Rescue Cat Saved From The Grill Of A Lexus RX 350 Goes Viral

Over the holidays, a client of Park Place Lexus in Grapevine brought in their RX 350, but no one expected the little stow away kitty hiding in the grill.  It took some special expertise to get the little guy out, but eventually our team of Lexus Technicians were able to pull the cat to safety.  Mona, one of our Assistant Service Managers at the dealership adopted the little fur-ball and named the cat RC not after the new Lexus RC coupe, but instead for “Rescue Cat.”  RC is doing well now, healthy as can be and happy to have a warm home.  As for the owner of the RX 350, Park Place Lexus Grapevine covered all costs for repairing the car back to its original condition.

The excitement that this little kitten has brought to the area is a wonderful testament to our love of happy stories. Since news of RC’s rescue appeared on our Youtube channel, outlets from all over have joined in to share the story of this kitty’s unusual ride to finding it’s new home.

RC the Rescued Cat

This is not the first time Park Place Lexus Grapevine has been in a situation like this.  In the past, they have rescued other cats and even a red-tailed hawk from inside engine compartments which emphasizes the importance of taking precautions during the winter months.

Cats hiding in wheel wells, engine compartments, or anywhere else that might offer warmth is more common than most people think, so it is good idea to be a little more careful when the temperature drops.  A few suggestions are to check around your vehicle before you start the engine, bang on the hood or honk your horn to wake up any sleeping kitties, and most importantly wait a couple seconds before starting your car so any cats in danger have time to get out.

RC was very lucky, but the stories of cats hiding in engine compartments often don’t end up as happily so please be careful!

Fox 4 News came to the dealership to cover the story on RC’s rescue.  You can check it out here.