Patrick Long Shares 3 Professional Tips for Handling Your Porsche

Poised for the Track, Ready For the Road

“Driving events are a great way for people to feel the capability of their Porsche, no matter what they drive, you’ll see your daily commute isn’t as rough as you’d think.”

The prestige of the Porsche marque is legendary. Power performance and iconic body styles make these sports cars standout- on Dallas’ Interstate 35 and on the race track.  Professional race car driver Patrick Long is no stranger to the Marque, he began making a name for himself in 2003 as a Porsche Factory Driver. Since then his list of wins and accomplishments lends him to being somewhat of an expert on Porsche handling.

So whether you’re a true ‘track rat’ or simply someone who takes to cruising local highways, we thought imparting some of Patrick Long’s professional wisdom on the Porsche 911 could enhance your drive and help you (safely and responsibly) get the most of your Porsche experience.

Q1: Many driving tips we hear repeated like, ‘adjust your seat and mirrors’ or ‘look ahead’ that as adults we often consider as just for new drivers. Why is it actually important for anyone interested in performance driving?

Positioning in motorsport and in a daily routine, you know driving to work, are in a complete parallel

On the Track

“Positioning in motorsport and in a daily routine, you know driving to work, are in a complete parallel. Naturally, safety is number one, your protection and visibility out of the car are crucial.”

“Posture and stability in a racing seat is so key for us in surviving long hot days in a very stiff and harsh racecar. Hitting speeds close to 200mph force racing drivers to constantly be looking far ahead, as things happen fast on the track.”

On the Road

“Change that out for driving down the freeway or through a neighborhood and you’re rewarded by the same technique of awareness and visual scanning and seat position. My own preferences include sitting low so that I’m near the chassis, making sure my steering wheel hits at my wrist at the top of the wheel and I’ll have a slight bend in my leg in relation to my proximity to the pedals.”


Q2:  Let’s assume most people don’t take their 911 to a track day. They’re kind of missing out on seeing just how far they can push their car. For those using the 911 as a daily driver, what would you tell them about trusting the capability of the vehicle?

On the Track

“When we are fortunate enough to give customers rides on a racetrack with their street cars, it blows my mind how agile and efficient these cars are, they perform really well.”

“One thing I tell people about any Porsche is not only are they high performing, but the performance is on tap over and over. When we are fortunate enough to give customers rides on a racetrack with their street cars, it blows my mind how agile and efficient these cars are, they perform really well. I am not only referring to the 911.  A Porsche Panamera or Macan are staggeringly good.”

On the Road

“Porsche prides itself on the DNA of its racing heritage – light, low and well-ventilated means we can hustle Porsche product on the tracks, lap after lap, with consistency. Driving events are a great way for people to feel the capability of their Porsche, no matter what they drive, you’ll see your daily commute isn’t as rough as you’d think.”

Q3: Tires are always important. Why do tires correlate so closely to your car’s performance?

You are only as good as the four contact pads connecting to the car

“Tires are so key. You are only as good as the four contact pads connecting to the car. Imagine you have all the right clothes on, but your feet are frozen, burning or hurting as you walk through extreme weather. Everything matters a lot less than your feet at that point. It’s the same with cars; don’t think that a tire is black and round and the inexpensive or old and worn is as good as the fresh and proper tire for your car and weather conditions. ”

On the Track

In motorsport, we focus on compound and construction of hundreds of models of tires. It’s shed a ton of light on the temperature of the road and how your tire’s rubber responds and either works or really struggles. I will take the proper compound of a tire over fancy tread design any day. 

On the Road

“The age of your tires has a massive effect on how they perform as well, don’t think of it only in tread depth. There is a lot of reading on this subject, but I suggest consulting your dealer for input on whether you are on an ideal type of design and compound for where you live and what type of driving you do.  Most important, seek info on the age of the tires; they will be able to tell you right away based on the markings of the sidewalls.  This is especially important for seasonal usage or collector cars where mileage might have little factor into the need to replace your tires.”


Learn more about how to handle your Porsche from track to road:

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New Rules: McLaren Automotive Set to Unveil New Grand Tourer

Were rules meant to be broken? The automotive community will find out soon as McLaren reveals the new rules of Grand Touring beginning this May.

