Passion: The Next Addition to the My Park Place Story

“I was ruined. I had to have it.”

Earlier this year,  Park Place made a splash delivering a McLaren Senna (valued at over $1 million) to Josh Snowhorn, long-time McLaren advocate and member of the Park Place family. But his story extends far past this one delivery, and in fact, the brand-new Senna is not a culmination point- but rather, another exceptional pit-stop on his automotive journey.

It all began when Josh was born- literally. “I was born into cars,” says Snowhorn. “In 1970 my Dad picked me up from the hospital in an Aston-Martin DB5 Vantage – the James Bond car. My first car was a ‘bass boat blue’ Karmann Ghia with a white convertible top.”

After that “good first car”, his McLaren legacy began with a friend who was visiting Dallas for a conference. “I had already been in his car and had that lust for it. He said let’s go down to the dealership and take a test drive.” Sure enough, after his test drive he was hooked- or rather, ruined, and he bought his first 12C.

Josh’s unique story continues- looking for the latest and greatest from McLaren to take to the COTA (Circuit of the Americas) track, and experience the McLaren brand the way it was intended: with passion and excitement- on the road and on the track. So what’s the next chapter in this supercar saga? I guess we’ll have to stay tuned for more high-performance adventures to come.

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