2016 smart Car Review

Built with the ultimate respect for our earth, smart cars are the zenith of fun relaxed driving. Parking, turning, driving, all couldn’t be more enjoyable as you can hop into any park space with ease. With the tightest turning circle in the industry, smart cars can make city driving a snap. The cabin, front and rear are all wider with increased spaciousness resulting in a more modern, suave looking smart car. Four inches wider than previous models, the driver and passenger have more hip and shoulder room than ever. The passenger seat folds forward almost flat to create extra storage space. The smart car comes with 100-lb feet of torque and a 5-speed manual transmission that sits in┬áthe rear to optimize the car’s compact design. With a smart car, you can go far, averaging 32 mpg in the city and over 39 mpg on the highway for a combined average of 36 mpg.

The rear of the smart car has a split tailgate for effortless loading and unloading. The cargo and rear storage area is actually rather impressive and boasts space that can hold over 6 carry-on sized suitcases. For more stowing area and space, the passenger seat can be pushed down to 90 degrees. With the seat down you can transport items up to 5 feet long. Inside the spacious cabin area, you are provided with tons of options for your listening and entertainment pleasure with AM/FM radio, CD player, USB and AUX inputs to connect your smartphone or other device to play your music. smart car’s shell protects everyone inside as it acts similar to that of the shell of a walnut. The tough shell contains 8 airbags within it to protect both the driver and the passenger. The in-lock braking system make sure the wheels retain traction on the road to prevent them from locking up or skidding. When parked on a hill or steep road, hill start assist makes sure the car does not roll away. All vehicles also have crosswind assist, a huge benefit for a vehicle of that size. For a car so small on the outside, it really has a good amount of space on the inside and it is apparent the engineers really focused on maximizing that interior space.

smart’s substantial makeover delivers more of everything- more room, more agility, more options, more entertainment, more safety and a lot more fun. You can experience one of these fuel sippers at one of our two DFW locations, smart Center Dallas or smart Center Fort Worth. Or visit us online at parkplace.com. Click here to view our smart inventory.