The new rules of McLaren Grand Touring will have its disguise unveiled, which will also launch the secret vehicle into the closing evaluation stages. The model has been battle-tested through hot and cold climates across thousands of miles worldwide. The Grand Touring has already proven to cover long distances in supreme comfort and will continue to run tests to further validate McLaren’s claims of endurance and power.

Mike Flewitt, McLaren Automotive CEO, promised that the McLaren of Grand Tourers will combine competition levels of performance from a twin-turbo V8 engine with continent-crossing capability and a level of agility never experienced before in the luxury Grand Tourer segment. The model also promises to be a unique, tailored model and the only Grand Tourer to share its DNA with a Hyper-GT.

This will be the fourth McLaren to be revealed under the company’s Track25 business plan. Under the Track25 strategy, 18 new models and derivatives will be launched by 2025. The goal is to have 6,000 mid-engined sportscars and supercars produced per year by the middle of next decade.

Track25 was updated back in July 2018 is a plan extension of Track22 that was first launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016. A clear roadmap for future vehicles, production, and technology will allow McLaren to set their foot as a major global force in the sportscar and supercar market.

The North American unveiling of the New McLaren GT will take place mid May in Dallas Texas. Stay tuned for more details and first impressions.

Range Rover SUV Experiment Continues with 2019 Velar

The phrase avant-garde is defined as new and unusual or experimental ideas. Following the first edition release last year, the 2019 Range Rover Velar returns with more in store, bringing avant-garde to your luxury SUV. While Range Rover conducts another amazing SUV experiment, here’s why the Velar should be tested by you.

Interactive Design

A full 12 months after receiving the World Car Design of the Year in 2018, the Range Rover Velar has continued to age gracefully. The 2019 Velar fills a gap between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport.

For those who prefer simplicity, drivers will enjoy the minimalist skills needed to operate engaging technology inside the front cabin. Two 10 inch, high-definition touchscreens are accessible to the driver and front passenger. The two vertical screens allow for navigation guidance to be visualized on the top screen, while audio is streamed on the bottom display.

The stylish SUV also provides a unique blend of compact mid-size swagger for those needing a vehicle for daily city driving or weekend off-roading.  The Sports Command Driving Position creates enough visibility for drives needing additional clarity while driving.

Capability Rules

If traveling is important to you, Range Rover’s All Wheel Drive (AWD) and Intelligent Drive Dynamics (IDD) systems are available as standard. The duo supports engine torque distribution that provides the essential power to perform under any situation. The torque is transferred to the front and rear wheels that also create the necessary traction in a variety of road and weather conditions.

The two systems together are specifically crafted for the Velar to handle low traction scenarios such as snowy and wet grassland climates, but also offer the best performing with high terrain driving.

Land Rover also patented Hill Descent Control (HDC) to assist a driver with controlled descents of difficult slopes. An Electronic Air Suspension also adds to the Velar’s stature by adjusting the height in preparation for uneven surfaces.

Powerful Performance

An 8-speed automatic transmission optimizes the gear, fuel efficiency and acceleration while one is behind the wheel. Three engines are available beginning with a 2.0L 4 cylinder that outputs 247HP and 269 lb-ft of torque. The two V6 supercharged engines both provide 332 lb-ft of torque and over 340 HP.

If you are in the market for a new SUV, the Velar is a versatile model that is available in multiple variations. To find which model fits your needs, visit the Range Rover Velar inventory available on or contact the Land Rover DFW dealership for more info at (844) 362-1094.

The Fine Art of Custom Configuration with Video Game Technology

Bespoke. Custom. Options. Specifications. Configurations. Whatever you want to call it, personalizing one’s auto during the vehicle purchase is the name of the modern ultra-luxury purchase experience.  Now enhanced with video game technology, McLaren Supercar Configurators put the power in the hands of the consumer, taking their model and making YOUR ideal supercar. 

McLaren has transformed what has previously been viewed as a “standard process” into an art form enhanced to be even more realistic for the singular production super cars.  From Speedtail Exclusivity and MARC Configuration, to the array of in-dealer options to experience, your McLaren could potentially be made up of everything you like. No Compromises. 

The McLaren 600LT Marc Configuration 

This real-time configurator takes video game technology to create “unprecedented levels of realism,” according to McLaren Automotive.  Like most ordered goods, sometimes visualizing what the end product will really look like is difficult. That’s, in part, why the in-dealership/in-person experience is still very much relevant to auto contenders. You have experts guiding you and top-technology showing you.

