head indulgently and pats Brody. This is, indeed, one lovingly pampered pup who, not surprisingly, embodies the couple’s lifelong commitment to each other and others.

They have a long-standing date for dinner and a movie with friends. “There are several couples we’ve been friends with for the past 30 years,” explains Gary. “When we’re in town we get together for dinner and a movie every Saturday.” 

When asked about their favorite movie to win an Oscar this year, Gary favored “Bohemian Rhapsody” while Teresa leaned towards “A Star is Born.”

It’s not all butterflies and unicorns

Lest they sound entirely too Pollyanna-perfect, however, just watch Teresa at a Dallas Stars hockey game. (They’ve been season ticket holders for 24 years). Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that her otherwise ladylike demeanor gives way when the puck drops. “She’s hilarious to watch,” says Gary. 

Then there’s their latest shared musical obsession – the Chicago-based heavy metal band Disturbed. “Their version of ‘Sounds of Silence’ is haunting,” she says. 

“When they came to Dallas recently, we went to their concert,” adds Gary. “We probably looked a little out of place, but nobody seemed to mind.”

“See, we can be edgy, too!” Teresa quips. 

Edgy or staid, the secret to their relationship is commitment – the promise to put each other first. 

“We both tend to go with the flow,” says Gary. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to make the most of what it is or isn’t,” adds Teresa. They often complete each other’s thoughts.

Their latest opportunity – making the most of an out-of-the-blue invitation to attend the upcoming 91st Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, Feb. 24th in Hollywood. 

It’s an unlikely tale that not even a Hollywood scriptwriter could fashion. 

A throne fit for a furry king

The story actually goes back nearly 25 years ago, when Gary – an admitted car guy – checked out Lexus and, admiring the brand’s comfort, beauty and sense of security, bought a GS300. 

Several weeks later, it was Teresa’s first rescue dog, Lacey, who really sealed the deal with their second Lexus, an ES300, in what developed into a lasting relationship with Dallas-based Park Place Dealerships.

“I know how this sounds ,” she chuckles, “but Lacey traveled with me all the time and the car’s armrest wasn’t big enough for her to sit by me, so I had to say no.”  

Undaunted, their sales rep, Carl Keith, went to his home garage and fashioned a custom, leather-clad doggy perch. He called Teresa and showed her the homemade accessory. She welled up and bought the car “in three minutes flat.”

“I was blown away,” says Gary. That show of dedication from the dealership led to a relationship that continues to this day. In fact, Gary has acquired an astonishingly unbroken line of 18 Lexus vehicles from Park Place. 

“We want our clients to think of Park Place as ‘My Place,” explains Dave Evans, Park Place Dealerships Chief Marketing Officer. “Park Place team members are committed every day to create an ownership experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Our clients have fabulous stories about Park Place members who have gone above and beyond to make their experience memorable and we are sharing some of those stories through the “My Place” campaign starting with the Klembaras.”

The campaign kicks off locally during the Academy Awards show on Sunday, February 24. 

“We thought it only fitting that our stars, Teresa and Gary Klembara, should go to Hollywood and enjoy the Academy Award experience,” said Evans. “This is our way to say ‘thank you’ for their commitment to Park Place.”

So the burning question – what designer will they wear?

“Probably jeans and cowboy boots,” Gary grins.

“Texas chic!” Teresa pipes up. “We’ll represent Texas in all its glory. What do you think, Brody?”

Hearing his name, the rescue pup’s ears perk up and he answers with a lively bark. 

Meanwhile, Carl Keith, the Park Place Lexus sales manager, is happy to play “best supporting” role in this story.

Tune into the Academy awards and @parkplacetexas to learn more about the “My Place” story this weekend.

Park Place Jaguar Wins in 2018

Still known as one of the “newer kids” on the block, Park Place Jaguar Land Rover DFW’s General Manager Matt Woolsey, and all of his team members, have worked diligently to represent the true client-first philosophy from Park Place. Earlier this month, Jaguar recognized those efforts, with the store earning “Pride of Jaguar’ for the 2018/2019 year.


What is Pride of Jaguar?

Park Place’s previous location in Plano was no stranger to such accolades, which makes this win all the more exciting for the Grapevine based dealer. The Pride of Jaguar is awarded annually to 12 retailers, out of over 300 network dealers, who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence to the Jaguar brand.  The 12 dealers are chosen based off the merits of customer advocacy, sales, and after-sales success.

The Jaguar-Land Rover Dealer network managed a national increase in sales by 7% in 2018, and a 3.6% increase of Jaguar only.

Setting The PACE

Part of the success of the Jaguar brand included the release of the two PACE family models- the E-PACE and all-electric I-PACE. 

Park Place Jaguar DFW is honored to receive this award as a true testament to member dedication, grit in the midst of opening a new location, and to the people-first approach our team is continually striving to provide.

Thank you to our Grapevine Community for welcoming us, trusting us, and for choosing Jaguar Land Rover DFW as your place. Thank you to all of our team members, from Service Valets and Car Washers, to Sales Managers, and Assistant Service Directors etc., we couldn’t continue to improve our client experience without your continuous commitment to excellence.

Schedule your test drive or service appointment with our award winning team at