Bekim’s Sweet First Birthday at Porsche Grapevine

The Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase Mini-Macan Winners Receive Luxury Delivery Experience at Porsche Grapevine.

Guests of the 2nd Annual Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase had the opportunity to win a miniature battery-powered car all for themselves (or at least for their aficionados in the making).  Entering was simple (post a photo of the little ones enjoying the Kiddie Concours), and it was clear that guests were well aware of the stakes- snapping photos left and right for the opportunity to win hearts on social media and hopefully, a brand new Mini Porsche Macan.

That was at least the story for Xavier and Janet, and their almost one-year-old, Bekim, who has quite the head start in sharing in his parents’ love of exotic cars:

“We found out about the [Mini Macan] contest through the Park Place Instagram page. This seemed like a very unique and inclusive contest for our little one so, we decided to make it a point to visit, while at the showcase.”

When asked if the weather forecast almost deterred them from coming, Xavier and Janet shared that they just planned their day to arrive at the tail-end of the last round of forecasted showers so they could enjoy the outdoor experience, noting that “This is one of those events that you have to experience firsthand, vs trying to explain with pictures. Under the same weather circumstances, we would absolutely go again.”

By random drawing, Bekim’s entry (see below) in the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon won the ultimate prize just in time for his very first birthday. 

Given the special circumstances, our Porsche Grapevine team didn’t hesitate to invite Bekim, his older brother Elijah, and his parents, to the dealership for a luxury delivery experience sure to create lasting family memories.

Poised next to a couple other life-size Porsche’s ready to meet their owners, Denette Norlie, Service Director, set up the Mini Macan with a few extra surprises for the two boys.  After all, Park Place is their place too.

“Our experience at the Porsche dealership was absolutely wonderful! The amount of people that took the time out of their workday to help make this a special day for Bekim and to include his older brother, Elijah, is truly amazing! It really meant a lot to us all.” 

Not every one year old can say they receive a Porsche Macan for their 1st birthday, but we certainly hope the memories created last long after Bekim outgrows his first car.

“The Mini Macan might be a little tough to top for a 1st car. For Bekim’s 16th birthday, we aren’t quite sure what his first car will be. However, things will probably come full circle and his first actual car WILL be from Park Place.” – Xavier, Bekim’s Dad.