MARC stands for the McLaren Automotive Real-Time Configurator.  It helps customers for some of their most recent releases including the Senna and 600LT, visualize their vehicle in an almost-realistic way before delivery, ensuring they are 100% happy with their choices prior to ownership. MARC uses ultra photo-realistic detail and its a mark of McLaren’s digital pioneering spirit.

Though a measure of the clear technological success of the brand, MARC brought a couple of challenges with it. 

‘Usually in a computer game when you represent a surface you represent a reflection on that surface in one way, but with clear coated carbon fibre the light reflects off the carbon fibre layer differently to the clear coat layer, almost like two reflections,’  says Doug Wolff, Partner Technology Manager at Unreal Engine Enterprise.

A bespoke client can still begin the process online choosing from different specifications on any of the McLaren Line Up.  MARC then extends that level of detail from just paint color, wheel design, and trim to customizing your brake calipers, seatbelts, or a variation of a carbon fiber upgrade. Clients can see how they work together in amazing detail to ensure that their 1/1000 permutation is exactly what they envisioned for their supercar moment.

Speedtail Car Configurator

Road and Track recently were invited to take this specific configurator, only available to the 100 or so people who have purchased the new speedtail, for a spin.  We’ve linked their full review here, but in short, the experience is “what dreams are made of.”

So are you ready to configure your supercar? Contact McLaren Dallas to learn more about our current in-dealership configuration experiences.  

4 Reasons Why the New 2020 GLE is an SUV ‘Game Changer’

This year Mercedes-Benz has taken on a new level of luxury with game changing technology at class breaking price points. It began with release of the new A-Class with base models coming in around $32,500, and now it’s time to take that new innovative vigor to the world of SUVs. 

Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, states they are “committed to shaping a new era of mobility in which the focus is on the customer.” Introducing the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE, equipped with  MBUX Infotainment, elevated interior comfort, efficient performance, and an attractive exterior design. 

So here’s a short walk through, from our own Park Place Mercedes-Benz experts of 4 reasons why this SUV is worth a test drive.

1. GLE Exterior Re-Design

The GLE showcases its attractive new front fascia with striking front headlights with its ultra wide beam of the LED Intelligent Light System projecting the maximum light intensity. A terrific sight at night when leaving the office or dinner party.

As you walkaround the GLE, you will appreciate the dominant presence the mid-size SUV has from the side profile. Illuminated running boards and enhanced wheel options add fresh flavor to the GLE’s character. The rear LED taillights also had additional flare and supportive awareness for drivers.

2. MBUX Infotainment

As soon as one opens the door to a 2020 GLE, you’ll see the dramatic dashboard developments. Two 12.3 inch digital screens dominate the dashboard and invite users to engage with the widescreen technology. The instrumental cluster features two dials with informative Mercedes vehicle alerts and notifications.

The COMAND multimedia screen has now morphed into the MBUX infotainment screen that allows users to engage with a touchscreen monitor. Previous generation GLEs only allowed use of a COMAND controller or touchpad near the center console. Artificial intelligence also crafts the user experience as you can activated the voice recognition by saying, “Hey, Mercedes.”

3. Interior Comfort

A significant development for all occupants is the increase in the GLE’s wheelbase. An additional 3.1 inches have been added to the SUV as rear passengers earn significantly more legroom.

The front passengers are not ignored in the comfort arena thanks to an optional ENERGIZING Comfort system. With amazing blends of lighting, massages, and music available to passengers, one can set the mood on the drive to the gym by yourself or the drive to brunch with your date.

4. Efficient Performance

The 2020 GLE350 sports a new 2.0L Inline-4 cylinder turbo engine improving fuel efficiency and maintaining 255 HP in addition to the 273 lb-ft torque from the previous generation SUV line. Drivers will also enjoy a fluid 9-speed transmission that allows for quicker response times during a daily commute. To enjoy a 3.0L 6-cylinder engine, one would have to purchase a GLE450 that upgrades performance to 367 HP and 369 lb – ft torque.

If you have interest in upgrading from your current SUV model to a 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE, visit Park Place to view our current demos and stay tuned for more inventory.

