2014 Jaguar F-TYPE Specs Released

The launch of the F‐TYPE at the Paris Motor Show is one of the most exciting and anticipated events in the automotive industry: speculated by the press, fearfully watched by competitors and eagerly awaited by enthusiasts. The car being delivered is better, faster and more beautiful than anything predicted, feared or hoped for. It is an exceptional sports car that will ignite passion in drivers the world over, a true heir to the incredible performance heritage of Jaguar. At launch, the F‐TYPE will come exclusively in a convertible body style with three trim levels, primarily differentiated using performance and dynamic features rather than rising equipment levels:

– F‐TYPE with a 340 horsepower supercharged V6

– F‐TYPE S with a 380 horsepower supercharged V6

– F‐TYPE V8 S with a 495 horsepower supercharged V8

Like every Jaguar product launch the F‐TYPE is boldly looking to the future, but does so standing on the shoulders of giants. This car’s commitment to living up to its unmatched heritage is clear from its name – called the F‐TYPE, it is the spiritual successor to the great C‐, D‐ and E‐TYPE cars of the past. But a bloodline and name is not enough: we could not just call it FTYPE, we had to make it F‐TYPE.

As a new sports car, the first question most people will ask is: how fast is it? With the F-TYPE V8 S running from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds, and a top speed of 186mph, the simple answer is: very. All engine variants benefit from the following:

– Supercharged engines for linear and immediate power delivery.

– Aluminum platform to save weight and increase performance.

– Double‐wishbone suspension for tremendous grip and handling.

– Front‐engine, rear‐drive layout with near perfect weight distribution for exceptional balance.

High power and low weight means effortless speed. By combining powerful engines with an all-aluminum body the F‐TYPE achieves high power to weight ratios for each model to deliver a car that is fast, lively and responsive.


The look of the F‐TYPE has purity and simplicity, which gives it lasting beauty. The proportions and stance are uncompromised, for a look of poised muscularity and latent energy. It is the new shape of Jaguar sports cars, which takes the themes established by the Jaguar sedans and evolves them.

Two bold strokes, called ‘heartlines’, define the signature look of the F‐TYPE. These two lines were the first strokes penned by the designers to define the shape:

– The first heartline starts with the blade bisecting the shark gill grille openings of the bumper, runs through the headlights, and over the top of the front fenders before elegantly fading in the doors. This sweeping line is mirrored by the feature line that runs back from the side vent. The top of the side vent meets the lower edge of the clamshell hood, and the vent itself is stamped with the Jaguar name. An additional ‘lightcatcher’ surface detail above the side sills allows the door surface to wrap around the side of the car, creating a fuselage effect.

– The second heartline begins at rear edge of the door, rising to create the powerful haunch over the rear fenders, emphasizing that the car is rear wheel drive. It then wraps around in an unbroken curve, forming a low, wide and elegant tail.

The width of the tail is emphasized by the slim, full‐LED tail lamps that wrap all the way around the fenders almost to the trailing edge of the rear wheel arches. The tail of the vehicle actually tucks inwards creating the impression that the car is actively waiting to leap forward into action.


The F‐TYPE powertrain lineup is headlined by three supercharged engines: two V6 and one V8. The V6 is the new 3.0 liter, which is a version of the acclaimed Jaguar 5.0 liter V8. The key to those impressive power figures:

– Roots‐type vortex superchargers, mounted in the ‘V’ of the engines.

– Intercoolers to reduce intake air temperature and improve power and efficiency.

– Superchargers that ensure no lag and immediate power delivery, so that the F‐TYPE engines are responsive and eager to rev.

The engines of each F‐TYPE model are mated to a new 8‐speed ‘QuickShift’ automatic from ZF. It features closely spaced ratios and is specifically engineered for this sports car application with shifts that are shorter and more immediate, with almost no perceptible interruption of torque delivery in shifts. In the past an automatic transmission in a sports car would have been unthinkable, but this new generation of transmission has none of the compromises and all of the benefits:

– Limited power interruption during shifts.

– Once in 2nd gear, a clutch mechanism locks the torque converter to create a direct mechanical connection between the engine and the driven wheels for more direct and responsive feel.

– Adaptive Shift strategy responds and tailors shifts to how the car is being driven, from relaxed to aggressive.

– Corner Recognition interacts with other vehicle systems to recognize if the car is in a bend to prevent upshifts while cornering.

– Full manual control via paddles mounted to the steering wheel, or using the new SportShift selector in the center console.

– Complete driver control when shifting manually: in Dynamic Mode the transmission will not automatically upshift, even at redline

– Throttle blips on downshifts when in Dynamic Mode to match engine and gear speeds for smoother shifts.

– Responsive acceleration through closely spaced gears 1 to 6.

– Better highway fuel economy through the overdrive gears (7th and 8th).

With power and performance being the deciding factor in the success of a sports car, the F-TYPE is poised to take the competition by storm, but the luxury and refinement that makes a Jaguar so unique has not been forgotten. A car of this caliber is certain to turn heads, and with sales expected to begin in May of 2013, the wait is nearly over to experience this incredible journey as Jaguar begins it’s push back into the luxury sports car arena.

For more information about the legendary new F-TYPE and when it will be available, feel free to reach out to your favorite Park Place Jaguar Sales Consultant and check back on our blog for more news!