2013 Porsche Panamera: Function With Performance to Boot

Experts at Car and Driver Magazine describe 2013 Porsche Panamera performance like a land-based rocket ship. Designed as a sporty upgrade to the 2011 Panamera 4S model, these vehicles are perfect for consumers seeking form and function while driving. Seven distinct styles allow customers to create truly unique pieces of machinery.

2013 Porsche Panamera Exterior

Porsche designed Panamera vehicles with speed and excitement in mind. The  “Panamera” name originated from a Mexican sports car race that also provided inspiration for another Porsche model, the Carrera. It debuted to consumer markets back in 2009.  The vehicles offer a sleek alternative to similar luxury models with features frequently seen on Maseratis and Aston Martins.


General Overview
2013 Panamera models offer maximum comfort for long-distance travel. The design remains true to its original hatchback design with a four-door body style. Current Panamera models wowed spectators at the Los Angeles Auto Show while North American critics initially approached the cars with hesitation due to hybrid body styling.

Vehicle Trims
Six cylinder Panameras include basic rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models. Eight cylinder sedan (S) models come with rear or all-wheel drive. Grand turismo (GTS), turbo and turbo sedan (TS) units equipped with eight cylinder engines are also available. Standard features vary by trim, customers should consult with Porsche representatives to ensure that a particular model fits their needs.

18-inch summer tires with 0.2-inch rear-tire spacers enhance overall aesthetics and offer increased vehicle maneuverability. Strategically placed front-end intakes facilitate peak engine performance by continuously delivering fresh air during vehicle operation. Six-cylinder, 300 horsepower engines take vehicles go from 0 to 60 miles per hour (mph) in approximately six seconds. Top speeds clock in at 160 mph.

Dual clutch, seven-speed transmissions offer quick acceleration and improved fuel economy. An automatic stop-start feature reduces idle times for reduced fuel consumption. Active suspension management (PASM) and stability management (PSM) are two standard features that provide maximum control on uneven surfaces. Panamera vehicles are part of a selective group that utilizes electronic parking brakes. Drivers simply push a button to engage the feature.

Safety Features
Panamera vehicles offer an extensive array of safety features. All vehicle doors provide impact protection. Airbag systems include dual front, knee, side and curtain units for the car’s ceiling and window spaces. Rollover detection deploys specific airbags in the event of an emergency.

The official Porsche website indicates 2013 Panamera vehicle exteriors consist of an efficient steel and aluminum mix to reduce overall body weight. Standing approximately 55.8 inches tall, 2013 models are 0.4 inches shorter than previous models for minimal wind drag. Standard vehicle color selections include Black and White. Custom paint colors are available for an additional fee.

Porsche took extreme care in surrounding vehicle occupants with subtle luxuries. Partial leather seats envelop occupants in sumptuous comfort without the potential for wear and tear that accompanies traditional leather fittings. The feature is perfect for younger families who want a vehicle they can enjoy without hesitation. Multiple compartments including a cooled glove box provide ample storage space for smaller items. Panamera vehicles have four 12-volt electrical outlets.

Heat insulated glass helps vehicles maintain constant temperatures. Charcoal filters aide in alleviating seasonal allergy symptoms while operating conditioning and heating system systems. Two particularly driver-friendly features include power steering and rear ParkAssist. ParkAssist delivers auditory tone to help with parking and backing up.

Communication Management System
Porsche Communication Management (PCM) systems come standard on Panamera Turbo and Turbo S models. The seven-inch touch screen serves as a vehicle entertainment hub. PCMs play CDs, DVDs and  connect to mp3 players and provide navigation services. 42 radio-preset spaces offer more than enough room for station selections. An optional feature adds phone capabilities.

Optional Features
Additional features allow consumers to personalize their driving experience. Heated front and rear seats offer additional comfort in colder climates. Adaptive cruise control uses onboard sensors for automatic vehicle slowdown and acceleration. A front and rear ParkAssist provides visual safety cues with a rear-mounted camera.

Optional entertainment features include BOSE or BURMESTER surround sound systems and an integrated six-disc CD / DVD player. Installing voice control allows drivers to control many vehicle functions with vocal commands. Four-zone climate control gives passengers power over individual comforts.

Suggested retail pricing for six cylinder 2013 Porsche Panamera vehicles starts at $75,850 United States dollars (USD). Sedans start around $91,350 USD. Starter pricing for turbo models is approximately $138,650 USD. Optional features add to overall costs. Prices are current as of November 2012.

Customers looking for the next generation in luxury vehicle should search no further than Porsche’s latest Panamera series. Hailed by critics as a luxury car that performs like a sports car, vehicles turn everyday driving into an experience. Porsche Panamera performance is truly in a league all its own.