2016 Jaguar XF Review

The stunning new Jaguar XF sedan has been redesigned and is a prime example of Jaguar’s mission to create vehicles which combine superlative road manners with confident handling and eye-catching design. The XF is a motorcar that blends sportiness with premium sedan comfort, all built-in to an elegant and vibrant design. A suite of innovative technology shares a host of information letting the driver know what’s going on inside and around the XF for a heightened and safer driving experience. Let’s take a closer look at the rest of this beautiful new entry from a manufacturer renowned for its elegant and sensual designs. The redesign begins in the front of the XF with a more upright grill that supports the same mesh pattern as the F-type, Jaguar’s superlative sports car. The sculpted hood contains deeper lines creating a V-shape look that’s capped by a very amplified center. The headlights are flushed to the bumper for greater aerodynamics and visual aesthetics.

The 2016 model year offers two supercharged V6 engines, one with 340-hp and one revved up version which boasts 380-hp. Both are also available for either RWD or AWD. Everything from the front suspension to the front of the rear seat uses a lightweight aluminum which makes up 75% of the XF. The extensive use of aluminum improves body stiffness by 28% to take handling to even higher levels. The increased rigidity is quite noticeable on the road and creates a very confident feel. A new suite of standard and optional advanced technologies support the driver and enrich the XF’s road manners for the driver as well as everyone else inside. Another F-type inspired feature are the tail lamps of the XF, which feature dual crescent lighting and a thin LED stoplight across the top of the rear window. Every feature on the body has been engineered to limit drag at higher speeds to maximize aerodynamic and efficiency. From the inside out the XF is filled with luxuries, amenities and space.

The 2016 XF reflects the best of previous models but it adds greater sophistication as it offers enhanced efficiency, comfort, space and technology. To see the contemporary craftsmanship and intelligent engineering please visit Park Place Jaguar Plano. Or visit us online at parkplace.com. Click here to view our XF inventory.