The All-Electric I-PACE, the Newest Triple Threat in Jaguar’s Line-Up

Coming off the heels of a big win for the “European Car of the Year,” the Jaguar I-Pace secured another trio of top awards including the 2019 World Car of the Year, World Car Design of the Year, and World Green Car. 

Schedule a Test Drive with the Award Winning I-PACE

“It is an honour that the Jaguar I-PACE has received these three accolades from the prestigious World Car jurors. We started with an ideal, to move towards our Destination Zero vision; zero emissions, zero accidents and zero congestion. I-PACE is our first step to achieving this, and it was conceived when EVs were little more than a niche choice. “

Even though it’s 100 percent Electric, Jaguar made zero sacrifices and adhered to their brand narrative and aesthetic when entering the EV market.  Prof. DR. Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover, shares the enthusiasm as the winners were announced:

“So we started from a clean sheet of paper to create a new benchmark – the world’s best premium electric vehicle, and a true Jaguar driver’s car. For I-PACE to be awarded 2019 World Car of the Year, World Car Design of the Year and World Green Car gives our first all-electric vehicle the ultimate recognition it deserves. I would like to thank the team who have created I-PACE for their passion in making it so outstanding. “

Since its formal introduction, over 11,000 thousand clients across the globe have taken delivery of luxury’s first 100 percent electric machine.  The I-PACE is not just any electric vehicle, but rather a complete standout option in its segment.

Details In Design

Some of the small details that led to the success of the Jaguar I-PACE include:

  • spacious interior
  • 90kWh lithium-ion battery
  • up to a 292 mile range
  • fast charging for 0-80% in just 40 minutes (100kW DC)
  • 10 hours to full charge on a domestic wallbox (7Kw AC) – ideal for overnight charging aficionados. 
  • a smart pre-conditioning system to raise or lower the battery’s temperature to maximize total range.

These details have led to a total of 62 awards in just over 12 months. And the best part? There are 100% electric options at Park Place Jaguar Land Rover so you can experience the World Car of the Year first-hand.

Schedule a Visit and Test Drive

Park Place Reveals Mobile Pop Up for all New Automotive Experiences

Park Place Dealerships revealed its new mobile pop up at the 2019 DFW Auto Show this past March. The Mobile Experience Unit will be used across DFW at events throughout North Texas to bring the Park Place brand directly to the automotive enthusiast.

“The mobile pop up gives us the opportunity to expand the presence of our brand beyond the parameters of the dealership,” said Dave Evans, Chief Marketing Officer at Park Place Dealerships. “Experiences play a huge role with customers today and are the main drivers of customer engagement. We believe the mobile pop up allows us to engage with the consumer wherever we want to take it.”


During the DFW Auto Show, the pop up will be onsite to deliver an inclusionary experience for everyone who stops to visit the Park Place area. The mobile unit has already provided innovative experiences for clients at both the 2018 Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase and at the COTA track.

Park Place continues to be an innovator in the automotive space by developing unique offerings to expose current and potential clients to the brands. In the past year, Park Place introduced and expanded Park Place Select, an automotive subscription service.

“As a company, we must be in tune with where our clients spend their time and how they use their vehicles,” remarked Evans. “Our client’s transportation needs are as diverse as they are, and range from attending festivals and sporting events to shuttling friends and family to racing their cars, or simply enjoying life. We expect the mobile pop up will help us deliver an unparalleled, client-focused experience.”

Ken Schnitzer founded Park Place Dealerships in 1987 with a single Mercedes-Benz dealership on Oak Lawn. Today, Park Place Dealerships employs more than 2,000 people and operates 16 full-service dealerships representing luxury brands including Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, McLaren, and Maserati. For more info, visit


A Short History of Mercedes-AMG Prestige and Performance

The Mercedes- AMG Series is highly sought after, providing another breed of Mercedes-Benz performance to the market. Across the globe in Burgstall, Germany, the AMG was born in the year 1967 thanks to Hans-Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher. What began as a passion for motorsports and a mission to develop racing engines is now an exclusive offering for the iconic luxury manufacturer.

Park Place Motorcars is Certified AMG Elite Dealer. You can actually configure your AMG dream at Park Place Motorcars Dallas in our AMG Showroom.

