High Performance People at Park Place Jaguar- April 2017

Park Place Dealership’s commitment to provide client service excellence is not just a “catch phrase”…it is a pledge to deliver extraordinary ownership experiences to each and everyone one of our clients.  To consistently uphold a standard as high as ours is no easy task- but, Park Place is proud to have a team full of high performance people who go above and beyond to provide our clients with an authentic and unmatched client experience- 100% of the time.

Brad Pyatt, Sales Experience Manager, is our High Performance Member of Month for Park Place Jaguar Plano– because of his commitment to excellence day in and day out- for the past 15 years!

pp_jag_plano_brad_pyatt-4_480x720_72_RGBBrad’s exceptional service stems from his long journey to Park Place. Deeming himself an Army Brat, Brad moved around quite a lot when he was young, specifically every 10 months until he was 11 years old. His client first mentality began developing at a young age, thanks to his Grandpa, his role model, who was an old school county dentist. He taught Brad key things like patience, understanding, that there is more to life than material gains, and most importantly how to love his wife.

“He [My Grandfather] and my Grandmother were married in 1946 after having known each other for less than 6 months. At the time of his death at 94, they were married for 68 years…what an example” 

After graduating high school, he attended Texas Tech, in Lubbock, to pursue a degree in marketing and management. Opportunity came knocking after graduation, and he moved to Dallas, and eventually made his way to Park Place after reading an AD in the Sunday paper (that’s right, the newspaper). He officially joined the Park Place team in 2002, and he has been thriving in the every-changing atmosphere that accompanies automotive sales. He emphasizes why this role at Park Place is a perfect fit for him because, “In sales, every day is different and growing up as I did I don’t really care for the same old thing over and over again.  How boring is that?”

Some additional fun Facts about Your Park Place Jaguar High Performance Member of the Month include:

  • Personal Mantras: “There’s no harm in not knowing the answer” & “Sometimes it’s OK if we don’t have a plan…we can wing it”
  • In his free time he takes his Jeep Wrangler on Jeep Jamboree and other off-roading trips and boating on Lake Hubbard

Taking his grandfather’s life lessons to heart, Brad says that he doesn’t do anything “crazy” to provide a unique experience to all of his Park Place clients, rather he just wants to keep his client’s at ease and make the experience an enjoyable one by keeping treating people right and keeping his clients laughing.

“I just treat people right, don’t sound like a “car salesman”, don’t use sales people jargon but most important…just have fun.  I like to keep my clients laughing and make friends.”

So why has Park Place been Brad’s Place for the last 15 years?

Authenticity, genuine relationships, and great leadership: “Park Place is my family away from home.  I spend more time here than anywhere else but it doesn’t feel like work.  We have a great atmosphere at Jaguar that starts at the top with Cuzzo.  He is a great guy.  He’s fair, he’s reasonable, and he’s approachable.  What more could you ask for in a leader?”

So if you’re looking for a  unique experience driven by you that’s delivered by a high performance team of experts in excellence, give Brad Pyatt of Park Place Jaguar Plano a call- he’d be more than happy to make Park Place, Your Place.