Families Love the Volvo XC60 and XC70 Crossovers

SUVs have dominated the family vehicle category as their popularity continues to rise. Most buyers do not need to seat seven passengers but do enjoy the option of all-wheel drive. Now, the luxury segment is producing midsize crossovers with comfort and convenience. The Volvo XC60 and XC70, for instance, offer family utility with the rugged capability of an SUV.

2013_Volvo-XC60_Pass Side_Mountain Road

The XC60 and XC70 are among the top choices for consumers because both have comfortable cabins and a host of unique features designed for family use. In keeping with Volvo’s reputation, they also earn great scores in safety tests. Although the crossover SUV has easily replaced station wagons as family vehicles, basic consumer needs have not strayed. The XC60 has the same role in the family as the old 740s, but with the addition of great styling.

The XC series inherits the Volvo wagon design legacy, and the XC70 is proof of this successful formula. Increased ride height and all-wheel-drive are optional, allowing the XC70 to offer guaranteed comfort to that out-of-the-way ski resort or off-road area. In addition to impressive aesthetics, the lower body panels are resistant to dents and come with skid plates to resist dirt accumulation. Practical cargo space layouts on all XC models provide better utility than those of most other competitors.

The XC60 sports the same modern look as its sibling with its soft curves and a number of details common to Swedish furniture. The luxury vibe results from trim accents and high quality materials.

XC models differ from the old wagons aesthetically but safety is still of the utmost importance. Like other Volvos, these SUVs received the maximum five star score in the recently revamped government safety tests. In addition, the XC models come with a number of features designed stop accidents from happening in the first place.

Safety seats are one of many major amenities for families. The XC60 includes two built-in booster seats for kids. Now, parents won’t need to constantly convert the rear seat to transport children or for an adult’s night out. Adults will find the spaciousness of the backseat equally comfortable.

There are many different choices available for a family luxury crossover vehicle.  The Volvo XC60 and the Volvo XC70 provide great packaging and a driving experience that is impressively engaging. Both the XC60 and the XC70 are excellent options for anyone looking for an SUV attitude in a luxury wagon in the midsize segment.