Member Spotlight: Park Place Porsche Dallas’ Service Director

Meet Jenny Drummond, Park Place Porsche Dallas’ Service Director and Valued Member of the Park Place Family.

The first thing you might notice about Jenny Drummond, Porsche Dallas Service Director, is her ethereal calm. It’s a reassuring quality to have when discussing intricate service issues on the exotic German brand.

The second thing you’ll notice – her thorough expertise. A client needs to replace his worn-out manual clutch. She explains what’s involved, then suggests replacing the IMS bearings too, as long as the assembly’s already open.

If you’re a Porsche person, you already know that her suggestion makes great sense. She’s also a natural when talking about the benefits of N-rated tires and why brake squeal isn’t a big deal.

“I’ve been around these cars for a long time,” she smiles gently. “You learn.”

Jenny comes by her technical prowess naturally. The Dallas native grew up in nearby Waxahachie and from an early age, eagerly pitched in on home repairs with her dad, as well as hunting, fishing and skeet shooting. “I liked working with him and developed an affinity for activities like that. Even today, I’m the one who’s hanging flat-screen TVs and tearing out drywall around the house.”

She laughs, but her husband Joe surely appreciates such a handy partner. (They were high-school sweethearts, married in 1991 and have three children.)

And that leads us to one more thing to notice about Jenny. In her own quiet way, she enjoys demolishing stereotypes.

“There’s a big misconception about dealerships,” says the 19-year Park Place veteran. “People think the hours are terrible, that we live bell to bell, but we don’t, of course. Management knows that family is more important than anything. We do our best to ensure a good work-life balance.”

She also believes that a related misconception – “Automotive is a man’s game” – means that women are missing out on industry opportunities. To change that, she’s a founding member of the “Women in Automotive Council,” an internal group that organizes community events and activities to promote greater career awareness.

“It’s not just sales and service, although those are good fields, too,” she says. “The automotive field presents women with wonderful opportunities across the board to build a rewarding career doing something you like. The old stereotypes are long gone.”

“When I first started in the business, a co-worker told me that if I didn’t plan on doing this for the rest of my life, I’d better get out now,” she laughs. “I’ve been here ever since and haven’t looked back once!”

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