Rolls-Royce Guys Night Out 2.0


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dallas once again teamed up with Dapper Magazine for “Guys Night Out.”  Our gents got rustic this year at The Rustic with our 2.0 version of the event which “premiered” the Wraith’s Inspired by Film’s enviable cast of bespoke features including the solid silver Spirit of Ecstasy.

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After test drives of the Rolls-Royce stable of vehicles, guests were greeted with Monkey Shoulder Whisky “Rusty Nails”, their choice of handcrafted lapel pin flowers (the latest rage), savory bites like Wild Boar Meatballs and Chorizo Empanadas, and live music.UBc_AVQw9KeIkG1Oy6VgAFP8-TTFGsV2GDjx5j7jwZU


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Once seated for dinner our Dapper Dudes dined on an elevated spring backyard barbeque dinner with each course being paired with a featured brew from Grapevine Craft Brewery.


Finally, guests were treated in The Dapper Den to a gifting lounge complete with shoe shine, cigars, chocolates, style selections, tasting of Hudson’s Baby Batch Bourbon and Whiskeys set to the pulse pounding music of Nashville’s Billy Dawson.

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Excitement is building at the prospect of a 3.0!