Captivate Through Illumination with the Lexus Concept LF-C2 Convertible

The LF-C2 Concept Convertible commands the attention of light itself.  Perception is transformed and senses are heightened as light intimately interacts with every angle, and every line.

The LF-C2 Grand Touring concept made its global debut at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto showing the Lexus Brand’s future, bolder styling direction and personifying the brand’s passion for driving.  The LF-C2 concept involves a highly styled 2+2 roadster layout, derived from a timeless sports coupe idea. The open air concept provides the ultimate sports coupe performance experience to passengers at  every twist and turn on their journey.

A Striking Luxury Concept

The exterior was influenced by the way various surfaces, edges, planes, and curves interact with different kinds of light.  Shape, light, and an extensive layered paint process all assist the LF-C2 exude a different character at different angles and changing lighting conditions. The result? A progressive and striking interpretation of an open air luxury concept.

LF-C2 Lexus Concept Front View   LF-C2 Convertible Top View

*Concept Vehicle Shown

The brilliant, golden yellow is the result of a  multi-layer process. It  begins with a primer, followed by a coat of silver, a clear coat, and the brilliant yellow that reflects off the silver layer to give the brilliant.  A top coat is then finally applied to ensure that when the LF-C2 is put in the right light, people will see luxury automotive in a way they have never before.

The LF-C2’s grille features a refined braided mesh theme which exemplifies Lexus’ high level of craftsmanship. The grille’s appearance changes when viewed from different angles and lighting conditions. Lexus signature Triangle-shaped LED headlights and stylish indicator lamps sit on the outside of the grille. The character line flows from the indicator lamps through the car’s arrow shaped body, ending at the abbreviated rear deck.

Inside the LF-C2 concept, the occupants are treated to a luxurious and spacious cabin that harmoniously matches the sporty elegance of the exterior. The console extends the length of the cabin towards the dashboard. The dashboard design is one of functional simplicity. It contains a stylish instrument cluster, central video monitor, and a classically styled analog clock placed between the central air vents.

Lexus LF-C2 Concpet Interior

*Concept Vehicle Shown

This is a driver’s car; emphasized with a thick leather wrapped steering wheel and form fitting seats. The Lexus LF-C2 Concept is a vision of balance between power and simplicity. It harmonizes with the passenger’s primary senses, resulting in an eye-catching roadster blended with signature Lexus luxury.

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