A Short History of the AMG Series:

Upon first glance, you will most likely notice that the AMG series wears a different, sportier look, where it is clear that performance is the ultimate goal without even looking directly at its engine. In 1971, AMG first made headlines with the 300 SEL 6.8 AMG, finishing first in class and 2nd overall in a 24-hour race and quickly outgrew their Burgstall mill with a stark increase in customer requests for ‘high individualized, high performance’ vehicles.  The mid-1980’s brought the Hammer, which is a Mercedes-Benz 300E that topped out at nearly 190 mph and 375 lb-ft of torque. For the time, it was a sleek and powerful machine, making its mark in the automotive performance sphere.

It wasn’t until 90s, 20 plus years after its inception, that Daimler Benz and AMG signed an official agreement of cooperation. Fast forward to 2005, and AMG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler. In that same decade, the C36 AMG became the first Mercedes-Benz AMG model marketed in the United States.

AMG and Mercedes-Benz made continuous improvements over the next decade, introducing an engine developed wholly by AMG, releasing the Black Series with SLK55 and CLK63, the groundbreaking and most powerful C-Class (the C63) in 2007, and in 2010 creating an AMG, super sports icon, the SLS AMG with gullwing doors. Fast forward to 2015, and Motor Trend selected the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S as the 2015 Best Driver’s Car saying:

“It put all 503 of its horsepower to the ground like an all-wheel0-drive supercar and gripped the road through high-speed corners like a winged racer.”

The Present of AMG: Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S Edition 1

Announced in May 2018, Mercedes-AMG will offer a distinctive Edition 1 with an exclusive interior and exterior appointments for the 2019 model year.  The AMG Aerodynamics package for this exclusive Edition 1 includes a larger front splitter and integrated flics in the front bumper, and optimized diffuser and a fixed rear spoiler, which can be mechanically adjusted so the driver can adjust the driver characteristics to suit their individual preferences or specific circumstances.  

The Edition 1 is only available for the top-of-the-range AMG GT 63 S model, which sports the most powerful AMG engine to date, the AMG 4.0-liter V8 bi-turbo engine. The Edition 1 can reach a top speed of 195 mph and propel a vehicle from standing start to 60 mph in an estimated 3.1 seconds.

Other recent releases of AMG models include the new Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster, an extension of the Mercedes-AMG sports car portfolio. For a full history of Mercedes-AMG, click here.

 Park Place Motorcars, an AMG Certified Elite Performance Center

AMG Certified Elite Performance Centers allow clients to experience the thrill of the brand and we assure you the AMG Showroom isn’t your typical dealership experience. Park Place Motorcars is a certified AMG Elite Performance Center, where we can provide clients with a high-performance AMG experience.  Check out the video below and view our recent delivery of twin AMG GT Rs. Powered by a twin-turbo 4-liter V-8 that produces 577 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque, the rear-wheel-drive sports car accelerates from 0 – 60 mph in 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 198 mph. And it’s a real head turner.


Configure your AMG dream at Park Place Motorcars Dallas in our AMG Showroom.

“Practically Perfect”: McLaren 720S Spider Unveiled to Dallas Enthusiasts

Hosted by McLaren Dallas, Allie Beth Allman & Associates, and Bella Custom Homes, the soiree featured craft cocktails such as the McLaren Mule made with Reyka Vodka, Ginger beer and lime juice, and the 720S Spider Smashes created with Hendrick’s Gin, cucumber and basil. Guest also enjoyed celebratory bites by TK Culinary.

The McLaren 720S Spider was the guest of honor which Road & Track says the is “practically the perfect supercar.”

But it is clearly more than just a supercar. It is really a tale of two cars. Admittedly, it’s an incredibly fast supercar with phenomenal driver engagement. Slip it into “Sport” or “Track” mode, and hold on tight! But select “Comfort” mode and the 720S Spider transforms into a surprisingly comfortable daily driver.

“McLaren’s deployment of generous innovations like this should rattle rivals five times its age, such as Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini, and move the nine-year-old company in Woking, England, beyond its track-car roots,” proclaimed Bloomberg.

