Porsche Oil Changes: Three Things To Know Before You Go

Receiving an oil change at a manufacturer certified service center has key advantages to maintaining your high-performance vehicle. While cost and service time are increased, we provide first-class quality, expertise, and additional services that clearly distinguish our premier level service experiences from a typical “oil change” job at a quick lube establishment.  At Park Place Porsche, we employ certified technicians who perform the routine services, such as your oil change, to ensure the entire process is completed to meet both manufacturer and Park Place standards of quality. For more info read a similar blog on things to know before Your Park Place oil change experience.

Here are three things our highly trained team of Porsche experts want you to know before booking your Porsche’s next oil change:

  1. At Park Place Porsche, we use the same oil as the Manufacturer does in the factory.

Mobil One Synthetic (factory filled oil) is the same oil the Porsche factory uses from day one. New Porsche models only require changing once a year or every 10,000 miles (older models require a change every 7.500 miles) so a quality oil is a must.  Bottom line, this is the best oil for your Porsche.

2. A Porsche “Oil Change” service can take about 90 minutes to complete before the wash or any additional administrative time for the advisor.

Porsche’s have a large oil capacity- up to 10 quarts on some engines. The old oil must be completely drained from the vehicle. To do this, our technicians must heat the engine up to operating temperature to thin out the oil and allow it to then drain for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Additionally, your vehicle’s fluid levels and fault memory are read out and the team performs a 27 point inspection.  The next 20 minutes are spent filling the engine with oil to capacity. To do this the engine is brought up to operating temperature and filled with new room temperature oil.  Our technicians check the oil levels with a computer because the majority of new Porsche models do not have dipsticks (older may have a dipstick present)- a process that takes three minutes and is repeated until the engine registers full.

After the entire oil change process is completed, the Porsche technician usually spends 90 minutes with the car during the actual service. Reference the video below to understand exactly all that goes into an oil change from our Dallas Service Manager, Mark. 

3. You receive more than an “oil change” when choosing to service with the certified dealership.

The term oil change has been used frequently in conjunction with quick lube establishments promising quick service and low cost. The dealership provides more value to the client’s experience by including car washes, loan cars, resetting computers, Porsche trained technicians, warranty repairs, a beautiful facility, and a client lounge for those who wish to wait for their service to be completed. Therefore, a Porsche dealership experience cannot be compared with a quick service only facility with the factors of time or money.



For a once a year service, the cost and time related to an “oil change” experience at Park Place Porsche is more than worth it.   If it’s your dream to own a Porsche, then protecting your investment is too important to our team to simply offer a quick drain and fill service.  Have any questions or would like to start your next service booking? Visit us at ParkPlace.com/Service-Appointments