Spring Cleaning and Auto Detailing: Tips for Keeping Your Luxury Car Looking Fresh this Spring

As you gear up for a deep spring cleaning, be sure to include your luxury vehicle to the list of items that need a spring time tune up.  Proper detailing improves and maintains the health of your car, similarly to changing the oil and the spark plugs. While detailing takes quite a bit of effort and is an expense, the safe, reliable, and beautiful result is priceless. We contacted one of our own auto detail experts to get the inside scoop on how to give your luxury vehicle new life this spring.

When Should You Detail Your Car?

A vehicle should be detailed at least every 6 months, immediately after a large spill or bad smell, before a vehicle is sold, and before you decide to buy a new vehicle.  Buffing and Polishing a vehicle protects the paint from harsh winter weather and the blazing summer heat.  Not only will it leave it gleaming, but a quality detail will maintain the value of the car which is important if you decide to sell your car.

If you have an itch to purchase a new vehicle because your current vehicle may lack that something special from when it was first bought, it’s key to invest in a good detail.  A full exterior and interior job will leave the worn exterior vibrant, and the grungy interior brightened- and thus, brings back the same feeling of appreciation you had the day you received the keys.

Why Should You Invest in a Spring Time Detail?

Spring time allergies can be a nuisance, but did you know that your vehicle harbors lots of dust and dirt that can set off your allergies? During the detail process, the vehicle will be blown out, seats wiped down, carpet shampooed, and vacuumed out. That means less pollen and dust in your car’s system to make you sneeze on your daily journey.


What can potential threats can you avoid to protect to your vehicle’s value?

First, avoid bird droppings. There is nothing more harmful to a nice paint job than dried set of bird droppings. They eat through the clear coat quickly and should be removed immediately to avoid damages to the paint. Avoiding parking under trees will not only help you avoid your luxury car becoming a public restroom, but it will also reduce the amount of tree sap or wax that leaves a thick film on cars.

Once you have successfully avoided parking under any trees, also remember to stay away from water sprinklers. The minerals included in these lawn sprinklers help plants grow, but leave permanent water spots on the vehicle’s paint job and windows.

Other Spring Detailing Tips, Tricks, and Notes from Our Experts in Detail Excellence:

  1. Always wet the vehicle with plain water before washing it
  2. Armor All on the interior can look/feel greasy
  3. Always use different towels for different jobs, like only for windows, body, interior, rims, etc.
  4. Be careful of non-manufacturer type products
  5. Tuff Stuff cleaner and terry towels work great for cloth seats. Do not spot clean cloth seats, but always clean by section.
  6. Park in the back of parking lots to avoid tight parking spots. Those small spaces almost guarantee an unexpected scratch or ding.

If you have any questions about Auto Detailing needs, at home care, or pricing- please do not hesitate to contact our service teams, or schedule your spring detail today at one of our Park Place locations.