Starting at $306,000

Starting at $306,000, the 720S Spider shares the same twin-turbocharged 710-horsepower 4.0 Liter V-8 engine as its coupe predecessor. They also share the same seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. But while the retractable roof adds a little more than 100 pounds to the Spider, it can still match the coupe in rocketing from 0-to-60 mph in 2.8 seconds, harnessing 568 pound-feet of torque for a top speed of 212 mph (202 mph if the top is down.) McLaren clocked the Spider one-tenth of a second slower through the quarter-mile than the coupe. But you might just be willing to sacrifice the tenth of a second for the wow factor of a retractable hardtop that silently and smoothly opens or closes in only 11 seconds. For a few dollars more (okay, more like $10,000 more) you can even get an electrochromic glass roof that goes from clear to dark tint at the touch of a button.

MSO Operations

If cost is no barrier, McLaren Special Operations (MSO) bespoke division offers virtually unlimited customization. McLaren can create cars around an owner’s precise tastes and provide everything from bespoke customization options to building ultra-exclusive limited-edition or one-off models. The mission is to make what is already special into something truly unique to create the perfect McLaren for the owner.

McLaren Dallas, located at 5300 Lemmon Avenue, is part of the Park Place Premier Collection, which also includes Maserati Dallas, Bentley Dallas and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dallas.

Ken Schnitzer founded Park Place Dealerships in 1987 with a single Mercedes-Benz dealership on Oak Lawn. Today, Park Place Dealerships employs more than 2,000 people and operates 16 full-service dealerships representing luxury brands including Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Jaguar, Lotus, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, McLaren, and Maserati. For more info, visit





Volvo Cars Adds Additional Achievements to An Already Exceptional Resume

Following an all-time sales year plus worldwide honors in 2018, Volvo drives its momentum into 2019 with a strong sales start and continued recognition across media outlets.

Volvo’s all-new S60 luxury sedan and V60 luxury wagon as well as the XC40 luxury SUV have been named finalist for the esteemed, 2019 World Car Awards. The S60/V60 is a finalist in the World Car of the Year category. A 2019 victory would earn back-to-back titles for Volvo as the XC60 luxury SUV was crowned the 2018 World Car of the Year.

The XC40 is also in the running for World Car Design of the Year honors. Volvo’s XC40 continues its worldwide accolade tour as the small luxury SUV earned European Car of the Year in 2018.

Car and Driver also acknowledged the XC40 and four other models as Editor’s Choice award vehicles in 2019. After testing 500 cars from an assortment of makes and models, the XC90, XC60, XC40 SUVs, and V90 and V90 Cross Country wagons were recommended by Car and Driver editors.

Volvo’s XC90 was praised for its satisfying drive and proficient safety tech options. The XC60 was lauded for its fuel efficiency, the smooth Swedish design, trailblazing driver assistance. Interior design qualities of the XC40 were brought to the forefront as well as the SUVs ample cargo space and abundant tech features. The V90 wagon received kudos for the impressive interior, massive cargo space, and exquisite exterior styling. Finally, the cross country version of the V90 was admired for its luxurious design and enhanced practicality.

The Editor’s Choice awards honor vehicles that Car and Driver leaders would recommend to their family and friends based on inherent value, how well it fulfills its intended mission relative to its segment competitors, and how engaging it is from behind the wheel.

“For the experts at a place as trusted as Car and Driver to give five Volvo cars their Editor’s Choice award is a very big deal,” said Anders Gustafsson, Senior Vice President Americas and President and CEO Volvo Car USA. “Now anyone considering a new luxury car should absolutely look at a Volvo.”

Further praise came from AutoTrader who named the XC90 as a Must-Have Certified Pre-Owned Car. 2016 to 2018 model years qualified for the “Good as New: 10 Best Luxury CPO Cars for 2019” list. Each Certified Volvo must pass over 170 points during the certification process, have less than 80,000 miles, and feature a detailed CARFAX history report.

“When consumers choose a Certified by Volvo certified preowned vehicle, they can be confident they’re fully protected,” said Rick Bryant, vice president Sales Operations, Volvo Car USA. “It’s great that Autotrader has recognized the XC90 as a must-have car.”

Volvo has experienced an 11.3% growth in global sales during the first two months of the year, as the early increase Y-O-Y was led by the performance of the XC60, XC40, and the XC90. In addition to the SUV lineup’s output, the S60 became the first American built Volvo, which is manufactured in South Carolina.

Do you have interest in purchasing an award winning Volvo model? You can search to inquire about New or Certified Pre-Owned Volvo Cars.