Improved Performance: Porsche Macan Launches with New V6 Engine

Officially launched in Shanghai, the new Macan represents the addition of power to Porsche’s range of compact SUVs thanks to its new three-liter V6 turbocharged petrol engine with a gasoline particulate filter.

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The new Macan engine delivers 260 kW, an increase of 10 kW when compared to the previous model. In addition to a new engine design, the new Macan S will feature all the product innovations as of late, including the rear, LED light bar and a fully networked Porsche Communication Management system.

New V6 Engine with Central Layout

The central turbo layout means the turbocharger is located in the inner V, which results in short exhaust gas paths between combustion chambers and the turbocharger. In short, this layout ensures immediate responsiveness for a more powerful performance.

The new twin turbocharger provides the Macan with high torque (ability to accelerate) at low engine speeds. The further-developed combustion chamber geometry with a central injector promotes efficient fuel mixture preparation. In addition to the increase in the power output per liter, from 113 to 118 PS, the emissions have also been reduced.

Newly tuned chassis for enhanced balance

New light alloy design is more rigid and reduces unsprung mass, making the steering on the Macan more precise and improving ride comfort. Newly tuned sway bars also ensure more neutral handling. As before, the Porsche Active Stability Management (PASM) active damper control system, height-adjustable air suspension with optimized rolling pistons and new shock absorber hydraulics and Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus) are optionally available to improve the model’s driving dynamics and handling even further.

Enhanced Brakes for an Enhanced Drive

The Macan S includes updates for a smoother, more precise handling experience and faster acceleration, but engineers also took it a step further to improve the brake pedal design. The new pedal weighs 300g less than the previous component and uses a shortened lever arm to act on the brake master cylinder. Similar to a more immediate acceleration due to the central engine layout, the new brake pedal provides a more immediate response when the driver presses the pedal. In addition, the new pedal design ensures the driver can feel the firm connection when pressing down, adding more natural peace of mind.

New Macan Options

The optional GT sports steering wheel, typically found in the 911, reaffirms the sporty interior design of the new Macan S. Nuances of the original Sport Chrono Package are integrated into the steering wheel, including mode switch and the sport response button. Other options include Traffic Jam Assist, a heated windshield, and an ionizer which can improve the quality of the air inside the vehicle.


Stay tuned to Park Place Porsche and Porsche Grapevine for more info this coming year on the New Macan.