School is Back in Session for the 2017 Teachers of the Year

Yet another summer of luxury has come to a close, and class is back in session for a new academic year.  Park Place Dealerships is dedicated to organizational excellence, and in an effort to support our exceptional community of educators who are dedicated to a promoting excellence in the classroom, Park Place awards area winners of the annual “Teacher of the Year” with the opportunity to drive a Park Place vehicle during their summer vacations away from the classroom.

For years, we have shown our appreciation for teachers and their dedication to their students in the Carroll, Allen, Grapevine-Colleyville, Plano and most recently Mansfield school districts. This year, Park Place was gifted with the opportunity to speak with the very enthusiastic and engaged winners of the 2017 Teacher of the year award.

Rhonda Selph, Jon McCormick, Kevin Moore, and Cody McGregor were just four of the winners of a summer spent in Park Place style- and they were not the least bit shy when it came to sharing their experience with Lexus, Mercedes, and Park Place.  With a combined well over 30 years of teaching experience, each educator was more than deserving of an exceptional summer vacation.

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Rhonda Selph already misses her vehicle- comparing her time in a new 2017 Lexus to that of her trusty Silver Bullet: “I did enjoy experience features on it [her Lexus] that my ‘Silver Bullet’ doesn’t have. Truly, I miss the heated/AC seats.” See our “When You Drive a Lexus” blog post for a complete overview of her summer in Lexus.

Rhonda Selph, Teacher of the Year

Kevin Moore shared the sentiment about his IS experience: “I am most impressed with the handling, safety, and comfort features. The turn radius is great and the backup camera is better than most. The lines keep you focused on what you need to focus on.”

KevinMoore Teacher of hte Year

He closes out his experience saying, “The seats are amazing. I feel like they conform to my back, and the ventilated seats are something that I’ve never had before and I don’t know if I will ever again be able to live without – especially in a Dallas summer. If you can’t tell, I love the IS!”

We look forward to continuing our support of the Teacher of the Year program, especially through our new exclusive partnership with Mansfield ISD.  This time, two teachers will earn the opportunity to sport a luxury, Park Place vehicle for an entire year.

Thank you to our teachers, and good luck as they enter a new academic year of striving for educational excellence .