The Key is in the Details: The ML63 AMG

The 2013 ML63 AMG offers a beautiful synthesis between safety, function, speed and ability. This SUV is not only wonderfully styled with a sporty feel, but also offers immense comfort and luxury with sumptuous interiors to suit even the most discerning tastes, all while providing unparalleled performance and utility.

2013 Mercedes-Benz ML Performance

The sheer feel of the SUV is more solid and stable due to the use of advanced metals, as well as weight reduction, which allows the car to accelerate much more smoothly and quickly. Boasting a V8 engine, power is not sacrificed for fuel economy. The direct-injection engine provides roaring performance, while also easing one’s costs at the pump, improving the miles per gallon of the SUV significantly.

The sporty design is not a matter of appearances alone. The active damping and roll bars provide for far more stability in corners and allow for more speed and acceleration through turns. While sporty in nature, there is no need to sacrifice safety to get performance and luxury. The ML63 AMG received a 5-star safety rating, and it is equipped with the latest safety technology. This helps to give drivers and passengers the peace of mind that their family will be safe.

2013 Mercedes-Benz ML Interior2

Sports SUVs are notorious for riding somewhat rough at higher speeds, but the ML63 AMG has solved this issue using active engine mounts that adjust when the vehicle is running at faster speeds, leading to a smoother ride and easier handling around corners.

While the ML63 AMG is not only easy on the eyes and safe but it is one of the most aerodynamic and efficient SUVs available on the market today. Consumers won’t have to sacrifice comfort for such compact, superior performance. The interiors are custom designed from the highest quality materials and utilize the latest in infotainment technology which makes this SUV user-friendly, high tech and full of amenities as well.

The 7-speed transmission enables increased acceleration and improved fuel performance. The ride in this SUV is further smoothed through the use of the AirMatic suspension system. This provides an adjustable air suspension that can provide optimum performance depending on the specific road conditions. This SUV is also designed to be adaptable and provide the utmost utility. The SUV includes a terrain program that allows drivers to select the type of terrain they will be driving on to allow the vehicle to self-optimize for the best performance for the selected driving conditions.

The AMG engine provides for a smooth off-road experience, and the active stability management tools make it far easier to handle when cornering, making this an excellent performer for aggressive recreational driving. Perfectly suited to take the children to school or head out on an off-road adventure. This latest Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG SUV provides a smooth, high performance ride, great acceleration, superior handling and all the amenities one has come to expect from a luxury vehicle.

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