My Mercedes-Benz Saved My Life

Park Place Motorcars Fort Worth Mercedes-Benz E-300
 helps local woman avoid catastrophe on US-75

“My car saved my life!” exclaimed Pamela Haney. “On the afternoon of Monday, July 9th, I was entering Central Expressway at Lovers Lane via the entrance ramp. The speed limit on US-75 is 70 mph, so I was accelerating when the car in front of me suddenly peels off, revealing a flatbed tow truck stranded on the entrance ramp.”

Ms. Haney’s 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-300 is equipped with automatic braking and evasive steering assist to avoid or mitigate a crash. This safety feature in Mercedes-Benz has been bundled with forward-collision warning for a while, but the newer E-class models initiate braking earlier when the system detects an evasive maneuver is not practical.

“I didn’t even have time to react,” continued Haney, owner of Productivity Solutions, a North Texas paralegal services company. “I instinctively braced for impact as I saw the flatbed was going to come right through my windshield. My E-300 stopped the car for me! It didn’t skid. It didn’t waver or shimmy. It just stopped on a dime! I sat there for a minute stunned with the steel bed just inches from my face. I looked up and the guys in the tow truck were looking back with their mouths open. I’m sure they thought I was a goner! In all seriousness, had I not been in this car, I probably would be dead.”

The Pre-Safe Protection System offers Supplemental Brake Assist Plus and Pre-Safe Brake with Pedestrian Recognition. A stereo camera and a series of long, medium and short-range radars monitors the area in front of the vehicle. The information is processed in a control unit to provide supplemental or autonomous braking to prevent collisions. Haney has been a Park Place client for more than 10 years. She raves about the consistent level of professionalism at the Fort Worth dealership. “I’ve never felt pressured,” she said. “I always feel safe and secure.”

“I am thankful Mercedes-Benz is an industry leader in safety features and our team of technicians are experts in keeping every vehicle in prime condition,” said Park Place Motorcars Fort Worth General Manager George Johnson. “I shared Pamela’s story with our whole team because they can be proud of the brand and dealership they represent.”

“You better believe I’m not ambivalent any more about the technology in my car,” gushed Haney. “I love, love, love my car! I’m a loyal Mercedes-Benz customer for life. And there’s no dissuading me from keeping my business at Park Place!”

Park Place Motorcars Fort Worth is located at 5601 Bryant Irvin Road, just south of I-20 and west of the Chisholm Trail Parkway.

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