More Power And Room, Now That’s Smart

The 2016 smart fortwo has a new look and features galore.


Built entirely of aluminum, fortwo now sits on a chassis that’s 4” wider than its predecessor, offering a bit more room inside and extra storage space in the trunk panel.


For the first time, smart fortwo is being offered in a 5-speed manual transmission. Meanwhile, the automatic transmission was also overhauled to a 6-speed dual-clutch. The state-of-the-art turbocharged 3-cylinder engine is now standard on the vehicle.


Technological advances include features such as Crosswind Assist, to keep you in your lane on windy days.


The Crosswind Assist technology detects sudden strong gusts of wind and prevents the car from drifting out of its lane by targeted braking on one side of the vehicle.The feature is currently available on larger Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Der neue smart fortwo und forfour, 2014 The new smart fortwo and

Keep an eye out for the new 2016 smart fortwo, with new color combo options, this fall.